FOCUS: The Russian Federation: If you think you know Russia and her motives, you probably don’t.

In this report, we focus on Russia, and her motives, as it relates to geo-politics.

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FOCUS: The Russian Federation We take a in-depth look at who Russia really is and what their motivations are around the world

FOCUS: The Russian Federation We take a in-depth look at who Russia really is and what their motivations are around the world

This is part of a series of FOCUS reports that are primers for our FOCUS: Latin America 2019 Report. To understand the entire situation, you must understand each of the players and their motivations. Immediately below you will find all of the links in this series. This details all the players, their history and motivations as military action looms large in Venezuela. We must understand the entire geo-political situation in the region.

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Understanding Russia and her motivations

As we always say, to understand anything, you must get to one's motivation. To assess the situation properly, we need to understand who Russia is, and what their motivations are, in order to understand them, and how they interact in the world.

Forget everything you think you know, or what media as a whole has taught you about Russia, for a moment while you read this. (Disclaimer for government officials: I am in no way a friend of Russia, defending Russia, an agent of Russia, or in any way being paid by Russia for the comments herein).

Russia is a proud, nationalistic country. Really, isolationist. They are not the imperialists, hell bent on global domination, that the world has made them out to be, at least not at this point anyway.

They really seek to "Make Russia Great Again", much like the slogan used by President Trump in regard to the United States. There's nothing wrong with that in itself.

All of Russia's geo-political moves and alliances are for the purpose of boosting it's presence on the world stage, which boosts it's economic vitality. That's their end game. But, to understand this point of view, we have to go much deeper.


Russia is not part of the globalist cabal, the world-wide view of globalism, socialism, and desire to have a one world socialist economy under a singular political governance.

They have been demonized by the globalists, as anyone has that opposes them, for decades. Really, since the fall of the Soviet Union. Since that fall, the country has had many choices to make in regard to it's future and how to move forward. As a proud country, they chose to be nationalists.

Because of that choice, the globalist community throughout the EU, and those embedded in the Deep State in the United States, as well as, others around the world, turned their backs on Russia and have vilified them ever since.

By turning their backs on Russia when they did, this forced Russia to make alliances with the only other countries left who were not part of this globalist cabal. These include other nationalist countries like Syria, Iran, China, etc.

Now, being a "nationalist" does not denote right or wrong, just simply that one feels strongly about ones own country first, and not the "global community". One can certainly be a nationalist and be right, and one can be a nationalist and be wrong.

Russia was forced to do this for their own economic survival. I'm sure many of you have heard about how desperate their economy was after the fall of the Soviet Union, and while it was trying to build a fledgling democracy.

Personal perspective

I have had the pleasure to visit Russia, as well as, some of the surrounding Baltic countries since the collapse of the Soviet Empire. Out of absolute curiosity about what was behind that Iron curtain, I traveled there, and spent 2 weeks traversing the country from one end to the other. I did find a lot of hardships, but I also found a very proud people.

Very modern large cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg, now, are still surrounded by poor villages and crumbling industrial factories left over from the communist regime, at least when I was there. I hear the situation has improved quite a bit. But, it's a difficult transition for anyone, or any country, to make, but especially the older people.

They preferred then, that the political situation had remained communist. The obvious reason is that they worked their whole life and were promised to be supported in later years. Though the support was never much, it was more than a fledgling democratic economy could bare in the earliest years, and the elderly suffered.

The early years were fraught with a "wild west" mentality. There was governmental disorder. Crime syndicates were pervasive, and corruption was rampant throughout the government and police.

With many (globalists) turning their backs on the new Russian Federation, these hardships on the people were amplified. Russian pride refused to allow them to give over their principals of sovereignty to the globalists no matter how desperate.

Putin steps up to "Make Russia Great Again"

And times were desperate, and the people demanded resolutions and progress. They demanded that this corruption, and crime, get under control. Vladimir Putin stepped up to "Make Russia Great Again".

And, for all intents and purpose, while not perfect of course, he has made a significant difference in the lives of people in his country, at a very critical juncture. Though, I'm sure that's not a position they will hold forever. Putin's favor has begun to wain a bit recently.

Issues like the huge, and risky, financial investments in Venezuelan oil fields and the socialist regime, is one issue. Many people at home desire that the focus be on expanding their own oil/gas fields, and directly benefit the people and workers at home.

Russia has walked a fine line over the years with geo-political sabre rattling, and shows of military strength. But, this and other political rhetoric is only to show that they are still a force, better not forgotten, to ensure themselves a place at the global geo-political table to benefit their economy.

It's motivations are economic

Russia's commitments to countries like Syria and Iran, only have to do with the preservation of it's economic interests. For instance, Russia has a large weapons industry, like the U.S.

The two countries dominate the landscape. To preserve that economic interest, the Russians have to have relationships with countries that oppose the U.S., because it generally can not compete directly with the U.S. in regards to weapons head-to-head. Though Russia is a close global competitor with those "other" countries.

It's economic competition. Russia could really care less about the particular politics, and they will always do what is in their economic best self interest. They don't really take "moral stands" like the U.S. claims to do around the world. Once you understand them, you actually find that they are much more predictable and honest about their intentions than we are.

They are not part of the Globalist Cabal

The Syrian situation that took place recently, was about regime change. Obama was a bit passive-aggressive. He didn't challenge Assad head on when he "supposedly" crossed his "red line". But, never-the-less hatched a plan.

But, regime change had to do with something other than just Assad. Thus began an U.S./EU effort to facilitate Russia losing control of a energy pipeline that is going through the country, via regime change. The EU relies on oil/gas from Russia and the Middle-East. They wanted to reduce their already heavy dependence on Russia.

After destroying Libya, another non-globalist country, Obama's deep State operatives created ISIS, funneled weapons to them through Benghazi to Syria. ISIS was fighting the Assad regime in an attempt to overthrow him. Russia stepped in to protect Assad.

We stepped in to "protect the people from Assad". What we were really doing was facilitating the over-throw of Assad. This is why during Obama's term, so very little progress was made against ISIS.

We saw pictures of them lined up for miles in brand new vehicles, and using U.S. military equipment. This left everyone asking, "Our drones can't see that? We can't bomb that?" The ISIS caliphate continued to grow and grow, inexplicably throughout Syria and Iraq, out of control like an aggressive cancer.

Trump is not part of the Globalist Cabal either

Now, I hope you understand why. And I think that it's clear now, after Trump took over with a "real" mission to destroy ISIS, and how fast he was able to obliterate the terrorist organization that Obama created (just like Al-Qaeda was created by the CIA to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan).

An important part of the re-building of Russia, was the re-building of it's military industrial complex. They did not seek the protection of it's country, from another country, like the EU has done since the last world war, via the NATO agreement.

Of which, the U.S. has born the most significant cost of that while allowing the EU to gain in economic prowess, without the burdens of any kind of a significant military budget.

Russia has learned from the U.S. that it can have a substantial military, and use weapon sales to boost it's economy and geo-political power around the world, which then feeds it's weapon sales and economy.

A strong military is also needed to ensure that it's other main economic resource is stable. Oil and gas is Russia's main export. It, like the U.S. uses it's military power to ensure its interests in these areas as well.

Justification for military industrial complexes, whether in Russia, China, or the U.S., requires an enemy. Without an enemy, the people will not understand the necessity for such expenses.

The Deep State is embedded throughout our nation's government, especially those inside the intelligence communities (remember all the weapons of mass destruction they knew 100% were in Iraq?). They have done an excellent job pushing out tailored information to keep "those enemies" constantly at our doorstep.

Russia, needs one too. And, all the sabre rattling on both sides can really be equated to geo-political "theater" that takes place to ensure all of this.

A different perspective

If you actually travel to Russia, you will see that the people love us, and our way of life.

They do question our politics, in the sense of the deep state. They know that these people are embedded in our government, from both sides of the political aisle. Years ago, I never questioned the information my government gave to me.

Getting different perspectives from around the world, made me take another look, through a different lens.

I'm not defending Russia. I'm just giving you a different perspective. I'm not saying they are our friends either. Again, I think Russia will always do what is in the best interest of Russia, not the U.S., and that's fine. I would always expect any country to do what is in the best interests of their country. But, they certainly are not the evil empire that our government makes them out to be either.

One last thing to ponder in regard to Russia....
We know about the Deep State here in the U.S., and their goals to keep the country in a perpetual state of war.

We also know about their "Project Mockingbird", the commandeering of the media (TV, news, movies, etc.) to push it's agenda. We also know of Obama's executive order making it legal for the government to intentionally lie to the public.

For the Deep State actors in the US, Russia must remain an enemy at all costs

Using all the above, who could be an easier enemy, for us to perpetuate the military industrial complex, than Russia? So ingrained throughout our lives since the cold war. To continue to facilitate that frame of reference is easy.

Look at all of your kid's "first-person shooter" video games. They all have Russians, still, as the evil enemy hell bent on our country's destruction.

The "theatrics" of geo-politics and sabre rattling has really reached almost a comical level to me. Especially, in regard to Russia. While they are a nuclear power, and for that reason will always be a threat, they do not pose any real sort of concern in a regional affair, at least at this point.

They have no desire for global domination, and are in no way an economic/military power house in need of concern. But, there is another power that is. China. We will get to them next.

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