“Some People Doing Something”

Muslims are killing Christians at an alarming rate all over the world, every day, and the media is silent about it, as well as governmental leaders. They intentionally downplay these events while playing up any attacks on Muslims. Here’s another example of “someone doing something” that has been removed from twitter.

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Democrat congresswoman Ilhan Omar's disrespectful description of 9/11 as "some people did something" is following in the footsteps of none other than President Barack Hussein Obama.

President Trump, in his statement following the mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue, repeated the expression "anti-semitism" over and over.

Perhaps it was to offer a course correction to the bizarre utterances of President Obama in 2015, when jihadi Moslems in Paris shot up a Jewish-owned theatre, killing 130 people. The Islamists then made a big detour to shoot up a small Jewish delicatessen, killing Jews shopping for the Sabbath.

President Obama referred to the massacre in the Jewish neighborhood as "you randomly shot a bunch of folks in a deli." Obama didn't want to say the victims were Jews, that the killers were anti-semites, or that the targeting of Jews was purposeful. He didn't even want to say "they." You can read more of this from the American Thinker in the link below:


President Trump Responds To Ilhan Omar's Disrepectful Description With This Video Tweet

More "Some People Doing Something"

Here's more "Some People Doing Something". It's been pulled from social media as well. They do not want you to see this because it does not fit the narrative they want. They downplay the hundreds of Christians being killed by Muslims around the world...each day, and over-play any attacks on Muslims.

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Someone doing something
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