SPYGATE CONFIRMED! Judicial Watch, Epoch Times, and Lt.Col. Shaffer, all brought together to give you the whole DEEP STATE Story!

We bring together Judicial Watch, The Epoch Times, and Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer to give you the WHOLE Deep State story behind SpyGate!

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SpyGate Update 1

SpyGate Update 1

Judicial Watch is a leader in the Patriot movement for a lot of reasons, but the work to uncover the Hillary email, and SpyGate/FisaGate, scandals rank right at the top. Below are the Judicial Watch videos relating to the Deep State and the cover-up. JW has 40 open lawsuits regarding Spygate issues alone This will bring you all up-to-date. You can start listening while you continue to read.

The Epoch Times has been doing some great reporting on the Deep State as well. Most of this started with the "Epoch" interview with Lt.Col. Anthony Shaffer, also below. Shaffer is a retired career intelligence/counterintelligence officer with the U.S. Army.

Judicial Watch Video below: First 16:40 is about h Deep State SpyGate Scandal

One of the points Judicial Watch has been bringing up repeatedly is the comment and concern the AG Barr has had, and mentioned during his Congressional testimony.

What wasn't the Trump Campaign informed that they had a possible Russian infiltrator in their campaign? If the FBI really believed this then they would have advised the campaign as is the normal protocol.

This was done previously for Senator and Presidential Candidate John McCain when he had someone "suspect" in his campaign.

The FBI has also briefed California Congressmen, including Feinstein, on the fact the Chin was trying to influence them with campaign donations. Of course, they also did a pretty good job with Feinstein by having a spy driver her around for 25 years!

The only reason not to tell the Trump campaign was that they wanted to try to frame the campaign, through investigations. This "investigation" continued into the Trump Presidency, as we all know, in an attempt to overthrow a sitting President.

Text messages from Strzok and Page reveal it was an effort to stop him from getting elected and trying to bring him down after the election.

SPYGATE Deep State Coup: Did Justice, CIA & FBI Commit Crimes To Get Rid Of Trump?

AG Barr has recently said he is going to be looking into the "Spying" that took place against the Trump campaign. Of course Democrats, now dispute the definition of "spying".
Democrats have widely condemned Barr for feeding an allegation they said was “irresponsible” and a mere “conspiracy theory.”
“[Barr] knows there was ample evidence of Russian attempts to infiltrate the Trump campaign, and that the FBI took lawful action to stop it,” Senator Mark Warner, a Democrat and ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, tweeted on Wednesday. “Giving a wink and a nod to this long-debunked ‘spying’ conspiracy theory is irresponsible.”
Comey was attending an event at the Hewlett Foundation’s Verify Conference on Thursday, April 11, when he was asked about the Barr Statement.
“I have no idea what he’s talking about, so it’s hard for me to comment,” Comey reportedly said in response to a question at the event.
I think EVERYONE knows that there was spying going on, and it was politically motivated and targeted against a political opponent. The only question is, "How high did it go?"
According to Lt.Col Tony Shaffer, all roads lead to Barack Obama. Here's his response to our previous article we published with his interview below.

Lt.Colonel Shaffer Reveals What’s About To Happen To The Deep State!

Epoch Times SpyGate Part 1 A Comprehensive Deep State Report below:

Sidney Powell, Licensed to Lie
Sidney Powell, Licensed to Lie

“Licensed to Lie reads like a cross between investigative journalism and courtroom drama. The takeaway is that both Bushies and Obamaites should be very afraid: over the last few years, a coterie of vicious and unethical prosecutors who are unfit to practice law has been harbored within and enabled by the now ironically named Department of Justice.” –William Hodes, Professor of Law Emeritus, Indiana University, and coauthor, The Law of Lawyering

The Deep State Coup, The McCabe Interview, & The 25th Amendment. What Does It All Mean?

Barr Begins To “Drain the Deep State Swamp”

Trump to Declass FISA Docs; “Comey Committed Treason”, FISA & Memos Explanation

NEW Private Emails: Clinton Discussed Classified Foreign Policy Matters & Secrete Private Comms Channel With Israel

Comey Memos Contain Much More Than Previously Thought

Hypocrite Hillary Clinton: Julian Assange must ‘answer for what he has done’

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