Faces of Antifa

Faces of Antifa

Getting to know who's behind the masks

I'm sure you are all aware of who the domestic terrorist group "Antifa" is, so I really don't feel the need to go into all the history. As with all other leftist progressive socialist/communists, they claim to be opposed to the very thing that they are; Fascists! They are the physical arm of the radical left, and by today's terms, that just means the left. I will be attempting to add the faces and whatever information comes in, so check back for updates. I'll try to divide them by areas as much as I can, but become familiar with each of their faces as they do get bused from one event to another around the country as paid actors to cause disruption and intimidate people from exercising their freedoms of speech and assembly. They are violent and often have the backing of local politicians (who control the police chief) which puts average middle America at a great disadvantage!

The threat of Antifa infiltrating large patriot groups and acting as instigators and bad actors looking to bring shame on good citizens is very real. Get to know their faces so you'll be able to spot these infiltrators when you are at a rally or event. Help us grow this database by submitting images, name, and location information of suspected Antifa members (along with evidence, ie Facebook posts/profiles, etc)  to TIPStoPRC@Protonmail.com

*All images and information are readily available on the internet and social media and are "reportedly" known Antifa members. This website makes no representation of fact, only reporting what has been provided. Faces, names, and representation are only as good as the sources providing them. If you feel there is an error, please contact TipsToPRC@Protonmail.com

ANTIFA NORTH CAROLINA (Elon, UNC Chapelhill and UNC Greensboro)

More on North Carolina Antifa at the "Carolina Antifa Watch" site.


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