If We Remain Silent, We Will Silently Lose Our Republic! Sign This Petition!

As Patriots, we have always tended to stay in the shadows, to remain quiet, quietly waiting, because of a fear of retribution from the government who may think our race, religion, color, political ideologies, etc. may all be used against us. We don't want to "raise any flags" by making our voices heard.

We also believe in law and order. We always assume that the law and order will prevail. It's not anymore, and I think you know that.

The time has come for that to stop! If you have followed any of the content we have put out in the past, then you should be well aware that you are already on every list they have, especially if you are a white, male, conservative, Christian. But, you need only one or more of those categories to apply.

Stop worrying and whining about being on lists and raising flags, and start letting your voices be heard. If you remain silent, then we will silently lose our Republic!

Start finding your voice! This little remaining time that we have left before the 2020 elections is critical.

Is your 2nd Amendment right important to you? Then, let's let Nancy know just how many people she's gonna have to deal with when she decides to come for our guns! If a million or more people were to sign this petition, wouldn't that scare the bejesus out of them?

I'm tired of being scared and worried all the time. This is OUR Republic! It's time that THEY start being scared and worried for a change!

Sign this petition, and let's start sending a message!


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