WEATHER! We have added new weather resources to the website

PRC has added new weather resources to our page! Bookmark it and make a shortcut on your desktop to be able to quickly have all the weather resources you need right at your fingertips each morning…with your news!

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Weather Resources For Patriots

Weather Resources For Patriots

PRC has added WEATHER resources to our page! Be sure to check this out, bookmark it, and add a shortcut on your desktop to be able to access all the weather information you need right at your fingertips while you are reading the morning news!

You can check the weather while you are checking out the RSS news feeds from all the major news companies, or while you are checking out Trump's latest tweets on our social media streams!

We put everything in one place to get your morning started out just right or to catch you up at the end of the day and help prepare you for tomorrow!

If there are other resources you'd like for us to add to the site, please drop us a note! As always thank you for reading and for SHARING! Supporting independent conservative voices is greatly appreciated!

Adding Desktop shortcuts to your favorite pages is easy and will give you quick access to things like "Weather" to help plan your day!

You can simply copy the address for any page, then right click on your desktop, then "new", shortcut, then paste in the address. You can then right click the icon and rename it.

This is what it will look like:


But, wouldn't your rather have these icons?

Windows requires special ".icon" files to do this.

Click "Subscribe for FREE" and we'll send you these needed "icon" files.

All you need to do is save the two files we will send you, anywhere on your computer, then right click on the shortcut, properties, click on the "change Icon" button, and just navigate to wherever you saved the files and click the one you want. Make sure it says all files when your looking.

And there you go! Not, only do you have the resources you need at your fingertips, but it looks cool too!

Sharing is easy!

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