Mueller Provides A Crack For Dems; Expands Legal Definition of “Obstruction”

Deep State Mueller leaves a crack open for Democrats to continue to harrass the President by “expanding the legal definition of obstruction” in an attempt to try to keep the deep state actors from going to jail.

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No Collusion

On March 22, 2019, Special Counsel Robert Mueller concluded his investigation of matters related to Russian attempts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election and submitted his confidential report to Attorney General Bill Barr pursuant to Department of Justice regulations.

That report was redacted by a team of officials which included Barr, Rosenstein, Mueller and his team, all working together.

The full redacted report found no collusion with Russia, of any type, by the President or any member of his campaign staff. As a matter of fact, it states that "No Americans" were found to have colluded with Russia.

Amazing since it has been clearly evident that the Hillary Campaign and the DNC DID in fact collude with the Russians.

Additionally, the report is absent any mention of Fusion GPS. As Trump said, "It's time to investigate the investigators"!

There was no collusion with Russia by Trump, his campaign, or anyone associated with him. It's hardly worth mentioning since Mueller said it 7 different times in the report.

This is undeniably definitive, making complete fools of the leftist media, and Democrat politicians that had said "definitively" that there was and "even beyond that", even "treason".

Many of those who pushed these narratives had access to the classified information from House and Senate investigations. Basically, they completely fabricated those stories and lied to your face for two years. Now, they want you to believe them when they say that Trump "Obstructed".

It's ironic that Mueller left this crack in the door for them, since prior to the report being released, the Democrats, along with their media arm, began to change the narrative away from "collusion" and over to "obstruction". Seems almost seamless between their transitions, and this crack that Mueller left open for them.

Mueller: At the heart of the Deep State

Mueller left the door cracked for Democrats though by refusing to make a determination, on way or the other, with regard to the "obstruction" aspects of the investigation. He left this to the Attorney General to decide, though his new idea of an expanded legal definition of obstruction is intended to bolster Democrats.

First, let me assure you that if there had been "obstruction" in the case, then Mueller's team most undoubtedly would have issued an indictment, despite the long standing tradition of not indicting a sitting President.

But, what he did was to provide the Democrats with an opening to continue to attack the President and try to run out the clock on the Deep State coup attempt, and the investigations that are currently underway as to the origins of the offensive against the President.

Mueller had no choice but to state emphatically that there was " no collusion" by this President with Russia, in any way, nor in the release of the now infamous Hillary Clinton and DNC emails, via WikiLeaks.

It was just too obvious, and frankly, the Mueller team knew it was all bogus when they started the investigation. But, they wanted to drag this out, handcuff the President, and not allow him to "Drain the Swamp".

You see, as long as the President was under investigation, he couldn't go after those involved in the Deep State coup attempt, because many of them were involved in the investigation. That would have certainly brought obstruction charges, since it would have appeared that he was trying to "obstruct" their investigation, by investigating them.

But, Mueller was able to drag this fiasco out for nearly two years and spending over $33 million in the process, for an investigation that should never have even been started, and one that could have been finished in a week if Mueller really had any scruples at all.

Mueller has been knee deep in many suspect situations in the past, and is best friends with James Comey. That should speak volumes in itself.

Mueller Tactics and Purpose

Mueller is a long-time deep state insider who has no love for the President, but he is also someone who has repeatedly been called into question over the years for his abusive investigative tactics. He has a heavy hand.

We saw this with investigations, and prosecutions, like General Flynn. He used the full force and power of the federal government, it's investigative power, it's intelligence capabilities, and the monetary resources, in order to drive suspected targets into submission.

Mueller wanted to get rid of Flynn as much as anyone. Flynn "knows where all the bodies are buried", including ones that Mueller put in the ground. Mueller knows that he did not have any grounds to charge him with any crime related to Russia, so he tried to get him on a "process crime".

He ultimately indicted Flynn on lying to the FBI about something that wasn't even a crime to begin with. FBI investigators present for Flynn's interviews have even said that Flynn did not lie.

But after a year or more of trying to defend himself, and Mueller dragging it out to exhaust Flynn's resources, Flynn finally capitulated after Mueller threatened to go after General Flynn's son.

$5 million in debt, about to lose his home, and Mueller reportedly threatening to go after Flynn's son, the General fell on his sword. You can read more about that in the link below.

Nunes Aims To Save Gen Flynn

The point for Mueller, was to get Flynn on "anything", anything that would not longer allow him to serve this country and put the Deep State in jeopardy. It was also a statement to others that you better play ball.

And lastly, it was a deep state message to President Trump, and anyone who wishes to participate in the Trump Administration, or even speak well of them, that the deep state is in control and will destroy you!

The whole basis for the Mueller investigation was bogus.

The Mueller report is divided into two volumes. Volume I covers the collusion question. Volume II considers whether the president obstructed the investigation.

But of course there would have been no obstruction investigation had there not been the collusion allegation to begin with. There would be no Volume II if there were no Volume I.

So, the first question is how can you have a crime of obstruction, with not underlying crime that you are being charged with obstructing about.

There should have never been any obstruction opportunities to begin with because the whole basis for the investigation into the Trump campaign was bogus.

The Carter Page accusations were completely false, and he was exonerated by the report. Carter Page set off the FISA applications process, to look into the Trump campaign, all based on the Fake Steele dossier. So, you see none of this should have even happened to begin with.

If there was no Investigation, then General Flynn couldn't have been charged with lying to investigators, or any other the others caught up in "process crimes".

Mueller disagrees with Barr on the basis of what constitutes "obstruction"

This really gets to the heart of the collusion between Mueller and the Democrats in this situation.

Mueller’s legal theory on Obstruction appears to be that Trump may have criminally violated 18 USC §1512 (c) by “corruptly...influencing” or “impeding” the FBI investigations into Flynn and Russian interference in the 2016 election.


This code being used is clearly for tapering with physical evidence. Doesn't seem even close to applying to the facts of this case, and Mueller seems to be seeking a greatly expanded idea of the definition of "obstruction".

Mueller has never been shy about being aggressive. He always brings a heavy hand to any investigation and always leaves a path of destruction in his wake during the process. It's no wonder Mueller seeks any expansion of the long held legal basis of the code of law.

But New Attorney General Bill Barr disagrees with Mueller. In a letter to Rod Rosenstein in June of 2018, Barr said the following:

photo credit: Undercover Huber

This disagreement is completely intentional. It was designed to provide the Democrats in the House with some sort of legal basis to continue to attack and investigate the President, as well as, ammunition for the 2020 Presidential elections.

It gives the Democrats, some way to take the sting out of such a big loss on "collusion" and allows them to try to take back the narrative, instead of having to focus on how wrong every statement that all of them, and the media, made over the last two years was.

So, there's the basis for all of the Democrat, and it's "mainstream" media divisions, current attacks over "obstruction".

In the next section below, we will look into the origins of the "new expanded legal definition" theory of Mueller and what Weissmann has to do with it......

For a more in-depth look at where this theory of Mueller's come's from (Andrew Weismann), then continue reading by clicking the link below.

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