Patriot Resource Center Gets A New YouTube Channel! Check out all the ways to follow PRC!

PRC Gets New YouTube, and Bitchute Channels, and all the ways to follow PRC online and Social Media!

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Patriot Resource Center on YouTube!


You can watch our channel introduction above in the embedded video or directly on YouTube by following the link below. Please visit the channel and SUBSCRIBE, like, and share the videos! And don't forget to click on the little bell icon to be sure and get a notification for new videos, so you don't miss anything.

Check out our new YouTube account!

This video link should get you there. Please SUBSCRIBE to our channel.

Here's a link to our Bitchute channel for all the things YouTube won't allow!

I don't know how long it will be before I'll be banned from social media given all the new policies being implemented. I expect massive restrictions to be put in place before the 2020 Presidential elections.

I have been fighting censorship left and right already! Be sure to click the "Subscribe For Free" button in the menu above so that you can get an email regarding any new articles we release. If we lose social media sites, it may be the only way to follow us!

Below is a list of social media sites that we are on. Please follow them all. We never know when one platform, or another, may ban us! Sometimes we use social media to post other relevant or important links that we don't always put on the website:

More will be coming on this later!
Twitter @PatriotRCenter and backup account is @CRASHonPRC
Gab (.ai):

Instagram: Patriot_Resource_Center

Parler: This is a new site designed like a cross between Twitter and Facebook

If you don't have any social media accounts, then NO PROBLEM! We've got you covered there too! You can follow this link to our website and watch some of the most popular feeds, like yours truly on twitter, or maybe POTUS. We also have popular news feeds from the left and the right. Check it out!

Social Media & RSS News Feeds

For those with an RSS aggregator App (such as feedly-not included). You can follow our RSS feed (you may need to enter the address in the search bar).

We'll be adding more social media accounts in the future. Are you on another that you'd like to see us on too? Let us know!

Thank you for following along and sharing the articles! It really helps! Please let us know if there is any information, topics, or resources that you'd like to see on the site that you think would be a benefit.

Here's one of our most recent articles. Please share, it's the only way people will see these articles, Thank you!

The Preservation Of The Republic Requires Justice We Are Not Likely To Get After Coup Attempt

NEW! EXPOSED! How The Liberal Are Stealing Your Freedoms!

Or view directly on YouTube here!

Sharing is easy!

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