We Build The Wall, Inc Project SHUT DOWN By Corrupt Sunland Park City Govt.

SHUT DOWN! Yesterday I wrote about the remarkable civil engineering achievement by a group privately funded through donations that built a border wall with private funds, on private land. Last night, the corrupt government of Sundland Park, NM shut them down!

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The corrupt government of Sundland Park, NM has shut down the We Build The Wall project

Yesterday, I reported about the remarkable civil engineering achievement by the group We Build The Wall, Inc. that built, almost, one-half mile of border wall in what the Border Patrol said is the most critical section of the border that is unprotected.

ALMOST, being the key word! With reportedly 80% of the approximately one-half mile section complete, Sundland Park police showed up to the work site with a stop work order issued from the Sundland Park City Manager.

In my previous when I predicted that the project being "A Secret No More" certainly came true, as well as, the hell that came down on them, but I could not have predicted the speed in which they did it. Local ABC News affiliate KVIA reported that the project is "not in compliance with city ordinances".

Officials with We Build The Wall Inc. said they anticipated such a response by the corrupt local government of Sundland Park, who has had its past troubles with city officials being on the payrolls of drug cartels throughout it's past. They reported that they have attorneys and took every precaution to conform with all city, state, and federal guidelines for the project, and that the City Manager is just lying. The company has issued the following email statement:

"We Build The Wall has done everything they need to do to be in compliance with all regulations. We've had members from Sunland Park city government out to inspect the site and to witness the first concrete pour. We believe this is a last ditch effort to intimidate us from completing this historic project by a local government with a long history of corruption problems."

But, Sunland Park Mayor Javier Perea says the city only allows a wall, or fence, six feet high.

"No site plan was submitted to the City and the application is incomplete. There was no survey submitted, no site plan and some contradictory information submitted to the City of Sunland Park. My understanding is City ordinance only allows a wall up to six feet tall so, at this point, it is not within City ordinance." At this point, it will be turned over to the courts for follow-up on the matter,"  said Sunland Park Mayor Javier Perea.

Company founder Brian Kolfage has responded in a barrage of tweets following the shut down. He says, " It’s pretty bad when our legal team has to educate Sunland Park mayor on his own city ordinances. They don’t even understand their own laws. We’re about to embarrass them in from of the nation who is watching!" Kolfage said, "[We] planned for a battle, that's why we finished the wall in 3 days when the corrupt city was partying over the holiday! Only thing left is to pave the road for Border Patrol! BOOM!"

The Mayor responded to charges of corruption,

"Yes, there was corruption in the past in the city of Sunland Park, but we maintain clean audits with the city of Sunland Park," Perea said. "That image is a whole lot different than it was, six or seven years ago."

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham released this statement:

"A multi-faceted and strategic approach is required for establishing and enhancing border security as well as dealing with the humanitarian crisis on our southern border. No president, no federal administration has done enough on these fronts in recent decades, and certainly not in recent months.

But to act as though throwing up a small section of wall on private land does anything to effectively secure our southern border from human- and drug-trafficking or address the humanitarian needs of the asylum seekers and local communities receiving them -- that's nonsense. It takes us farther away from where we all need to be."


The People’s Wall Resumes Construction!

It seems some leftists were definitely "triggered". What other explanation is there when a Governor says that it's "nonsense" to think a wall will help stop the flow of drugs and human trafficking? The last part of her quote above clearly indicates that this is a political matter to her, not a regulatory compliance issue.

You will find contact information for Sunland Park City Officials Below:

Below is a series of tweets from Brian Kolfage that will get you up-to-date as of this morning.

The City of Sundland Park, NM Contact Information:

City Twitter: @sunland_park_nm

City Facebook:

Mayor: Javier Perea (575) 589-7565

Email: javier.perea@sundlandpark-nm.gov

City Manager: Julia T. Brown
575-589-7565 Ext: 1007

Email: julia.brown@sundlandpark-nm.gov

Shareable Contact Image:

Shareable Tweet:

Facebook live videos from We Build The Wall, Inc.

They promise to keep live feeding until construction resumes. Here's a couple of feeds to get you started in the right place. The first is where it started, then they switched over to We Build The Wall Facebook page.



Local SunLand Park ABC affiliate KVIA contributed to this report.

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