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Richmond Capital Building

A Story Told, Not Only In Writing, But In Videos, In Pictures, And Memes.

RICHMOND, VA: In the face of absolute tyranny, and a PhsyOp by the Governor to discourage attendance, realistic estimates of over 50,000 people arrived in Richmond, Virginia to protest the Governor and his totalitarian minions, not only for trampling our natural God given and Constitutionally protected right to have and bear arms, but all the rights that Richmond has been attacking, which is virtually all of them. But, there was a calm but very resolute resolve among what felt literally to be your brothers and sisters each and all.

The battle line was drawn at the second amendment however as people from all over the country showed up to support the people of Virginia. There was a clear line in the sand as the Governor put up fencing demarcating a literal "DMZ" around the Capital building. He intentionally kept protesters out of more than half of the square, not for security, but for "optics". He referenced 100 thousand armed militia threatening to take over the Capital. Does he seriously think a few thousand officers and a weak chain link fence would have stopped that? "Hold my weapon while I go through security to storm the Capital", really? It was all for "optics". He didn't want those pictures.

The left didn't get what they wanted either. NUMBERS MATTER! With so many heavily armed and armored civilians, it's amazing how polite Antifa can be. They, and others like them, prefer to pick on small groups, or find strays who get isolated from the groups. This left the Governor with no one to really challenge the group protesting the totalitarian fascists.

I think what the Governor and law enforcement saw, was a well-regulated and disciplined militia (which is all citizens). He saw organization and cooperation. He saw Sheep-Dogs protecting the dis-armed inside the DMZ (fenced in area immediately around the capital). He saw Sheep-Dogs protecting the Sheep-Dogs with tiered levels of security and communications. He saw key streets and points of access covered by OUR security teams. He saw roving patrols on foot and vehicles providing communications and quick response teams for any potential incidents.

He saw "delegations" sent from states from all over this country. This "delegations" came with a message of "more to come" if/when necessary. He saw an inevitable ARMY of people, not only from Virginia, but from all over the country that will stand against him. People that showed up despite the Governors alarms; despite the uncertainty of whether they would go home or not, or whether war may break out that day. The Governor saw RESOLVE, real RESOLVE.

He saw a mass of people toe the line drawn in the sand. He will continue with his plans. He has to, because his orders come from above him, but he has been warned, and he is undoubtedly scared. I know he wasn't expecting the discipline that left only one arrest, and that was an Antifa member who refused to remove a mask. The discipline that saw city streets cleaner than when the rally goers arrived. Attendees were literally scrapping stickers off of city streets and sidewalks, picking up trash and putting them into trash bags. Though this did upset the city workers who were promised overtime for clean-up! Below are some of the images from the day, a story told in pictures and a few memes. Enjoy! If you have pictures from the event that you would like to be memorialized in this article, please send to

P.S. Governor, There were no racist, fascists, Nazis, or any other "supremacists". We were all one people, brothers and sisters all!

Below are videos leading up to the event as well as live coverage of the event followed by still images.

These videos immediately following depict the PhsyOp conducted by Governor Northam. As you can see it sucks up many big name gun rights supporters as well feeding into the attempt to reduce the numbers of supporters at the event.

Northam's State of Emergency Executive Order was challenged in court by the VCDL and Gun Right of America. Conveniently, LEO found some people to arrest (located in other states) that they "claim" was the basis for the EO. These arrests happened just shortly after the injunction was filed against them (but before a ruling was provided).

Here's a little history of the grass roots movement that's been leading up to this event.

Fears, Warnings, and PhsyOps continue from both sides. It proved effective at reducing numbers.

Let the live coverage begin!

Now for some wrap up!

Here are some images aggregated together from various sources.

If you have video links, images, or article links that you think should be added to this memorial of the events in Richmond, Virginia on 01/20/20, please send them to

If you have video links, images, or article links that you think should be added to this memorial of the events in Richmond, Virginia on 01/20/20, please send them to

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