The Deep State Coup, The McCabe Interview, & The 25th Amendment. What Does It All Mean?

In this article, we discuss how the deep state coup attempt, the McCabe interview, and the 25th Amendment all tie together in the biggest scandal in American History.

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The Deep State Coupe, The McCabe Interview, and The 25th Amendment, What Does It All Mean?

The Deep State Coupe, The McCabe Interview, and The 25th Amendment, What Does It All Mean?

Today, we are going to be discussing how the Deep State (DS) coup attempt, the McCabe Interview on 60 minutes, and the 25th Amendment all tie together to help form a picture of the biggest scandal in American history!

People are starting to realize after hearing the McCabe interview on "60 Minutes", that all the talk about the Deep State (DS) and a coup attempt is really real and not just some conspiracy theory. This is "Sedition" in an attempt to remove a dually elected President.

The Background:

Back in 2009 with the election of Obama, a new system was put in place that would ensure the DS would maintain control, not only of Obama, but any politician, or private citizen, that would challenge the deep state globalist agenda, also known to many as the "fundamental change of America" that Obama spoke often of.

Obama even stated that "no one is listening to your phone calls", and in good DS fashion he scoffed and wrote it off as a conspiracy theory. We have all seen the reports of the NSA's programs of data collection, which includes phone calls, texts, emails, and any other forms of transactions and communications, all being collected and stored in massive NSA facilities for later retrieval.

Of course, not every communication is being actively listened too, but how the system works is that they can access this stored information with approval from the National Security Advisor or a federal investigating authority (CIA,FBI,NSA) .

Susan Rice was the National Security Advisor in the Obama Administration. But, keep in mind that the White House does not, nor Susan Rice, have any ability to conduct any investigations. This would fall on the FBI,CIA,NSA, the latter two included on any foreign related matters, like the Russia Investigation.

Once approval is obtained, researchers (even outside contractors, like Fusion GPS) can then dive into all the collected data of a given individual...even politicians and average citizens. This is a process commonly referred to as "unmasking".

Massive NSA Facility in Utah This is one of many NSA facilities around the country collecting and storing data on people from around the country and the world. You can read more about this in this article from "Wired" Magazine

Susan Rice

Susan Rice

Obama National Security Advisor

Yes, this is the same Susan Rice who knowingly and falsely spread lies all over the Sunday news programs about the reason for the Benghazi attacks.

In an article in the National Review, they state," In general, it is the FBI that conducts investigations that bear on American citizens suspected of committing crimes or of acting as agents of foreign powers..."

"Consequently, if unmasking was relevant to the Russia Investigation, it would have been done by those three agencies"

If it had been critical to the Russian Investigation, those investigating authorities would have unmasked it, not Susan Rice. It is evident that this was started by the Obama White House and Susan Rice. The President was made aware, and kept informed, in his daily briefings. There's more to all of this, but that's enough information for our purpose here today. If you need more detail on this topic, I encourage you to search it out. There's a lot of information.

How does this all tie together?

The NSA program was started, under revisions to the "Patriot Act", to collect, house, and ultimately be able to refer back to this information through the unmasking process. Susan Rice, not the FBI,CIA, or NSA, unmasked the Trump Campaign officials, who just happened to be their political opponents.

The Deep State created this program that has been referred to as "The Hammer". James Clapper, Obama's Director of National Intelligence, and John Brennon, Director of the CIA under Obama, were placed in charge of this system. We know this because of NSA/CIA contractor, turned whistleblower, Dennis Montgomery.

Montgomery hired an attorney, Larry Klayman. He then approached the FBI with grave concerns about illegality and violations of the 4th Amendment protections. He produced 47 hard drives with over 600 million pages of documentation.

Larry Klayman

Larry Klayman, Attorney for Whistleblower, Dennis Montgomery, says that Montgomery produced evidence "showing that the Chief Justices of the Supreme Court, and other SCOTUS justices, over 156 judges, former businessman Donald Trump, other prominent business leaders, and even yours truly have had their confidential information illegally accessed in obvious attempts to coerce, blackmail, and destroy anyone who might be a threat to the establishment"

That is a stunning admission of abuse of power and the fear that many have espoused regarding the massive potential for over-reach and abuse regarding the Patriot Act in general. Additionally, these agencies are "self-policed" with little to no oversight of this program.

Clearly, this activity started before Donald Trump was even thinking about running for office. It was only because of Donald Trump, and the Deep State desperation, that this was revealed to us at all.

"The Hammer" is a Deep State program used to know what political opponents are saying, doing, buying, etc. It uses this power to dig up dirt on their opponents so that they can coerce compliance with the DS agenda.

Interestingly enough, "The Hammer" was unable to produce enough effective dirt on then candidate Trump to prevent his election. And, after the FBI, under James Comey, had refused to take action to safeguard the 4th Amendment, Dennis Montgomery started speaking outside of the walls of the FBI. Becoming desperate, the Deep State went even further.

The Deep State's desperation was palatable after Dennis Montgomery, who was hired to create this massive tool for the DS, began speaking out publicly, and Trump was vowing to bring down the DS and the swamp, in his campaign speeches (above: Donald Trump speaks about the Deep State and the "Swamp" at a campaign event). They then began the plan we have all come to understand as the "Russian Collusion" narrative.

They turned "The Hammer", and everything else they had, loose on Donald Trump. Let's to do a quick run through because I know most people understand this part of the story, but there may be some tid-bits you were unaware of or had forgotten.


Admiral Mike Rogers

at the time, was the director of the National Security Agency. He discovered potential serious violations occurring. According to a report in The Epoch Times, "Admiral Mike Rogers directed the NSA's Office of Compliance to conduct a fundamental baseline review of compliance associated with 702 at some point in early April 2016."

"Rogers played a major role in uncovering ongoing FISA abuses" To read more in-depth on this topic, you can click the link below to read the full article on The Epoch Times news site.

The role that Admiral Rogers played didn't stop with the internal investigation that led to a chastisement by the FISA courts (FISC), and the resulting additional proceedures that must be followed (Added later).

Meanwhile, all that other stuff that I'm sure you know about, like texts between Strzok and Page were going on. It's clear from the content those two were passing, and the dates and times of the communications, that they were quite aware that what they were doing was known to be illegal, and they demonstrated their clear intent.

But the FISC was still unaware, though others in the FBI and DOJ knew of the ongoing investigation by Rogers, like Strzok and Page. On Oct. 20th, 2016 Rogers was briefed as to the findings of the audit.

Much of the issues were in "about queries" which Rogers immediately shut down on the 21st.  On the same day, the DOJ and FBI sought, and received, their requested Title 1 FISA warrant on the Trump campaign adviser Carter Page before Admiral Rogers could brief the FISA Courts or Congress.

Carter Page was a non-paid outlying volunteer who Trump had never spoken to. It was later revealed that Carter Page was a long time FBI paid informant (another violation that the FBI didn't reveal this to FISC (FISA Courts) when pursuing the FISA warrant, because it's not allowed). You can research further on Carter Page's role and while the whole basis for the FISA warrant was illegal.

Rogers appeared formally before the FISC on Oct. 26, 2016 and presented his findings. At the same time, their were more abuses taking place inside various agencies as they scrambled to intentionally get around what restrictions they knew were coming next.

Those looking to subvert these insights, as well as, any additional attention and restrictions, wanted Rogers removed from his job.

This attempt to have Rogers fired, which failed, happened in the middle of Oct. as Rogers was preparing to present his finding to the FISA courts. Those making this attempt included, but were not limited to, our buddy James Clapper and Defense Secretary Ash Carter (Deep State Operatives).

Rogers involment created a series of additional steps and conditions to help protect the rights of citizens. There was a lot going on in the background while this is happening. Even these new rules and procedures were later found to have been broken. Again, for more detail on this click on the link above to The Epoch Times article once you finish here.

Back to "The Hammer"

So now, we are back the Hammer, and an all out sophisticated and coordinated attack against candidate Donald Trump. An attack that started with the illegal processes mentioned above.

Already, the results of the investigation should be considered "fruit of the poisonous tree". Basically, this is a legal term which refers to evidence collected without proper warrants or authorization to collect. All evidence as a result must be discarded. But, Donald Trump has never really argued this point, because there is no real evidence of any wrong doing.

It's the Hillary campaign and the DNC working with the Russians through intermediary Christopher Steele (and paying him), to fabricate dirt on Trump.

This all came in the culmination of the fake "dossier" that was used to get the FISA warrant on the Trump campaign. This dossier was paid for by the Hillary campaign/DNC, through Fusion GPS, a third party vendor, that had illegal access to the Hammer's NSA database and 702 data. Fusion then paid Steele, who then paid Russians, and others, to fabricate the dossier.

Nellie Ohr, who worked for Fusion GPS, is the wife of Bruce Ohr, 4th in command at the FBI. There was a clear path being used to funnel information to Comey, and his Deep State cohorts, in an effort to bring down Trump and his campaign.

After being denied by the FISA court for their first request. The FBI, I believe, instructed Steele, who then went to a reporter to write a story based on the dossier (the infamous Buzzfeed article) that made it appear as corroborating evidence, though it was not.

This is known in the intelligence community as "circular intelligence". The act of using the same source to write another source with the intent to make it appear as if it is unique. FBI knew that it was not valid, yet presented it to the FISA courts as if the information had been corroborated by citing the Buzzfeed article anyway.

Upon their next attempt, they still refused to advise the courts that the dossier was paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats...and now the FBI is paying Steele as well.

Through all of this Donald Trump still won the election. The Deep State knew that it had to do more. They were all over Donald Trump and his staff yet no one was even aware. At least not until Mike Rogers stepped back in the picture.

On the morning of Nov. 17, 2016, Rogers traveled to meet President-elect Donald Trump and his transition team at Trump Tower, but didn’t inform DNI Clapper, or Obama, about the meeting. That evening, the Trump team announced they were moving all transition activity to Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey.

Just after this meeting, Trump began tweeting about being wiretapped by the Obama Administration. I think we all know what Rogers told the President-Elect. Everyone laughed at Trump's tweet, and even Obama denied the rumors in essence saying that Trump was crazy, and that no one was listening to his phone calls. Obviously, there's been a lot more going on here than just listening to Trump's phone calls, but Obama's denial is yet another in a long string of yarn that ties him directly to the surveillance of opposition political candidates, for political purposes.

Rogers officially retired on May 4th, 2018. Undoubtedly, he knew the power of the Deep State and the current, and coming, storms. Another good man lost to the immense power of the Deep State.

This coup attempt has been going on for some time, over 2 years now, all based on a false fake dossier that has been proven to be false. Every one knows it's false and knows that there is no "Collusion". But, with the help of Mockingbird, the media operation arm of the Deep State, they've been able to create CHAOS; to disrupt the President's ability to govern. To keep him on the defensive.

When President Trump finally fired FBI Director Comey, which is his right to do for any reason he wants to, the Deep State was able to shift it's focus by using fake memos that Comey said he created after talking with Trump in White House meetings.

I believe they are false anyway. I think he wrote them just before he illegally, and admittedly, released confidential memos to the press in an attempt to drive a narrative for a Special Council to investigate this Trump/Russia collusion idea that the Deep State is pushing.

The narrative that they want to push is that Trump fired Comey because he was investigating Trump.  But, remember the dossier was proven to be fake, and the FBI knew it from the start, but that didn't come out to the public until later.

Comey drove that narrative to an otherwise unaware public and Congress. The Democrats forced Sessions into recusing himself from all things Russia related. This was part of the plan.

This allowed them to use their Deep State back-up Rosenstein (2nd in charge at DOJ), who became a pivotal part of the process in getting continuations of the FISA Warrants, to begin a Special Council, and oversee it. Later, he granted much broader power to go after all things Trump, instead of just Trump/Russia Collusion, without the proper notification to Congress.

It's clear that the Deep State has taken additional actions to keep the pressure on, as I'm sure that you have seen routinely in the news. This is all fabricated and twisted just to try to show the President in a negative way and try to sway public opinion against him.

They are not just investigating Trump either, but everyone around him. They want anyone, and everyone, to know that if you work, or otherwise support, President Trump, that they will destroy you.

They have a number of indictments and convictions but all for "process crimes", such as lying to the FBI, though what some were lying about wasn't even a crime to lie about. But, again, nothing on Trump/Russia Collusion, which was the point, right?

In the case of General Mike Flynn, he was charged with lying to the FBI. A charge later refuted by even though doing the interview. But, when the Federal government brings it's full weight to bear on you, they will crush you.

Flynn ended up pleading out to avoid jailtime because he had spent over 2 million dollars trying to defend himself. He was broke and losing his home. The FBI threatened to go after his son and other members of his family. These are the kind of tactics the feds use. We have seen this play out with others.

Manafort has been charged with crimes that occurred years before that one month he was a part of the Trump Campaign to help with the super-delegates situation.

Yet, the left and their media machine keep pointing to "so much corruption" within the Trump organization. Meanwhile, those like Comey, who have openly admitted to leaking classified documents, walk free.

Interestingly, Rod Rosenstein, number two at the DOJ, and acting oversight for the Special Council, along with Jeff Sessions, wrote a letter recommending James Comey's firing. Sessions did fire him, technically not Trump.

Rosenstein then used the firing, that he recommended, to promote a narrative of Obstruction to start an FBI Investigation and retool the Special Council to investigate Trump over Obstruction of Justice... the new leftist narrative. If that's not a clear demonstration of the Deep State, I don't know what is.

From The Epoch Times, "To my knowledge virtually every FBI and NSD official with material involvement in the original Carter Page FISA application would later be removed in one fashion or another. One significant and potentially telling exception is Bill Priestap, who still serves as the head of the FBI's Counterintelligence Division

Deep State

Onto McCabe

Who is Andrew McCabe in a snapshot and why is it relevant?

Andrew McCabe is a career lawyer turned executive at the FBI. It's one of the biggest problems most career FBI field operators will mention when it comes to leadership. The executive positions are not field operators, but rather lawyers who view their positions as political, not result oriented. The political appointees desired results in political terms whereas field operators want results to come from investigations by strictly following the evidence.

McCabe served as the Deputy Director of the FBI from 2016-2018, and as the acting Director (following the dismissal of Comey) from May 2017 until August 2017 when he was replaced by Christopher Wray, a Trump appointee. He was fired March 16, 2018, just hours before receiving his pension worth 1.8 million dollars.


What was McCabe Fired for?

Andrew McCabe was fired following an internal investigation, and an investigation by the Inspector General, regarding multiple illegal leaks to the press as well as for lying 4 times, 3 under oath, and for lying to his own FBI investigators about lying. That's a lot of lying to try to cover his leaks. He was fired just days before receiving his 1.8 million dollar pension, which should put his new book deal and it's contents, in perspective. You can read the Inspector General's report here.

From the FBI's own internal investigative division

"The FBI's Office of Personal Responsibility has recommended the firing of former deputy director Andrew McCabe, who is accused of serious misconduct." Get an in-depth perspective on that by clicking the link below.

We've established the Andrew McCabe is a creep, and it's only fitting that he didn't get his pension of 1.8 million for being a corrupt Deep State operative. But, as with all disgraced fired employees of the deep state, they write a book about all their lies, and crimes, and the useful idiots pony up money that enriches them.

Andrew McCabe & Rosenstein on the 25th Amendment

The National Review says it like this...

"According to McCabe, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein brought up the 25th Amendment. It's worth considering how this Rube Goldberg Amendment is supposed to work: The Vice-President takes power if he, and a majority of the Cabinet, declare in writing to the Senate and the House that the President is "unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office."

Then, the President can contest the declaration, also in writing, to the Senate and the House. If the Vice-President, and a majority of the Cabinet, still say he can't serve, Congress has 21 days to vote on the question. If two-thirds of both houses says he can't, the Vice-President remains acting President

Anyone who believes that this was a remotely plausible or appropriate means to depose Donald Trump should have his own ability to discharge his duties examined."

Frankly, there's no way to say it better than that. That is also probably why people at the FBI, even those in the Deep State, did not follow through with Rosenstein's/McCabe's repeated requests to wear a wire into the White House in order to try to catch Trump saying anything that could be twisted into some need for the 25th Amendment.

McCabe suggested in the interview on "60 Minutes", that the FBI took it upon itself to be a "check" on the President. That's not the role of the FBI, and the President is his boss. The matter of oversight of the President falls to the people, via Congress. This shows the level of activism, and Deep State mentality, with the executives within the FBI/DOJ, and other departments.

This idea that McCabe and Rosenstein hatched over the 25th Amendment is absurd, but what did happen in that interview is an admission to Sedition and Treason. Willful intent to unseat a dually elected President of the United States. He publicly revealed that there is an ongoing coup attempt against the President of the United States.

I have read a number of articles that call this particular act, as an act of treason, and attempted coup, and that the coup has failed. This most certainly was an act of sedition and treason, but this was not THE coup attempt, but rather a mere battle within the war. This whole article IS THE COUP ATTEMPT.

Now, I hope you understand why this issue required including so much backstory to get to this point. No doubt, the Deep State's intention is to try to drag this out until close to the 2020 election. As long as they hold President Trump at bay, he can't unleash the hounds of heaven upon the unrighteous.

The Deep State has grown extremely desperate. They are now hanging all their hopes on Michael Cohen. A proven liar, lying under oath multiple times, who lies about being a liar. But, be aware! They have not lost in their attempted coup yet, they have only lost a battle. The attempted coup continues... stay tuned.

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