Construction Resumes in Sundland Park, NM

WE DID IT! "The People's Wall" Continues construction! We Build The Wall, Inc. founder Brian Kolfage tweeted out this morning that "We Build The Wall was given the green light yesterday afternoon by the city of Sunland Park to resume construction, and our permits were re-issued."

After a contentious battle with the Mayor of Sunland Park over the last couple of days where the Mayor, Javier Perea, said that there was no permits issues for the project. We Build The Wall Inc. claims everything was done properly and according to all city, state, and federal regulations.

As we reported on the incident yesterday, Brian Kolfage asked supporters to contact Sunland Park officials and apply pressure to continue the construction project. And boy did they! The overwhelming support from people all over the country filled social media posts, email boxes, and kept the phones ringing off the hook in Sunland Park, NM and at the Governors office. This added pressure, as well as, the scrutiny of past corruption and associations between city officials and the drug cartels, is something that the city did not want to continue to have in the spotlight.

According to local ABC affiliate KVIA, "The City of Sunland Park has received more than 2,500 phone calls as of 2:45 p.m. from people supporting the group building a border barrier on

private land along the U.S.-Mexico border."

The front desk receptionist told ABC-7 she got into work at 8 a.m. Tuesday and already had 300 missed calls. The phones were ringing non-stop all day Wednesday with people calling to say they support the wall.

Though there does still seem to be a question as to who filed what and when. It seems that this is a battle that city officials just did not want to take one. There's no word on whether the city plans to continue to with the lawsuit the Mayor threatened, but since the city re-issued the permits, we would assume that a lawsuit would be pointless.

The situation has certainly helped to get the word out about the company's project which is a civil engineering first. The company raised over 1 million dollars in just a 24 hour period. The project total on their Gofundme account now sits at $23,073,658

Brian Kolfage appeared in a package on CBSNews this morning to help explain the situation. You can see that video below.

We Build The wall, Inc. requested that people respectfully call city officials to let them know they wanted the construction to continue. Officials today are requesting that you call them back and thank them for taking care of the situation quickly!

We Build The Wall Inc. is also requesting anyone who can make it to join them at the site for a celebration of the completion of the construction.

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