Lt.Colonel Shaffer Reveals What’s About To Happen To The Deep State!

Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer on the Greatest Scandal in American History- FISA abuse and the attempted Deep State Coup

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Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer on the Greatest Scandal in American History- FISA abuse and the attempted Deep State Coup

Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer on the Greatest Scandal in American History- FISA abuse and the attempted Deep State Coup

The Epoch Times "Epic" Interview (American Thought Leaders)

Events in the 2016 elections were unprecedented. Top FBI officials knowingly used information paid for by the campaign of Hillary Clinton to obtain a FISA spy warrant on a member of the Trump Campaign.

Meanwhile, top Obama administration officials also spied on the campaign, using so-called unmasking requests.

Those same FBI agents, however, chose to look the other way when it came to the risks posed by Clinton's use of a private email server. We now know that emails she send as Secretary of State through that server were automatically copied to an unknown foreign entity.

Looking ahead of the 2020 elections, the question is whether the FBI has been reformed enough to make sure political bias don't influence investigations.

Today we sit down with Tony Shaffer, acting president of the London Center for Policy Research. He served as a Lieutenant Colonel in U.S. Army, where he was a senior intelligence officer. Today he’s also an advising producer for National Geographic and a member of the Trump 2020 advisory board.


Sidney Powell, Licensed to Lie
Sidney Powell, Licensed to Lie

“Licensed to Lie reads like a cross between investigative journalism and courtroom drama. The takeaway is that both Bushies and Obamaites should be very afraid: over the last few years, a coterie of vicious and unethical prosecutors who are unfit to practice law has been harbored within and enabled by the now ironically named Department of Justice.” –William Hodes, Professor of Law Emeritus, Indiana University, and coauthor, The Law of Lawyering

Other Deep State News:

Here is a much more comprehensive article on the Deep State. It has the interview above embedded, as well as, all the latest updates!

SPYGATE Deep State Coup: Did Justice, CIA & FBI Commit Crimes To Get Rid Of Trump?

New Attorney General Barr has just indicated that he will be starting an investigation into the origins of the FISA abuse, otherwise known as the Russia Collusion Investigations, and also known as The Deep State Coup Attempt.

This investigation will also look into deep state actors, like James Comey and his release of classified memos as well.

The new investigation comes on the heels of the completion of the Mueller Investigation. It was necessary for the President to wait until he was VINDICATED in order to avoid "Obstruction" charges.

AG Barr's investigations will piggy-back the already ongoing investigations by the Inspector General that have run concurrent with the Mueller Investigation for the last couple of years. The IG investigations have focused on Clinton Corruption and Hillary's Email Scandal, as well as, the origins of the Deep State FISA coup attempt.

My sources have told me that the IG's investigations should be coming to a close sometime in the May/June timeframe.

President Trump has also promised to de-classify and release the infamous FISA Documents to the public.

Hillary Clinton also just recently took a shot at Julian Assange saying, that "he must answer for what he has done". Our answer is "You First"!

Lt. Col. Anothny Shaffer
Lt. Col. Anothny Shaffer

Lt Col Tony Shaffer (retired) is highly experienced intelligence officer, and recipient of the Bronze Star, with 30 years of field and operational experience.

Tony has commanded and directed several key operational intelligence organizations. These include Special Mission Task Force STRATUS IVY, that conducted direct support to DoD compartmented activities (OSD, SOCOM, JSOC, Army) which was focused on offensive information operations.

In addition, he was in charge of Field Operating Base (FOB) Alpha, a joint DIA/CIA unit conducting classified collection and special operations support regarding terrorists just after the 9/11 attacks. He is currently Senior Fellow for the London Center for Policy Research.

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  1. Our constitutional republic cannot allow or sustain such criminal abuse of key government officials and have a prayer of continued existence in the form our founders envisioned. Some if not all participants in the attempted coup must be held accountable. Without these players being exposed and punished the republic will not prevail.

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