...and How to Go About Finding the Truth.

YouTube didn't unleash it, a covert, non-transparent, unconstitutional government unleashed it!

Conspiracy theories are born from lack of transparency, which means lack of information, leaving the average person to fill in those blanks themselves with knowledge gained from historical facts. At least for most of us.

But, there certainly can be a dark side to conspiracy theories. An individual's perception of historical facts often differs from another's. Especially when your idea of historical facts ARE conspiracy theories, thus compounding one upon another.

It's important to keep this in mind, and in the search for truth we must flush out each conspiracy theory, and add in as much verifiable facts as possible, in order to have a more accurate knowledge base of "historical facts" to draw from.

Then, of course there are those who do this intentionally to draw the wildest and most sensationalized conclusions that they possibly can because they are selling something.

This just muddies the waters even more, and in an age where virtually no Mainstream Media source can be trusted entirely, we really have to understand the bias that each presents.

Taking those biases into account, you get more of the truth gleaning bits and pieces from multiple sources. It's a laborious and unpleasant task. Too time consuming for most!

So, when you find a source that puts everything into proper context, at least most of the time, hold onto them! Share that source to encourage more truth.


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