Patriot Resource Center has been censored by Facebook...Again!

Social media censorship of independent conservative news continues, as Facebook censors Patriot Resource Center, and yours truly, yet again. Without citing any violations of any policies, Facebook decided that I would no longer be able to post to groups that I am a member of, or join other groups for 4 days. No explanation was given as to why the ban was put into effect.

Facebook blocks conservative media from posting in groups

There is no appeal process for this, only a "let us know what you think" link. Well, I let them know! But, it won't do any good of course.

PRC response to Facebook's group posting ban

This isn't the first time I have faced censorship, nor am I alone in feeling it's sting! We have heard about the recent high profile permanent bans that Facebook put into place, but often forgotten is the little guy that gets pushed around routinely because his voice isn't as big.

Many people, and other groups that I know, are routinely suspended, banned, have their posts suddenly removed without notice, share links removed, etc. Part of Facebook's problem is that it's policy is a moving target. No one really knows how they define their "terms", and they won't give specific guidance. What may be fine one day, is no longer fine another. I have seen members who were banned because of posts they made from several years ago, when those posts were made in accordance with the policy of the time and according to the user agreement those individuals signed. This moving target is suspected by some to be intentional in order to continue to allow this sort of censorship.

For A Business, Facebook Is A Requirement

For a business, the size and reach of Facebook means that having such an account is really a requirement. For example, as a young website, you will not rank on Google, or other search engines, for about a year. This means that every visitor you get to your site has to be generated organically, one-by-one. The only way to effectively generate visitors to your website is through social media. If you are banned by social media, you are out of business! They know this, and we have seen social media go after higher profile conservative figures in a coordinated manner in the past, and completely put them out of business!

This "requirement" for a business to have a Facebook account in order to conduct business, effectively makes Facebook a monopoly. Yes, there are other social sites, and we are on them, but nothing compares to the reach of Facebook; not even close. 80% of our traffic is generated from Facebook alone. According to monopoly laws, Facebook should never have been allowed to get this big in the first place. And, when other competitors have risen in the past, Facebook simply buys them out in order to maintain it's market share. Instagram and WhatsApp are examples of this.

There are many ideas going around about how to combat censorship in social media. I have written about this before as well. Unfortunately, most of the ideas revolve around government regulation of our free speech, and things such as "Net Neutrality"; none of which are good ideas. From a Constitutional perspective, using the FCC to break up these monopolies and give these smaller social sites an opportunity to compete is the only proper solution. You can read more about this below.

New Veritas Facebook Censorship Allegations, Twitter, and the FCC


Without access to Facebook, and the many groups of Trump loving patriots that we are a member of, we need your help more than ever to spread the word and links to our articles throughout social media, but especially in the large Facebook groups that you belong to! Also, please SUBSCRIBE to our website to make sure you always get the news you need. It's free, and you never know when they will cut us off ...again...for simply reporting the news! Below is a link that will show you all the other social media platforms that we are on as well. Please follow those accounts too.

Patriot Resource Center Gets A New YouTube Channel! Check out all the ways to follow PRC!

President Trump recently released a means by which to report censorship on social media. It is an important and easy to use tool that reports directly to the White House. It is important to document these abuses, as I have done above, so that you can share this with them, and others. If you have been the victim of censorship, follow the link below to report this abuses. Don't let them get away with it!

Trump Wants To Know If You Are Being Censored On Social Media!

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