Nunes Aims To Save Gen Flynn

After 2 years of House investigations into matters of SpyGate/FisaGate; the origins of the “Greatest Scandal in American History” that has seen an administration use the full force of the federal government, it’s investigative and intelligence gathering agencies, to come against a political opponent and his staff, Nunes has some criminal referrals for the new AG Barr for conspiracies including General Mike Flynn

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Nunes Aimes to save Gen Flynn

Nunes aims to save Gen. Flynn

Devin Nunes Aims to Save Gen Flynn

"A new McCarthyism merged with Watergate, there's more work to do...really no time for victory laps. People need to be held accountable." In an age where we have seen Congressional investigation after investigation, yield damning evidence and get no prosecutions, Representative Nunes is leading the charge to make sure that doesn't happen again in the "Greatest Scandal in American History".

Rep (R-CA) Devin Nunes is a conservative hero that seems to be the biggest thorn in the side of the liberal deep state establishment in Washington, and even some establishment rhinos too. He's been on a tear though Washington like a bull in a china shop.

Since the Mueller Investigation into the Russian Collusion hoax is over, with predictable results, Nunes has turned his focus toward pushing criminal referals to new Attorney General Willam Barr at the DOJ.

After 2 years of House investigations into matters of SpyGate/FisaGate; the origins of the "Greatest Scandal in American History" that has seen the Obama administration use the full force of the federal government, it's investigative, and intelligence gathering agencies, to come against a political opponent and his staff; Nunes has some criminal referrals for the new AG Barr.

Why Referrals and not prosecutions?

As Devin Nunes put it in an interview on FoxBusiness, Maria Bartiromo; "The Congress can only investigate, not prosecute." We had to wait for an Attorney General to be put in place. That attornery General is William Barr.

Many on the left were not happy with his appointment citing previous comments that he made showing great concern for the circumstances surrounding the Russian collusion hoax, and the origins of SpyGate .

Barr recently testified before Congress that he does believe that spying occurred on the Trump administration, setting off a firestorm by Democrats trying to redefine what "spying" is in the media.

The Referrals:

Nunes wouldn't name specific names, but said if you have been following the Spygate story, you'll know who the obvious names are, when referring to the five "straight-up referals".

As he defines them; these are referals with precise crimes and names specifically attached to them. People who have lied to Congress, or admitted to leaking classified information in an attempt to obstruct the investigation.

Of note, is that Andrew McCabe has already been referred and is in deep water, likely to be the first to go down. He was fired by President Trump via Sessions, just before achieving his lifetime government retirement and benefits, after his involvement with leaking classified information was revealed.

Three of the referrals are for "conspiracies" which could include as many as two dozen or more people. "We don't know how far it goes", but said that they do know the leaking of classified information went through a specific handful of people over the term of this process, so they think they have a pretty good idea of where to start.

Conspiracies also include lying to the FISA Courts (FISC-Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court).

Many reports have come out with the sensational headline that Nunes wants the "Mueller report made public", but there's more...

According to Laura Ingraham, Fox News sources said the referrals "include conspiracy, going beyond the eight individuals, and will look at the Steele dossier's origins."

"The Mueller Report should be made public"....But Nunes wants EVERYTHING, including Mueller's notes, and those of the liberal attack dogs on his team. He want's the Comey memos, and not just those released, there were many more.

Nunes believes that members of Mueller's team are knee deep in the "conspiracy" and that he believes Mueller's team used his indictments to mislead the public that there was something to the collusion and to coheres defendants.

Nunes continued to stress the fact that only a small part of the FISA documents have been released to the public. He said there's much more that needs to be de-classified for the American public.

Where does General Flynn fit into all this?

One of the "conspiracies" that Nunes is referring to have to do with General Flynn and the origins of the whole Russian Collusion narrative. It has become apparent overtime that Obama has incredible distain for Generla Flynn. Flynn fought back against the Obama administration making Obama look foolish for many of his approaches, decisions, and ideas regarding military operations and intelligence. Obama has wanted General Flynn's head for a long time.

It has been reported that Obama even told then incoming President Trump, that the one person you don't want on your team is General Flynn, so there was little surprise looking back, that the Obama

Administration leaked the idea that because Flynn met with the Russian ambassador, which isn't a crime, that he was somehow in violation of the Logan Act.

The Logan Act is a law that covers conspiracies against the United State with foreign agents. A law for which no one has ever been successfully prosecuted under, though there are many, as it has been revealed, that should be, and maybe will, but General Mike Flynn is not one of them.

Everything he did in having conversations with the Russian Ambassador was completely legitimate, and expected, under the Trump transition to the White House.

But those were keywords for the leftist deep state operatives in the FBI to start and investigation, one that should never have been started, but one that also should never have gone anywhere.

But, it was used to further the Russian collusion narrative, get rid of Obama's biggest threat, and start a deep state coup attempt to unseat an elected President.
In an interview with Laura Ingram on Fox News, Nunes said that former National Security Advisor General Mike Flynn was one of the 3 areas he was looking for as "some type of setup" in the final Mueller report to be released this Thursday.

The other were the Maltase professor Joseph Mifsud, and the now infamous 2016 Trump Tower meeting.

"What I'm going to be looking for is there's three specific areas where I think there was some type of setup involved," Nunes said. "The first is involved with Gen. Flynn," Nunes said. "Gen. Flynn was supposedly entrapped, was meeting with a Russian woman. I want to know what really happened there because we are just now finding out about this and we need a lot more information on what really was General Flynn doing. It's a big deal if somebody within our intelligence agencies were accusing a three star general of having some type of Russian fling. It's serious stuff. I want to get to the bottom of that."

Nunes appeared to be referring to Flynn meeting Russian-British graduate student Svetlana Lokhova during a trip to the University of Cambridge in 2014. Flynn was director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) at the time. Reports came out in 2017 that said spy officials had concerns about Flynn's ties to Russians, including his encounter with Lokhova. Flynn's spokesman said the meeting was "incidental" and Lokhova told Fox News last year she is "not a Russia spy". She said she believes Flynn "was targeted and I was used to do it."

The dinner at which they met was set up by a United Kingdom academic group that included Stefan Halper, an FBI informant who was sent to make contact with members of President Trump's campaign, and set up the seating for the dinner placing her and Flynn next to each other.

Pictures of the two of them seated next to each other were used to inflame the Obama Administration led media into a frenzy, once again trying to target Flynn. Flynn has been targeted by the Obama administration for a while.

General Flynn was fired by the Trump administration, supposedly for lying to Vice-President Pence about his meeting with the Russian Ambassador, early in 2017 as the administration scramble to get going and battle public relations nightmares, massive leaking, and the Russian collusion narrative.

The "lying to Pence" part is most likely, but unconfirmed, to be cover for the Trump administration's decision as to how to deal with the collusion narrative plaguing his early administration. Trump himself has called Flynn a "hero".

Nunes said, in relation to the Barr release of the Mueller report, if all of the "serious unanswered questions" aren't answered in Mueller's report, he hopes Barr "is going to get us those answers."

This isn't just about Flynn

The deep state wanted to make it clear right away from the Obama headquaters in Washington, DC that they would go after anyone associated with the Trump Administration.

Before Trump even made a transition, they wanted to let other well qualified candidates for positions know that they would attack, with the full force of the "resistance", started by Obama, to keep the Trump presidency from being successful at overturning all the harm done by the Obama Administration, and ruining his legacy that was pinned on Hillary Clinton winning the 2016 Presidential election.

General Michael Flynn is a hero to this country

Flynn never violated the Logan act, and the thought that he did was never really even entertained by credible journalists, rather he was a victim of yet another illegal leak by the Obama Administration that was targeting him in an effort to ruin his reputation, and thus his career.

General Flynn is a true Patriot in every sense of the word. He has stood up for this country above all else. He has stood true to his oath, to protect the Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic.

For doing so, instead of a medal, he's been given a conviction. One of the most tragic political narratives that I have ever written about, or even seen in my lifetime. It's straight out of Marxist Germany or Soviet Communism.

The thing with Democrats is that it's always about "projection". Whatever they are actually ding they try to project onto others to control the narrative.

Flynn plead guilty to lying to investigator's during the Mueller investigation after exhausting all of his funds, and with his home on the line, and 5 million in debt.

Multiple reports indicated that Comey told the Congress in closed door seesions that investigators said that according to Byron York of the Washington Examiner cited two sources familiar with meetings Comey had with lawmakers on Capitol Hill as saying they believed Flynn was telling the truth when asked about his contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during President Donald Trump's transition. An intercept of their phone calls led to the Department of Justice pursuing a Logan Act case against Flynn.

But, it didn't end with the debt, prosecutors reportedly went after his family as well, looking to try to pull his son into the investigation. This plays like a movie, and though it's not, still the hero always falls on his sword when his weakness is exposed.

Going after his family was over the line, but a technique not new to Mueller. As if the full weight and power of the federal government coming against you wans't enough, Mueller has been critizied repeatedly over the years for his tactics.

How did Flynn "Help with investigations"?

Some quick to believe main stream media narratives, were concerned that Flynn was a turncoat to the Trump administration when it was reported that he was "cooperating with the investigation for a reduced sentence". In essence they made it out that Flynn was giving up Trump in order to save his own ass.

There should be proof enough that when you hear something so outlandish by the MSM that you should always know there's more to the story.

The investigations that Flynn "help with" were Turkish lobbying, Peter Smith, and Michael Cohen's Ukraine "peace plan". Of course nothing as it turns out, to do with Trump, Russia, or collusion, despite the media's insatiable fervor for that narrative.

The future for General Mike Flynn?

After a year of waiting, Mueller's team in the end recommended a sentence that would not include jailtime, " on the low end of the guideline range".

But, any conviction would keep the General from serving his country as he has his whole life. Flynn has since asked for a delay in sentencing, presumably hoping that "truth to light" becomes clear, and that charges in his case would be dropped, as it should.

Nunes knows that this is important because General Flynn is an American "asset". He is priceless in his value to the American people and to this great nation.

His knowledge and experience should be put back to work immediately for the security of our nation from those "both foreign and domestic".

Full Disclosure

I have to admit that this writer is friends on social media with General Flynn, who has been absent, on social media, since this ordeal began.

I was also friends with his son, who has apparently eliminated all of his social media accounts which first led me to believe he was targeted.

I hope to be friends with them all again, but this parting comment from General Flynn's son was almost heartbreaking.

Flynn's son, Michael Flynn Jr., expressed gratitude on Twitter that his father's ordeal was over, but had disdain for the MSM's role in the past year-and-a-half's events.
"God is good.
To those who have supported us throughout this process....
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I will never forget you."

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