The Preservation Of The Republic Requires Justice We Are Not Likely To Get After Coup Attempt

The lack of “Justice” for those engaged in government corruption will likely continue to errode the very foundation of our Republic as the biggest offenders in the Deep State Coup go free.

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We have all seen the endless parade of investigations by the House and the Senate over the years uncovering obvious corruption all to be referred to a corrupt DOJ and buried.

Even worse, are those like "Fast & Furious" that were blatant violations of the law, that then Attorney General Eric Holder, covering for the Obama Administration, refused to answer the questions in Congress and he was held in contempt.

But Congress did nothing, no impeachment. They slapped him on the wrist and back to work he went. He still remains in contempt to this day. FYI, government officials can still be impeached after they leave office.

The fact that government officials can blatantly lie to Congress under oath, lie to the American people, get caught in those lies, and never face any jailtime, and in most cases, don't even lose their jobs, or pensions, is a sure sign of a failing system of governance.

A different set of rules for different classes of people. The lack of enforcement at the highest level has only led to more corruption. Selling state secrets, giving our Uranium deposits to Russia for cash, running guns to Mexican drug cartels, and on and on. All blatantly obvious, all unaccountable to the American people.

These Deep State class of offenders have only become more emboldened by the lack of enforcement. And, in an attempt to keep that gravy train flowing, have taken it to yet another all-time high.

"The seriousness of the Deep State Coup and SpyGate against President Trump can not be downplayed or taken lightly."

We have never had a coup attempt in the history of this country before and the solvency of our governmental institutions demand that those responsible pay dearly for their actions.

There's no need to get into all of the details of all of these events here. You can catch up on the Deep State Coup in the links below.

But, a sitting President (Obama) used the full force and power of the federal government, it's investigative departments, and intelligence resources, to try to take down a political opponent for office, in the biggest scandal in American history.

This in itself is unheard of. A massive abuse of power on a scale that reads like a Tom Clancy novel. For these offenses alone, known as SpyGate and FisaGate, their should be massive repercussions. This kind of abuse of power can not be allowed to go unpunished. If so, the solvency of our governmental institutions are at serious risk.

GAME OVER! MUELLER REPORT; Barr Presser Video & Transcript


After more than two years of stalling the draining process with their political coup attempt, the President finally has been able to put the right people in place at the right time, but truly "Draining the Swamp" won't be that easy.

The Deep State Coup, The McCabe Interview, & The 25th Amendment. What Does It All Mean?

One of the big reasons why President Trump was elected was to "Drain the Swamp". A phrase that everyone is familiar with, and has become ingrained in the annals of political history.

The reason why this was such an effective slogan, was because of all of the past failures of the government to root out this third-world type corruption that has been plaguing our country for quite some time; but certainly over the Obama years in office.

Lt.Colonel Shaffer Reveals What’s About To Happen To The Deep State!

The left likes to say that Obama had zero scandals during his administration. Wrong. They like to say he was the most transparent President ever. Wrong. Simply put, the media arm of the leftist Democrat party says he was the most transparent and says that he had no scandals.


In most cases you may not be able to bring criminal charges against the media, but they are sure working hard to cover their backsides at the moment. They are, however, complicit in the demise of our Republic.

The intent of a true and fair media is to preserve the Republic, not destroy it. But, this mainstream media has signed onto the Socialist/Globalist agenda of the Democrats, The Deep State, and other outside forces from around the world.

Because of this, there is no one to hold these government official's "feet to the fire". There's no one to stir public outrage and drive a requirement of action by our representatives, unless of course you are Donald Trump.

"Mockingbird" is a well known Deep State government operation that implants and controls operatives to use the media in order to push narratives they desire. Not all reporters are operatives, but they control the narratives that others follow along with.

Whether you think this is "conspiracy theory", or a well known government operation; Hillary Clinton's campaign was caught feeding stories to the press and "approving" their storylines, or "copy", before it was published in order to shape the "narrative".

The Deep State and the media have unleashed everything they have against President Trump, yet he remains. He has done nothing wrong. The President has been cleared of all wrongdoing despite them, yet all these other corruption incidents from the past administration go unchallenged. Not even spoken of by the press. The media is complicit in the destruction of our great Republic.

As we have seen repeatedly with the leftist mainstream media, truth is not a requirement when reporting, on either side.

Like all media from Hollywood, to TV shows, to news, they all try to create a world that they want through a coordinated narrative. It's never reality.

They want you to see things the way that they want it to be so that, once you have seen it enough, it will begin to shape your thoughts to their new reality. It will become real to you given enough time, or submersion in "their" reality.

Unfortunately, too many of us live in this "media world". It's like virtual reality that consumes us. When we get outside of it all, we realize that all this "systemic white nationalist hate" doesn't exist.

We see that hate on all sides is reserved to a few extremists that can no longer contain themselves, but is not nearly as the media plays it out to be. They want to divide us in every way that they can and pander to each group at the same time.

The media drives a narrative that Trump is anti-immigrant, anti-black, anti-everyone, and that he's going to put everyone who isn't white into concentration camps.

Then, when someone on the left shoots some place up, they still blame it on Trump for creating this "environment of hate", when in fact, it is they who do this each and everyday with their lies.

They parade their list of Deep State cronies across the screen, like James Clapper, and John Brennon, to re-enforce their lies. But, these cronies, and the rest of the media, have been proven wrong time and again, repeatedly since the President's election, if not before.

Yet, it does not stop them from continuing their lies, and fabricating whatever is necessary to continue the "narrative" of negativity for anything Trump does or says.

We've seen that these acts of "hate" are most often perpetrated by the left, often claiming to be right wing. The most high profile case of this recently, was the Jussie Smollett case. And in prime Chicago fashion, 16 felony counts against him for perpetrating a hate crime against himself suddenly disappeared.


Begins investigation to drain the deep state swamp
Attorney General William Barr

Now that the President is free of his chains and the coup attempt is mostly over, though those in the radical leftist Democrat House continue, the President can begin the process, but it won't be easy.

Inspector General Horowitz

Keep in mind that Investigator General Horowitz has been conducting investigations into corruption matters against the Deep State during this two years. Of course, it is quite likely that you never heard about it in the mainstream media, but his investigations are reportedly likely to be wrapping up in May/June timeframe.

Those criminal referrals will go over to new Attorney General William Barr, who has already stated before Congress that he believes that there was illegal spying against the Trump campaign, and the Trump Presidency.

Barr has vowed to begin his own investigations into the matter, and it will be important to have the evidence collected by the Inspector General, since it is still unclear as to who in the FBI leadership is still embedded in the "Resistance" movement started by Barack Obama himself.

Having this evidence will help speed the Attorney General's investigation, and undoubtedly we will see indictments come from these investigations.


Well, this is where everything really goes to hell in a handbasket. In the best case scenario that I can realistically envision; we have trials, unfortunately not military tribunals, discovery is made, and many facts will come out over time that will show the true coup attempt, and corruption of the Democrat party. But, I see very few of those in upper management, who actually deserve serious jail time, getting any.

In such a polarized political environment fueled by the deep state media arm in the news media, How will you ever find twelve jury members that will agree to put the likes of Hillary, Brennon, Clapper, Rice, Holder, or Obama himself in prison?

You won't! And once again, aside from the sacrificial few lower level pawns, you will see investigations, outrage, and no jailtime despite the mounds of evidence that will be usual. They will give us a little meat to try to satisfy our appetite, but it won't be enough to save the Republic.

With a socialist takeover in progress that is this deep, these indictments will only prove to define the sides further. Conservatives will become more hardened and less patient.

The left will cry that these investigations and indictments/trials are the result of Nazi style oppression of the White House who is out to dismantle free speech, suppress voter rights, lie, and distort the truth, in order to suppress the middle class under his thumb of tyrannical governance.

I know this because rule number one with the left is that whatever it is that they ARE ACTUALLY DOING, is what they say the other side is doing. It's always opposite of the truth, always.


If these kinds of corruption cases continue to go unpunished, it proves our governmental systems on many levels are no longer functioning as intended, and likely beyond repair.

The corruption throughout the Obama years is frankly unapparelled. Challenged only by the corruption allowed to take place during the Clinton years. These abuses of power and corruption being overlooked for so long is why Trump got elected, and if he can't fix them, then no one can.

The difference now, is that these same corrupt players have taken their corruption and abuses to a whole new level. They are not willing to pay for the crimes that they perpetrated for power and money, and now they have pushed their abuse of power to the highest level of treason.

The future of the Republic demands the imprisonment of the Deep State coup perpetrators. If justice is not served, the Republic will be lost. Many on the right who have been waiting patiently for these trials will no longer have hope left that the Republic can be saved. hope is a powerful thing, and so is the lack of it.

It won't be the proclamations of Donald Trump that will incite anything. Believe me, it's the hope that Donald Trump brings that is holding back many on the right.

It's the hope he instills that justice has a chance to be served through the legal and Constitutional process that all Patriots on the right support. If that hope is lost and the Constitution and the Republic are in immediate peril, there will likely be nothing left to hold back the tide of Patriots who have vowed to defend our Constitution from those enemies, both foreign and domestic.

But, when that "process" of justice proves finally to be unreconcilably broken for good, then that hope will be removed, and chaos is likely to follow. How long it will take is the only question.

It is likely that these events will provide a landslide for President Trump in his 2020 re-election bid. Will the right continue to cling to some sort of hope to wait out Trump's final term in office?

That question remains unanswered, but one question that will be clearly answered with no significant successful prosecutions is that our system is, and shall remain, forever broken, without significant intervention from the people.


It is likely that the results of these ongoing investigations into the Deep State Coup known as SpyGate and FisaGate, as well as other investigations into past criminal corruption at the highest levels, will yield mounds of incriminating evidence against some significant past leaders carried out in the highest levels of office.

This evidence should lead to indictments and help secure the 2020 elections for the President, and hopefully the House/Senate.

It is "possible" that the evidence could be so damning and overwhelming that it could lead to a revolution of thought in this country, and a condemnation of the liberal left mainstream media by people even in their own party.

It is "possible" that many could be so enraged that they have been lied to, so much, so overtly, over such a long period of time, that they begin to #WalkAway from the Democrat party and begin to think differently. It is certainly a result that would be helpful and welcomed. But, I wouldn't hang my hat on all that.

It is likely to only buy us yet a little more time. A little more time to continue to document the slightly slower decline of a once great Republic.

The complicity of the media thus far will only cause them to double or triple down on their current rationale. They will drive a narrative that the President is engaged in political retribution for the Russian Collusion investigation, and the House will continue its efforts to impeach the President based on that basis, and their attempt, along with Robert Mueller, to redefine the legal definition of Obstruction of Justice. Make no mistake, Mueller left the door open on the obstruction issue to give Democrats in the House cover to continue to pursue the President.

Mueller Provides A Crack For Dems; Expands Legal Definition of “Obstruction”

These investigations, and following indictments, will enrage the far left when the level of criminality is revealed. Those hellbent on a socialist takeover of this country will see this as an attack on their progress, and the very existence of their ideology.

They will likely unleash as much chaos as they are able in order to disrupt and destabilize the country with the help of George Soros, and the other globalists who are likely to get caught up in these investigations.

More violent clashes are likely to be encountered as leftist socialist groups like Antifa will engage more, with much less patient, members of groups on the right. The media will focus on all this "hate that Donald Trump is creating".

Going into the 2020 elections should be a very interesting time to be alive in the history of American politics. Certainly, I do not wish to be in such a position to see the dissolution of such a great Republic, but it's going to be a war of epic proportions, on all fronts in a final attempt by both sides for control. Unfortunately, to date, the GOP has shown little desire to do what is necessary to put their throat on socialist ideology to get rid of it for good.

Military Tribunals?

Unless military tribunals are held for the treasonous Deep State Actors engaged in the coup attempt of a sitting President, then no real justice will be served. We'll get our obligatory low level "meat", but nothing substantive for those that truly deserve it. Fortunately, President Trump has begun the narrative of calling the "witch hunt" for what it really is...a "treasonous coup attempt". This should help move things in the right direction. You can find out more about that on our YoutTube channel (please subscribe; we will be doing more with this soon).

Unfortunately, I do not think that the American people will stand for tribunals, and the calls for "due process" under our Constitution will ring true, though their is a pathway for such tribunals to take place under our laws and Constitution if certain thresholds can be met.

It will be a tough route to establish, especially since the left has even demanded that terrorists picked up on the foreign battlefield are tried in a civil court and afforded all the protections that the Constitution provides for American citizens. Even the GOP, many who have themselves engaged in Deep State activity, will not support military tribunals for treasons acts against our country..

The certain likelihood is that after all attempts are made, that proceedings will take place in a civilian Federal Court, likely in Virginia. No doubt there will be at least one Obama, Hillary, leftist loving jurist on each one of those panels that will throw a monkey wrench into the system of justice.

We've seen this before in one corruption case after another.


Though the ones responsible for the coup will likely never see a jail cell, it will buy the President, and the patriots, of this country a little more time, if we can tolerate our impatience. But, the inevitable result of a lack of Justice in our system is the complete failure of our government and the chaos that will ensue.

"A system of government that is based on law and order demands justice or chaos ensues"

If the people of this country do not see justice prevail in a situation where abuse of power has run this wildly rampant in an attempted coup against a sitting President, then our governmental systems have failed irreparably, and you will see the chaos of a dissolving country.

"When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty." Thomas Jefferson

The Deep State Coup, The McCabe Interview, & The 25th Amendment. What Does It All Mean?

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Sidney Powell, Licensed to Lie
Sidney Powell, Licensed to Lie

Lt. Col. Anothny Shaffer
Lt. Col. Anothny Shaffer

Lt. Col. Anothny Shaffer

Lt Col Tony Shaffer (retired) is highly experienced intelligence officer, and recipient of the Bronze Star, with 30 years of field and operational experience.
Tony has commanded and directed several key operational intelligence organizations. These include Special Mission Task Force STRATUS IVY, that conducted direct support to DoD compartmented activities (OSD, SOCOM, JSOC, Army) which was focused on offensive information operations.
In addition, he was in charge of Field Operating Base (FOB) Alpha, a joint DIA/CIA unit conducting classified collection and special operations support regarding terrorists just after the 9/11 attacks. He is currently Senior Fellow for the London Center for Policy Research.
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