Sri Lanka Part 2; The Aftermath of the Easter Sunday Bombings

This part of our comprehensive report on Sri Lanka covers the Aftermath of the Islamic Terrorist bombing of Christians on Easter Sunday. What we know now following the event. Includes an aggregate of multiple sources, social media, pictures, and a look at Muslim Islamic violence against Christians around the world.

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Explosions at churches and hotels in Sri Lanka killed 290 people and injured more than 500 Sunday. This is what we know so far:


  • The government says the attack was carried out by the National Thowheed Jamaath, a local Islamist militant group, with suspected international assistance.
  • Sri Lanka’s president has asked for international assistance in tracking down the group’s foreign connections.
  • The prime minister says elements of the government had prior intelligence of the attacks.
    At least a dozen of the dead were foreigners, including from India, Japan, the United States and Britain.
  • 89 detonators were found in the city's main bus terminal in Colombo as the city was on lockdown, which has now been raised.


  • Foreign Victims: Most of the dead and wounded were Sri Lankans although government officials said 32 foreigners were killed, including British, U.S., Australian, Turkish, Indian, Chinese, Danish, Dutch and Portuguese nationals.

A local Islamist terrorist group called National Thowfeek Jamaath was responsible for multiple Easter Sunday suicide bomb attacks against Christians and luxury hotel guests in Sri Lanka, government officials on Monday revealed.

Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne told a news conference that all the bombers were Sri Lankan citizens. Earlier, a government forensic crime investigator said an examination of the Islamist attackers’ body parts showed that they were suicide bombers.

Senaratne, who is also a Cabinet minister, added that the government was investigating whether the group had “international support”.

Meanwhile, Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena will declare a nationwide emergency from midnight on Monday, his office said.

“The government has decided to gazette the clauses related to prevention of terrorism to emergency regulation and gazette it by midnight,” the president’s media unit said in a statement.

“This is being done to allow the police and the three forces to ensure public security,” the statement outlined, referring to the army, navy and air force.

The U.S. State Department, meanwhile, warned of further attacks in a revised travel advisory, urging increased caution and adding: “Terrorist groups continue plotting possible attacks in Sri Lanka.”

The bombings, Sri Lanka’s deadliest violence since a devastating civil war ended a decade ago on the island nation, killed at least 290 people with more than 500 wounded, on Easter Sunday.

Most of those killed were Sri Lankans. But the three bombed hotels and one of the churches, St. Anthony’s Shrine, are frequented by foreign tourists, and Sri Lanka’s Foreign Ministry said the bodies of at least 27 foreigners from a variety of countries were recovered.

The blast at St Anthony’s Shrine, an historic Catholic Church, was so powerful that it blew out much of the roof, leaving roof tiles, glass and splintered wood littering the floor that was strewn with bodies.

Washington Post, Breitbart, AP, AFP contributed to this story

They Knew There Was A Threat


A Bias In News & Social Media Responses From Leaders?

In reviewing many responses and links to this story from other news agencies, it has become clear that a certain bias has boiled to the surface in the words and phraseology used to describe these attacks.

For instance, in a Reuters update, they describe the attacks as "militants with foreign links".

In this article, they try to balance the scenario by saying, "police reported on Sunday night that there had been a petrol bomb attack on a mosque in the northwestern district of Puttalum and arson attacks on two shops owned by Muslims in the western district of Kalutara.

The government has acknowledged that it had “prior information” of attacks on churches involving a little known local Islamist group but didn’t do enough about it.

Out of Sri Lanka’s total population of around 22 million, 70 percent are Buddhist, 12.6 percent Hindu, 9.7 percent Muslim and 7.6 percent Christian, according to the country’s 2012 census. 

In February-March last year, there were a series of religious clashes between Sinhalese Buddhists and Muslims in the towns of Ampara and Kandy".

Though I do have to say that Reuters does have reports naming Islamic terrorists for what they are, and I did find some mention in their Sri Lanka reporting as well, though either just a "mention" of it as a possibility, or downplayed by trying to justify it somehow by linking past violence together, as if it is all normal over there, and somehow justifiable.

But, now if we look at how Reuters covered the New Zealand Mosque shooting, it's quite a different story.

Pages and pages of details flowed from the Reuters story of a white man, a native from Australia, with a gun shooting up 2 mosques in Christchurch, NZ that killed 50 Muslims.

Reuters has pages, and pages, of articles written on this story in the search results for the incident that only killed 1/3rd of the number of people.

So much more detail, and with a focus on the "white man with a gun killing Muslims" narrative. Of course, they cherry picked the shooters manifesto to somehow tie his whole shooting rampage on Donald Trump and the "rise of White Nationalism" which they have tried to turn into a bad word/phrase.

Politicians jumped on the opportunity to demonize guns, and call for the seizing of weapons, before the bodies were even picked up off the floor. The liberal politicians in New Zealand have been wanting "Australian style" gun confiscation for quite a while. This event has made that possible, to a large extent.

You can read more about that here:

New Zealand Gun Confiscation Begins!

In a perfectly orchestrated concert, the liberal news media was able to use that incident on the other side of the world to attack guns here at home as well. The push for Red Flag Laws increased significantly, and immediately, by members of both sides of the isle. Read more on that below:

RED FLAG LAWS Raise Red Flags for Gun Owners

But the bias in the reporting of the New Zealand shooter compared to the bombing in Sri Lanka over the Easter Weekend doesn't end there.

The fact is that the NZ shooter manifesto describes a man in line with the political views of China, and a self-proclaimed "eco-terrorist", who wanted to start a war in with a goal of "gun confiscation". None of that really sounds like a Trump supporter to me.

Truth be told, the vast majority of mass violence is committed by those on the left. Shooters often try to describe themselves as being right, the media reports the hell out of that, until later it is revealed that he is not on the right at all, but rather, yet another on the left impersonating right wing hate., like Jussie Smollett.

You can read more about the New Zealand shooting here in our report that includes the first person video and the full manifesto for you to read yourself.

UPDATED (03/15/19): “Eco-Terrorist” New Zealand Shooter Full Video & Manifesto.

I chose Reuters as an example because they are supposed to be one of the more neutral of the mainstream sources. Of course, other outlets tried even harder to downplay the Muslim Islamic terrorist angle.

On Social Media

The Political bias on social media was even more obvious with politicians like Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton, being unable to name either "Christians" or "Muslims", much less "Islamic Terrorism".

It was obviously rampant, and I could post social media responses that would go on for days, but these comparative responses from Clinton and Obama really show the details of the biased responses compared to the Christchurch, NZ shooting.

You can click on the embedded Twitter posts from Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama below. They show the responses from The New Zealand attacks, and from the Sri Lanka attacks, comparatively. The screenshots are also in the photo scroll below.  Can you see the difference?

Muslim/Islamist attacks on Christians Around The World

I guess it is appropriate that I put this section right after the Media bias when it comes to this issue.

The truth remains that hundreds of Christians are killed every week by Muslims in the Middle East and in Africa, and it doesn't even make the news, certainly not main stream news, for the most part.

I mentioned this after the New Zealand attacks as well. They are so eager to jump on that narrative while not telling you about the other.

Danish billionaire Anders Holch Povlsen lost his three children in the #SriLanka terror attacks in Colombo, when they were staying at one of the hotels that were targeted by a bomb.

Here's some recent sources on Muslim Violence Against Christians:

According to an affiliate of Voice of the Martyrs, Fulani militants killed up to 6,000 Christians and forced 50,000 to flee northern Nigeria during just the first few months of 2018.

"On Easter, Millions of Christians Will Be Worshipping in Secret"

(A running list of attacks and death tolls)

(a great source for this topic in general)

This also on Easter Sunday last year

I actually could go on listing more articles, but as you can see there is little from our national mainstream media on this topic here in the U.S. It's just not a narrative that they want to tell.

But, rest assured, that if on mosque is vandalized or burned down, it will be on every channel, and tied to the "rise of white nationalism" narrative that they want to push.

But, Christian Churches are being vandalized and burned down all over the world, in addition to actual physical persecution of Christians worldwide.

The Notre Dame Cathedral burning down is being said to be a possible electrical short. The EU has certainly been known to downplay the criminality of the forced Muslim immigration on the citizens due to the unpopular nature of the move. There are laws across the EU now that consider any negative speech against Muslims to be "hate speech" and you will serve time in jail, forcing the populace to keep their opinions to themselves.

Popular YouTuber and Tweeter, Tommy Robinson was one such person, who had to go to jail for even reporting on Muslims that were on trial for sexual criminal activity. He lost all of his social media accounts, his livelihood, and went to jail for just covering the news and telling the truth.

We don't yet know the truth on this yet for a fact, but the truth remains that there has been over 800 attacks, vandalism, burning, and desecration of Christian churches just throughout France alone over the past year.

NOTRE DAME CATHEDRAL BURNS! More Anti-Christian Desecration Across France?

Islamic Terrorists have been trying to get to the Notre Dame Cathedral for a while.


There is a bias in the media. Their agenda is clear. To find information on Muslim attacks on Christians around the world, you really have to pay attention and dig for it, but the numbers are alarming compared to attacks on Muslims, and that's likely why they don't want you to know.

But, if you want to hear every word of anything that happens to a Muslims, even down to the snarkiest of a remark, just tune into your liberal mainstream news outlet and they will all be repeating the exact same disseminated verbiage that they always spew.

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