RED FLAG LAWS Raise Red Flags for Gun Owners

Red Flag laws are violating the Constitution in a way that goes from pick-pocketing to a snatch-and-grab during a riot

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Red Flag Laws and backdoor Gun Confiscation laws! Take action now!

Red Flag Laws are backdoor Gun Confiscation laws! Take action now!


Officially called Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO), “red flag” laws permit police, healthcare providers, or family members to petition a state court to order the temporary removal of firearms from a person who may present a danger to others or themselves.

A judge decides to issue the order based on statements and actions made by the gun owner, as reported by whatever tipster decided to file the complaint, not the gunowner themselves. After a set period of time, the guns are returned to the owner unless another court hearing extends the period of confiscation.

The specifics of laws very a little from state-to-state, but essentially anyone can make this petition. It not a difficult process either. Just call the cops, they'll handle it for you.

To date; 14 states have adopted Red Flag laws, most in more recent years right after major mass shooting events. The oldest laws are from Connecticut which passed them after the Sandy Hook incident and date back to 2009.

A USA Today opinion piece states:
"At their core, they [Red Flag laws] allow the police to convene a Kafkaesque secret proceeding, in which an American can be stripped of his or her gun rights and Fourth Amendment rights, even though gun owners are barred from participating in the hearings or arguing their side of the dispute" [or even knowing it's happening until it's implemented].

After a fixed period of time, which can vary but say 21 days, the gun owner can ask for a court hearing to restore his or her constitutional rights. But guess what? Few gun owners have the sophistication or the thousands of dollars it would take to hire a lawyer and expert witnesses. And few courts are willing to second-guess themselves and reverse the Gun Confiscation Order which has been issued.

ALERT! Immediate Action Required in the link below!

Stop Gun Confiscation Orders! Immediate action Required


Right out of the gate it should be obvious that this just doesn't sound right.

There is little doubt, or disagreement, that our Constitution allows for the restriction or revocation of one's God given, and Constitutionally protected, natural rights.

But, it is absolutely imperative that these revocations of rights are done in a particular way, lending the accused every opportunity to defend those rights. It should be seen as the most serious thing we do as a society when we revoke someone's rights on any level. It's simply that important.

The Constitution allows a person's freedom, for instance, to be revoked, but only under a very strict guideline that is supposed to presume that person's innocence, until found guilty. This puts the pressure on the state to show just cause to revoke that person's freedom.

He is to be charged, allowed bail, provided representation, allowed to face his accuser, and mount a defense before a jury of his peers. Due process. Only after all of that, if a jury has found a person to be guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt, can this person's freedoms be taken.

It's supposed to be a tough process, heavily weighted against the state with burdensome requirements to take someone's liberty and/or property.

Abuses that take place in regard to our most basic and fundamental rights are the worst abuses by a government, and can spread quickly from abusing one right, to abusing another, and from abusing one person to abusing us all.

Rest assured, that if someone else is being abused, and they get away with it, they will do it time after time to all of us. This is how they establish "precedent". Once established it's hard to get out. Many law schools now don't even teach the Constitution, they teach precedent.

We have seen so many abuses ongoing today, in so many areas. Much of this is the result of the apathy, and/or ignorance. WE have allowed these things to continue within our state and federal governments.

Nancy Pelosi tipped the Democrats hand when warning of issuing a "national emergency" to deal with the gun crisis.

Don't think that this is an idol threat. If they get total control back, they will use this to enact Australian style gun confiscation that they have referenced many times in the past.

They will take them piece-by-piece for now, so as to not start a fight, but they are already using the CDC, and others, to frame the narrative of a "public health crisis".

This is what will be used by them in the future to enact a "National Emergency" to deal with this issue.
AMA President Barbara McAneny told the Post in an interview:

"We see this as an epidemic and public health crisis and we think intervening as early as possible is smarter than just building more intensive care units for people who are either killed or damaged and badly hurt by the violence."

This is a coordinated attack on many fronts with a multi-faceted purpose; not just to take your guns.

How Red Flag Laws Affect Free Speech And Assembly

When you allow one person on a court bench to decide whether you can have your freedoms or not, based on the word of one other person, in a secret setting, that should raise a "red flag".

The defendant is not even made aware of a case against them, much less able to defend themselves from it. We are clearly headed down a road of potential massive abuse, that is not only designed to take your guns, but also to suppress free speech and assembly.

If you are at your families Thanksgiving dinner, and your cousin disagrees with your political opinion, they can simply call the police and tell them how unstable you are, and just like that, they can kick in your door, and confiscate your guns. Take it now, figure it out later mentality.

This is similar to the situation that happened to Mr. Willis in MD, where he ended up being shot and killed by police. More on that below.

So, do you think that if you are concerned about this new law, that you will go out and voice your opinion with anyone? Or are you going to lay low, and think twice about it.

It's similar in tactics used by the left to intimidate conservative voters prior to the 2016 election. Houses with Trump signs were being shot at by drive-bys. Cars with bumper stickers with Trump on them were being vandalized and shot at.

It's intimidation that frankly kept me from putting out a yard sign or slapping on a bumper sticker. Not from personal fear of harm, but rather for that of my family.

How many people will now think twice about assembling with their legal firearms to promote the 2nd amendment? If ID'd in public with "the wrong person", whomever they decide that is, you could be deemed a threat, and just like that, you get your door kicked in....all the things thugs like Antifa would love to have happen.

In a case in Texas below, you will see that this same tactic is used to destroy someone over political ideology in a college setting. It's a coordinated attack with multiple purposes. 

How would you like your door kicked down in the middle of the night and your family subjected to a SWAT team in your bedroom for simply owning a firearm?


Of course, what we have discussed so far is a lot of what could go wrong, but let's discuss certain scenario's based on real events.

Maryland's Red Flag Laws Claim It's First Victim

From a report by ZeroHedge:

On November 5, 2018, the Maryland's Red Flag law claimed its first victim.

Mr. Gary J. Willis was served a confiscation order under the new law in the early morning (5:17am) hours. At such an early hour, he wondered who could possibly be at his door, and took his gun with him to investigate, as many of us would.

When he opened the door, and was served with the warrant, he set his gun down. But, after discovering what the warrant was for, he became understandably upset at this Constitutional violation.

He picked his gun back up. We don't know the specifics here. Maybe he was picking his gun up and shutting the door on them, then planned to walk away.

I sincerely doubt that one man in his underwear with a handgun had plans to take out the SWAT team. None-the-less, a struggle ensued as a police officer jumped on him to try to take the weapon from him. A shot was fired in the struggle, but no one was hit. However, another officer shot Willis and killed him.

The person who apparently filed a complaint against Willis was a family member. The complaint stemmed from a political argument at a recent family dinner, according to his niece. Apparently, being an open gun rights advocate is offensive and concerning to many on the left.

But Michele Willis, the victim’s niece, said this was a case of “family being family,” reports The Baltimore Sun:

She said one of her aunts requested the protective order to temporarily remove Willis’ guns.

Michele Willis said she had grown up in the house and had been there Sunday night to move out her son, who had been helping to care for her grandmother.

She said her uncle “likes to speak his mind,” but she described him as harmless.

“I’m just dumbfounded right now,” she said. “My uncle wouldn’t hurt anybody.”

Willis said the officers should have continued to negotiate with her uncle.

“They didn’t need to do what they did,” she said.

Police Chief Timothy Altomare said the fatal shooting was a sign that the law is needed:

“If you look at this morning’s outcome, it’s tough for us to say ‘Well, what did we prevent?’ ” he said. “Because we don’t know what we prevented or could’ve prevented. What would’ve happened if we didn’t go there at 5 a.m.?”

Gary J. Willis would still be alive...He isn’t dead because he tried to shoot someone. He is dead because someone convinced a judge that he might shoot someone, and now police are hailing this as a success. The "Pre-Crime" Departments are pleased with the results.

In a "minority report" type of fashion, the police department killed a man and hailed it as a success for what they "might" have prevented, though with no "evidence" of any wrongdoing or crimes committed. "Pre-crime" enforcement is not tangible. Yes, we are seriously having to discuss this.

Criminals are criminals that live in a perpetual state of paranoia that the law will finally catch up with them. But, no upstanding citizen is expecting law enforcement officials to be breaking down their door in the middle of the night to serve a warrant on them.

Gun owners, being served with gun confiscation orders are quite likely to assume that the people breaking down their door are criminals, and may very well use those same guns to protect themselves, and their families.

Studies have also shown that in the first 30 seconds after we have been startled awake, that we are responding based on our subconscious, as we are not yet fully awake consciously.

So, what happens when a person is awakened, and responds to a "home invasion" with his weapon in hand, and is shot dead by police? What happens when a homeowner mistakenly shoots a police officer thinking he's a criminal breaking into his home?

When this happens, the left says acts like these are only more justification for such laws. They are framing a win/win argument, even if the police kill someone. 

We are living in a society where we are letting criminals out of jail early, and we are making criminals out of law abiding citizens with no evidence or trial.

In a Washington Post article, you can get the leftist view. They frame the issue as a win/win for everyone and that these laws are so wonderful for the greater good of society.

They reference numbers from Connecticut with no information as to the formation of their numbers. Anyone can make any study. The fact that crime in general has gone down could explain some drop.

The fact that many people have moved out of Connecticut because of high tax policies could equate to a drop. There are many factors. Of course, they are picking and choosing which facts to use and how to represent them to us.

The report failed to mention the one death attributed to Maryland’s red flag law. Failed to mention the struggle, the shooting, and that there were reports, even by other family members, that the order was taken out by a family member with an intent to punish Willis for his political views. This is all how the left picks and choses facts to help frame an agenda.


A Red Flag Law Case In TX WITHOUT Red Flag Laws


Another incident of Red Flag abuse in TX without even a Red Flag Law. According to an article by KrisAnne Hall;

"Red flag laws being used to target political opposition, even without a law by the legislature
Violates 2nd, 4th, and property rights." I would add here that these laws also prevent a person from their basic right to defend themselves and their property as well.

Brandon Masin, a conservative first year law student at the University of North Texas, Dallas College of Law is being subjected to Red Flag-style targeting.

"He is a young conservative black man, who holds firm to his rights, and is vocal about securing them. Brandon started the very first chapter of the Federalist Society at UNT-Dallas."

Brandon said he became concerned that the Law School was “mandating student attendance at certain guest speaker events, where the speakers were very one-sided in their presentations.”

"Brandon approached the college and requested that these mandated forums be open to speakers with “alternative” views – read NOT leftist, anti-gun, anti-liberty propogandists."

In short Brandon was suspended, and was unable to come on campus and take his final exams until an investigation was completed. Not by an investigator, or a lawyer, but by Adalyn Burger, a social worker.

Brandon still has had no opportunity to have his witnesses be heard in his defense. He still has had no opportunity to face his accuser(s). He has still had no opportunity to present evidence of his innocence.

He was eventually allowed on campus to finish his exams, but only by escort of campus police after a pat-down. You can read the full story in the link above.

"Despite the Board of Regents being appointed by conservative Governor Greg Abbot, The University of North Texas – Dallas is apparently a “Rights Free Zone” where students are guilty with no opportunity to be heard."

This what life will be like in America with the Red Flag Laws; mere accusations equate to guilty until proven innocent. These Red Flag Laws will be used to create unfettered political, personal, and professional witch hunts conducted upon individuals with no way to defend themselves. Even if they had a way to do so, how many people have the money to mount such a defense?

The "denial of the rights of due process, property and the basic principles of liberty that make America unique are completely destroyed with these draconian laws."

This is Texas, of all places. And, Texas doesn't even have Red Flag laws yet. If they will do this in Texas, at a law school, without even laws on the books, what do you think will happen with actual laws? It's a very representative example of what is yet to come across the country with these laws. 

Brandon's record has been tarnished, and his life, and career destroyed, with zero possibility of defending himself. This record will follow him around everywhere he goes, all because of some political retribution, designed to ruin him, but also to shut everyone else up.

What do you think this will look like on your record, if a red flag law is enacted against you and a warrant has been served?

Even if it is later overturned, it will be a stain on your record that will follow you around, especially if you are in law enforcement, military, a DOD contractor, etc.

These careers all have intensive background checks, and a warrant of this nature, served on you, could most certainly keep you from passing a security clearance investigation.

Could there be a bigger goal with this process? What high profile officials may be targeted? What about DOD or intelligence officials?

How Did It Get To This Point?

I know we all get frustrated with the wheels of justice at times. People get off that should be convicted, but it is important for all of the rest of us to ensure these protections remain in place.

One can easily say, and unfortunately likely have said, that I don't need to worry about protecting the rights of criminals, because I'm not a criminal.

But you aren't protecting the rights of criminals, you are protecting and defending the rights of everyone. There's a distinction that I hope will reveal itself by the end of this article.

In today's society, as we are losing our moral base, with more and more crime seemingly taking place, along with so many reports of egregious violations conducted by criminals that somehow escape the process of justice, we hear more, and more calls for this process to be modified.

Not openly, or specifically the entire process, but in bits and pieces all over, that undermine the very protections that we all have.

Social media, and instant global reporting, have also made the rate of crime seem more prevalent, when it may really not be.

According to, crimes, especially violent crime and gun crime, are down and falling. But, instant reporting with instant judgements being made, are prosecuting people in the court of public opinion before ever even being charged in many cases, throwing the idea of innocent until proven guilty right out the window.

Then, there's the ignorance that many of us have that these rights are "unimportant to me", or don't affect me, so I don't care. This attitude is the worst things we can do as a society.

I don't want to stray too far, but it's important to understand how we got here if there's any hope of getting back. The red flag laws we see today must first be viewed from this basic fundamental processes of our system of government.

The response from both political ideologies though is generally, "but, but, it sounds like such a good idea". The principal of the idea can be debated, but a rush to enact laws which violate these very basic Constitutional guarantees, undermines the Constitution itself and EVERY OTHER RIGHT WE HAVE. Remember that.

And with the left, there's always a rush. The left wants to capitalize on the emotions of the moment after an event (usually caused by one of their own), before our logic and reason set in, and the comprehension that what they are proposing is just wrong.

Red flag laws violate the 2nd amendment, the right to property, that's been paid for; being seized by the government without any 4th amendment due process. It also violates a person right to the defense of his property and himself.

But if you listen to the left, and unfortunately, too many on the right as well, red flag laws sound like a great compromise.

The right has been compromising it's way, over the decades, to this very point where Socialism is literally knocking at the door in the upcoming 2020 election, and they are looking to confiscate as many guns as possible, through the backdoor, before that happens. I wonder why?

Another issue is the lawmakers themselves.

Laws, very rarely, if ever get rescinded. There are still laws on the book that declare one must have another person to stand outside the vehicle on the railroads tracks and swing two lanterns back and forth to warn oncoming trains at night that a car is crossing.

There are still laws that make homosexual acts within their own homes illegal. And some yet, that say a man can beat his wife with a stick as long as it is not larger than his index finger.

But, societal presseures, law enforcement and prosecutors, judges and even juries, just use a collective form of nullification to make these laws fade into the dusty rooms of the courthouse, though technically they still exist, and could be enforced if no other law has been written to supercede it.

In most cases, it would be better to just rescind the law in question and revert back to our basic recognized rights, but politicians always feel the necessity to "do something" and any opportunity to pander to a group in the process, is their preferred method of dealing with such things.

I know, I really got off the specifics of the subject there, but I have always found that interesting and wanted to shoehorn in the opportunity to share it.

Whatever the diversion I took; one point remains valid for this topic and that is the need for lawmakers to "justify their positions". As their commonly referred to name suggests, they "make laws".

If they aren't making laws then they are not doing their jobs. Well, that's the unfortunate measure that society places on them. And, of course, any opportunity to pander to a particular segment of the population is always considered in such decisions.

Some of this has to do with straying from the founders original intent of our Constitution and the structure of our Republic as intended, and becoming a more "pure Democracy". You can read more about that in the article below:

Tools To Fight Against State Tyranny And Defend Our Civil Rights; Madison explains.


As our governemnts have strayed from being a Republic and ventured into a more direct and pure democracy, the pressure for lawmakers to make laws becomes even greater.

The framers never intended for lawmakers to be career politicians, rather business owners and farmers. Everyday citizens elected to represent the people in Congress once a year, not everyday, then return home to their occupations. More like jury duty than a career.

This concept would lead to only the most important issues of the day being discussed, and fewer and more focused laws implemented.

The founders never wanted the process to be quick or easy. It was designed this way as a protection from "Democracy", according to Madison.

But everyday this changes, and the more "democratic" that we get, the more demands are made by the public for a new law every time something bad happens.

If a man kills himself because he decided that he didn't want to wear a helmet on a motorcycle, then that is his right to do. He affected no one else or their freedoms in making that decision. But lawmakers always feel this need to protect us from ourselves, stealing freedoms with each law.

This democratic process also lends itself more to the majority dominating the rights of the minority, as James Madison warned us about.

We can restrict our freedoms so much that we are all locked in a padded room where we can neither hurt ourselves or our fellow man. This demonstrates with every law passed, we are giving away our freedoms. How far do we go?

One may think that this law, or that law, only pertains to certain people, but that's not the proper perspective. Laws are necessary, but every new law affects our freedoms equally as it erodes our constitutionally protected liberties.

Michael Hammond, Legislative Counsel for Gun Owners of America, thinks there's a larger issue: "If the Constitution can be suspended in a secret hearing, where does this lead?

What if this newspaper could be shut down for 21 days without due process — based on a secret complaint? Or an individual could be arrested or imprisoned for 21 days? Or tortured?

Far from being a "consensus proposal," the suspension of the Constitution in a secret hearing is a constitutional Rubicon from which there is no return."

But, then again, we've seen this "precedent" before in the FISA courts. See how things, allowed to continue, matastisize into other things?

The Patriot Act seemed like a great idea at the time, following a big event like the terrorist attacks on 9/11, to protect us from these actors. This was a massive power grab by the federal government and a major blow to individual freedoms. But, the timing of these things is always interesting.

Any anytime some new push for legislation seems to be needed, like the anti-hanging legislation proposed by Kamalla Harris, up pops an incident to show why we need that legislation.

I'm, of course, referencing the fake attempted beating, and hanging, of Jussie Smollett, that was proven to be a hoax in which he ended up being charged with 16 felonies. But, how many of these hoax incidents are to discovered?

The original incident and complaints spread wildly across social media, and the news, as an attack on a minority by Trump loving MAGA "white nationalists". We know now, that he paid two black men from Nigeria to "act" as the perpetrators.

So, I'll let you draw your own conclusions concerning the association with these types of "events" and those in the government that seek legislation to control a related issue.

Unlike news reports that YouTube created conspiracy theorists, these are created by repeated, and sometimes proven incidents like the one above, along with a non-transparent and controlling government. You can read more on that topic in the link below:

YouTube Unleashes Conspiracy Theorists?

The abuse of the FISA program by the Obama Administration should be common knowledge to you by now. Likely, the biggest scandal in American history, and it's being burried by the leftist media.

Obama used the full power of the federal government, it's intelligence community and tools, and it's investigative and enforcement departments to try to destroy a political adversary in support of Hillary Clinton for the 2016 election.

If you are unaware of the details of this abuse, then you need to be. It's astounding. The association here is how such power can be wielded, and how easily abused certain powers and laws can be.

Madison said if men were angels, there would be no need for government, but because men are not angels, we need protection from that very government run by those very men.

How Did We Get Red Flag Laws?

In this case of gun control, we have seen the left running wild throughout the states with their new found appreciation for state power over federalism as explained in the article linked above.

I think that there is no misunderstanding the goals and the motivations of the left in regard to gun control and confiscation.

The more upsetting part, is the lack of intelligence or backbone found in so called conservatives when it comes to this issue. They say they stand for the 2nd amendment, yet allow it to be picked away piece by piece.

I most commonly explain to this tactic of the left, by providing an example based on a hand. Visually place an issue in the palm of your hand, and one finger at a time, slowly close your hand. This is the process that the left uses to slowly gain control of an issue, one piece at the time, even over years and decades.

The left also likes to use a tactic they call "flooding the field". That means that they flood the battlefield, using a complicit media, with the silliness of such things as the incredibly incompetent and ignorant socialist antics of people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

This keep us laughing, and it is entertaining, but diverted from focusing on the real issues of the day... that matter. If you do want some entertainment check out our article on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y. below, or search our site for more.



This is the approach that the left has taken for decades. And, until Obama, they have also been quite patient in the rate at which they close each finger. Slowly grasping more and more control over the issue without alerting the sleeping and often apathetic public.

Now, the left is much more desperate after losing in 2016 and seeing so much of their progress erased by President Donald Trump.

The left has really pulled out all the stops and severed any restraints. But, that pace has now started to awaken the public to what they are doing.

They are counting on the fact that they can "flood the battlefield" and create too many fronts in this war for you to be able to fight at one time.

They are highly coordinated and sophisticated. They have spent decades creating these networks, and systems, and are well funded by leftist globalist, like George Soros and others.

Instead of slowly closing fingers, this has turned into more of a "snatch and grab" at an electronics store during a riot.

We must simplify the battlefield and focus our attention on some serious issues, like this one that needs our constant attention.

What Are The Real Goals Of Red Flag Laws?

Back door Gun confiscation in America.

I always say, and will continue to always say, that we must understand the motivations for anyone, or anything being proposed, in order to properly understand the issue. So, there, I've said it yet again.

This is not just the goal of the left-wing Democrat Socialists in this country. It is a global agenda, funded, as the Democrats are politically, by globalists from around the world. One has to simply ask, "who benefits from a disarmed American public?"

It is also seen in the recent event all the way on the other side of the world in New Zealand.

Why, and how, could an event other there be blamed on America, President Trump, "White Nationalists", and the American gun culture?

It preposterous frankly, but they tied it all together with a nice bow, bringing up more calls for more gun controls before the bodies were even picked up off of the floor. They didn't bother to wait any period of time to actually find out about the self-proclaimed "Eco-Fascist" shooter, and the evidence from his manifesto, which links him to the left.

You can view the video, manifesto, and details of that event more in the link below.

UPDATED (03/15/19): “Eco-Terrorist” New Zealand Shooter Full Video & Manifesto.

That is all to show you that this is a globalist agenda, just as our own events here has been perpetrated by globalist/socialists for decades.

We expect this sort of thing from the left and the Deep State operatives embedded in our government who are often involved with the perpetration of such events.

But, more disturbing, are those offenders of liberty who are on the "so called right". Those who say that they stand for freedoms and the protection of our civil liberties, and our inherent natural rights, like the right to defend oneself and property, yet betray us.

The Bible says that taking the Lord's name in vain, is the unpardonable sin. This does not refer to cursing as some have suggested over the years to try to keep soap out of the mouths of little boys.

Rather, it is referring to a preacher/pastor who stands in a pulpit and intentionally leads his flock astray. God's places such an incredible burden on these people to convey the truth to the people that intentional violations of this trust is deemed as the one and only unpardonable sin. Considering what man is capable of, the context of that statement how some wow factor.

Personally, I equate current GOP, and other conservatives, who espouse protections and freedoms yet intentionally undermine them, with this same rule of God.

We expect the Democrats, and Satan, to intentionally try to misguide us. But, when those we hold in high regard to stand for our ideals and principals, that we elected them to represent, do this; it is the same thing to me as a pastor leading his flock astray. And to me, is also unpardonable.

Not everyone is doing this intentionally however. A lot of it is pure ignorance of the constitution, or little to no backbone, to stand up against pervasive democratic social pressure and defend the Constitution instead.

But, those who are uneducated should not be in office. Those with no backbone should certainly not be there. I don't expect everyone to get everything right, and that falls on you to contact them, and do what you can on a State and federal level, to encourage such education as well as , while providing your public opinion.

Even, President Trump has gotten on board with supporting these laws. It's a terrible oversight, but coming from someone who has done so much good, it's clear this is a matter of quickly needed education.

What Can We Do About Red Flag Laws?

One thing that must be recognized is the very failure of governments and law enforcement involved in these "events" that take place. Florida enacted Red Flags laws after the school shooting in Florida.

This shooter was already on the radar of law enforcement in a big way. He should have been charged with domestic abuse/assault on more than one occasion, but was not. If they had done so, he would never have been legally allowed to have firearms to begin with.

The failure of law enforcement continued as the local Sheriff told responding deputies, not to enter the building. They could have saved many lives, but were not allowed to.

Makes you wonder how, or why, a police official (even in the liberal Broward County) could ever make such a decision. The Sheriff was forced to step down after the backlash, but I'm sure they are bragging that Florida's new Red Flags laws are due to their actions.

Across the country we see failures of government on all levels to properly implement the current back ground check laws that are in place.

Over and over, it's the failure of governments and law enforcement to utilize the tools they already have, but instead they blame THEIR failures on a need for yet....more legislation, and more restrictions of the freedoms of law abiding citizens.

Another thing we MUST do is to simplify the battlefield. We must stop allowing our minds, and our newsfeeds, to be overwhelmed by tabloid stories like those about Miss Cortez.  We have too little time in our day to be consumed with things like that.

Don't play into the left's hands. Don't worry,if you think people need to see that stuff, there will always be plenty of other people pushing it.

Focus on the very specific issues, like Red Flags laws, that are of the utmost importance. Don't let it get buried in the newsfeed! Focus on a few; Study them, and become very intelligent about them.

When you have to give your opinion, to anyone, it will be well thought out, and backed by facts and sound reason. Having this knowledge will also give you more confidence to want to step up and share your thoughts. By reading this article and others on our site, you are already on the path to getting the knowledge you need!

As we mentioned above, much of this is ignorance and a lack of backbone by our officials. Contact you local, state, and federal representatives to let them know how you feel (to help with their back problems), and encourage education of the issue.

Others who demonstrate consistent lack of regard for the constitution must be removed.

Use this link to find out who your representatives are and how to contact them >

Spend time to find and promote candidates who will do the job properly. Don't forget that local, and state politics, is more important in your daily life than federal politics. Don't ignore what is happening close to home!

We have to demand that our representatives on all levels, represent us properly with knowledge and conviction in the Constitution. But, we also have to help educate others so that these ideals are reflected at the voting polls. Sharing this article and others, is a great step to doing that. We also have other great RESOURCES for you as well.

Too often, especially in this current climate, conservatives want to hide, and not speak for fear of upsetting people or having to engage in a confrontation with others.

Conservatives don't want their names made public for fear of being put on some list. All these types of fears, and inaction, play directly into the hands of those on our left who wish to suppress our voice, expression, and freedom of assembly.

They have been getting away with getting ourselves to do it to ourselves. If there was ever a time to find your voice and make it heard, NOW IS THAT TIME.

If the country continues down this path while we simply watch, then those we are "simply watching" will beome a "democratic majority", and as Madison described, they will impose their will on us all without regard to the protections under the Constitution that you think we have. James Madison warns us of the pitfalls of a pure "democratic majority".

The left is vocal and outright cocky in their demonstration of their opinion. This, and the media being in cahoots, perpetuates a narrative that they are the majority, and that representatives better enact their will or face repercussions. We need to let EVERYONE know that they we have a voice and an opinion that must be heard!

As always, thank you for your support! Sharing is easy, and appreciated!

Additional Resources for this topic:

You can also find out more the Constitution and about what our options are in the article below:

Tools To Fight Against State Tyranny And Defend Our Civil Rights; Madison explains.

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1 thought on “RED FLAG LAWS Raise Red Flags for Gun Owners

  1. No. Follow the constitution! All u are doing is trying to disarm the law abiding citizens. No. NO. NO NO

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