The Swamp Strikes Back!

We are following up on our previous article regarding the Political Mastery that Trump showed leading up to this new CR budget deal (Trump to Declare National Emergency...)

Well, it seems as though the Swamp is fighting back! This new CR that Trump did sign is a brazen attempt by the left to pin President Trump down and re-enforce Obama era policies.

As I've stated before, I knew the President would not do another government shutdown. I just felt like theirs not much "political advantage" to doing so. Apparently, I wasn't the only one who thought that and it seems the left is using it against the President.

So far, I have heard rumors that the President plans to circumvent these items within this new CR that he doesn't like. From history we know that Obama was a master at enforcing what he wanted, and not enforcing other things.

Only time will tell if Trump is able to do this. As of this moment, it appears that the President has gotten himself into a bit of a political pickle.

He is also being challenged in court by 16 (so far) different states over declaring a National Emergency to build the wall. Of course, this latest attack is headed up by California and predictably in the 9th Circuit Court. I expect the PResident to ultimately win this fight, though I don't expect the 9th to go along.

Do keep in mind, the President has funds he can access immediately to go to the wall, but to get everything he needs to complete it, he felt the necessity to declare the NE to get it.

Every time I see POTUS struggle, I just can't help but think of how screwed we got by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his ridiculous 60 vote super majority rule!

We could have had a long term budget deal, with complete border funding, and a repeal of Obamacare while the GOP controlled both Houses of Congress. We can blame McCain. Sure he wasn't helpful, but it should have never been an issue! Thanks Mitch!

It is important to remember that, but it is in the past and not worth dwelling on. We will have to see how the President can get himself out of this mess! Be sure to check out this link by Rush for more details!

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