White House launches online tool for citizens to report censorship directly

Following some high profile conservative names being suspended and even permanently banned on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, The White House has launched a new reporting system to allow citizens to report censorship directly to the White House.

The link for reporting social media bias is WH.GOV/TechBias.

When opening the link, it begins by asking a series of questions.

The site expresses that, "No matter your views, if you suspect political bias caused such an action to be taken against you, share your story with President Trump."

The questions on the next page are first name, last name, and if you are a citizen or permanent resident. "Are you at least 18 years of age", it continues, and asks for your zip code. It also asks for your phone number in case they need to get more information from you, but is not necessary. It does require an email address however.

The one drawback to the site that I see already, is that it makes you complete the form separately for each "instance" that occurred. Most of you, I'm sure, have had multiple instances, on multiple platforms, so, You may have to spend a little time on here!

It goes on to ask for links to your affected accounts. In the example I used, my YouTube account, I no longer have a profile to list since it was banned and deleted without explanation as to what I did wrong. But, you will need to put some link in there. It won't let you submit it without one. So, I just tried to log in using my old account information, the notification popped up that the account had been suspended, and I simply copied and pasted the url link for that into the form and moved on.

You get to upload 2 screenshots. If anyone has been through suspensions and bans, I can't stress enough to document these instances, and screenshots are a great way to do that.

The form concludes by asking if they can add you to their email list, so that you can hear from the President without the need for social media. Your choice, but if you are not already on his email list, I would certainly recommend getting on it!

"One more thing just to confirm you aren't a robot. The Declaration of Independence was signed in what year?"

I hope you know your history well enough to know the answer to that is 1776! All-in-all the process is very quick and easy to use. I will most certainly be spending a little time on here today!

The creation of this means of submitting censorship directly to the President, was created following recent attacks against conservatives on social media. Twitter has banned a number of them quietly, like James Woods. He's a very popular conservative voice on Twitter and often re-tweeted by the President.

Well, that post apparently is what got him banned, and he refused to take it down. But, Facebook came out with a highly publicized banning storm recently. I talk about that here. "The View" covered the issue, and covered it completely wrong. So, I set the record straight and talked a bit about the situation.One thing that I can tell you for sure, is that any conversation on social media that includes speaking about Muslims negatively, even if it is simply a news story of a negative event perpetrated by Muslims, will likely get you censored or banned on multiple platforms. This has become a real fine line to walk and try to avoid it, when you have several Muslim Congress members now that speak vile anti-semetic hate on a routine basis that you want to cover in the news.

Facebook did also ban Louis Farrakhan as a symbolic gesture in an attempt to show that they were not just banning those on the right. Facebook did not touch real hate groups who actually perpetrate real physical violence however. Groups like ANTIFA remain untouched on their platform, and other. But, we'll save that for another article as we look into censorship further!

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