Socialism is Coming; Is It Over? Or, Is the Media Their Own Worst Enemy?

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We all know Socialism is on our doorstep. We see it each and every day, slowly creeping up on us like a rising tide we are praying will stop before it floods our house. And, here we sit...just watching it, as if it's as uncontrollable as a tide. As if, it's all in God's hands and HE expects nothing of us. We expect that somehow the rule of law and the Constitution will prevail, as it has always done in the past. But that is the past. You can argue that there's been order, maybe even rule of law, but frankly the Constitution hasn't prevailed in a very long time.

We keep silently watching as the tide erodes the shore inching ever closer to the house, just hoping. It's time to stop hoping, and start filling some sand bags!

We need to build a wall in more ways than one. We are allowing a vocal minority to run us over because of our silence and being socially bullied and shamed by the media as a whole. But, has the vocal minority now become the vocal majority?


Why are we afraid? This is our Republic, with a beautiful long history, though imperfect, it's the greatest political and economic country ever created! It's promoted freedom here & abroad, and has lifted more people out of poverty than any other system in the world. We are letting them take that from us and our children because of our silence.

Now, onto the point...

As Socialism approaches, the left has become more emboldened than I even thought they would. They have more openly Socialist candidates running for President than ever before (by far), with more being added to the list of those making announcements every day.

I know, that I have argued before that this is a rouse to "redefine the middle" on their terms. They are presenting the most absurd and radical candidates, only for a more moderate to emerge (Michelle?). I still believe that, but they will propagate this ruse not because they are truly moderate. They will just appear that way. Much like Obama did in his first electoral bid. He seemed even rather conservative at times. But like he told the Russian President, "I'll have more latitude once I get re-elected".

They are relishing in the freedom, ironically, of the bubble that they live in. The real news media has been gone for a long time and I know most of us don't pay attention to the "fake news" anymore, but "they" do.

It's interesting to me, much like preaching to the choir, how these leftist live in a social bubble. They think that everyone else is like them. They see it on TV, the movies, the news. This leftist, social justice, mentality is everywhere in our media culture. They hang out at parties in the big city with other leftists and they think they own the country.

They think flyover states just have a few backwoods folks. Nothing to worry about relative to those "deplorables clinging to their God and Guns". The influence of the south is fading as State like Virginia and North Carolina turn purple and blue. Hell, even a state like Florida is on the bubble and a constant battle ground. We are losing ground in Texas of all places too. I'm not trying to scare you, but rather give you the facts. Based on that, I hope you are scared.

Is it all over? The left lives in an incredible bubble, there's not doubt. They think everyone else thinks like they do because that's all they surround themselves with.  But don't think that their "bubble" doesn't have influence. We live in a bubble too!


We all know that polls are unreliable. They don't reflect "real America". We ignore the fact that the last couple of elections that we did win, we didn't get the popular vote. Our voters are aging and unfortunately dying, as a new crop of younger voters emerge with a nice healthy dose of our educational system to turn them into mindless automatons. We are losing ground and losing it daily because the left has a much bigger voice, they are well organized, and have support from globalists from around the world.

They also have been controlling our educational system for decades; raising our kids for us because we are taxed into forcing both parents to work. These new generations don't even know what it's like to be free, but frankly my father tells me the same thing. Every generation has slowly allowed our freedoms to deteriorate, until now. We have finally reached the end point!

The left has a great deal of influence on our daily lives. The CIA has programs and studies that prove indoctrination. If you get told a certain thing enough times, over time, you will begin to weaken and change your mind. There are various influences at play here, but I think you understand.

Their influence is of note as they now want to change the voting age to 16 in many places. They have these kids right where they want them. Programed and fresh, without the real life history and experience to prove otherwise. If it were up to me, I'd raise the legal voting age (sorry to any younger readers).

Many other issues are ongoing as well. Many states have approved an amendment to their Constitutions that, once enough other states also approve, will force the electoral college in their state to vote for the candidate with the most votes (popular vote). This may sound good and "fair" on the surface, but it's not.

The electoral college protects, mostly, the minority; Those less represented, so they get a more fair representation in the government. It's an attempt to completely undermine our Constitutional Republic. If you think we live in a democracy, you're wrong. Never have. But that's a different article. So, if you think we are still the silent majority, then why have we lost the popular vote since GW Bush?

The question remains; Is the Media it's own worst enemy? My opinion is that they certainly think highly of themselves. So much so that the bubble they live in leads them to believe everyone is like them. It may be their own undoing. The left has a tendency to get arrogant and push too hard, but only if those on the right wake up while they still can.


But, to the contrary, they are a powerful force, still gaining ground. They should not be taken lightly. We barely won the 2016 election, and presumably not by the popular vote. Despite being one of the most successful President's in history, the media continues to pound Trump negatively. Still, over 93% negative coverage.

The rest of the media continues to pursue their social justice causes on air in an attempt to reshape minds. There continues to be an assault on Christianity and Catholicism from inside and out, or anything having to do with morals and steadfast beliefs.

But, they have really overstepped in some areas. Late term and even "post-term", or whatever you want to call that policy (murder by most), is one. Outright and emboldened Socialism is another. These kinds of brazen overreaches may be their undoing, but...

You have to stop cowering! You have to stop holding your tongue. You must become powerful in your voice. Be strong. Fight for what it is that you want and believe in. If you think we are still the "silent majority", you may wake up to find that we are the "silent minority".

What will your children say if you did nothing while they live in tyranny, suppression, and poverty? We have already allowed a massive debt to accumulate that they will now have to pay. Are you going to saddle them with Socialism and tyranny too?

Wake yourselves up! Find your voice. There are many that will follow once you stand up! We must do this collectively, but it starts with the individual, making a choice to no longer tolerate a lost future for their children.

Who are you? Wait and see? Just sit on your couch with your gun at the ready, or will you be someone with a backbone that will rise and face the challenges of today with a voice and a presence to preserve our Constitutional Republic so that our children will have a future in this great country?
That has to be your choice, but it has to be soon! Just don't tell your kids that no one ever warned you, or that there was nothing you could do about it.

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2 thoughts on “Socialism is Coming; Is It Over? Or, Is the Media Their Own Worst Enemy?

  1. This Cultural Marxism is alive and well where I live. We need a battle plan to combat this evil.
    1. Educate ourselves (quickly) on what CM is and how to spot a Cultural Marxist Operative (CMO).
    2. Develop effective public information strategies that work against CMO’s.
    *** Please add to this list, we need to fight this fight.

    1. Thank you PB! Great idea on another article and likely a new section in our “Resources” area!

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