Extinction By Taxation; What guns and cigarettes have in common

Extinction by taxation; A Constitutional look at targeted taxation and guns

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What guns and cigarettes have in common

I've really tried to keep this one close to the vest for years, because I really feel it is the ultimate approach to curbing gun ownership in this country. It's extinction through taxation..and it's your fault! Now that it seems the cat is out of the bag, I need to let you know what is going on.

If you have read a lot of my other articles, or are a part of my groups, then you know one of my real pet peeves is "unfair" or "targeted" taxation. It's been going on for a long time, but I first noticed it when they began to unfairly target the middle class with "sin taxes". This is a method of targeted taxation in order to change public consumption, or usage, in favor of current government policies. Though governments do have a Constitutional power to tax, I believe that targeted taxation is "unfair taxation".

Another thing you may notice if you read my stories regularly, is "precedent". I refer to it often, because our country now runs on "precedent", not law so much, and the Constitution even less. Precedent allows governments, politicians, and even activist judges, to change laws, modify laws, or just flat ignore laws because of "popular" allowance. This lack of challenge by the ultimate authority, the people, allows for the erosion of our Constitutional rights and unlawful seizure of power by government branches.

What I mean by this is that because people do not like a certain thing; because a certain thing is not popular at the moment, then the government takes advantage of that fact and passes unconstitutional laws, that go unchallenged in court due to the lack of interest in changing it, or at times, judges even join in, unless pressed to upper levels. This is frankly how a "democracy" takes over a "republic"; how the majority imposes itself onto the minority, and we are all guilty.

I first noticed this happening with targeted taxation on cigarettes by localities. Years ago, NYC waged a war against smoking and began to "tax it out of existence". I saw packs of cigarettes at $15 per pack in NYC, and I thought well, that's NYC. It would never happen in VA or other southern states. Yet in a decade what used to cost $1, is now $6, even here in VA, all via a massive tax on the middle class. They are slowly driving the growers out of business. This state, and others like NC, have always depended heavily on tobacco growers. They needed to slowly move them out and switch them over to growing things like corn for ethanol so they do not disrupt the states economy too much but yet move in the direction they want. This has been going on for a long time. Ironically, while they are banning cigarettes, they are legalizing marijuana... go figure.

What do guns and cigarettes have in common? Well, the cigarette targeting is when I noticed it, but it's been happening with gas, certain food items, now guns and ammunition. But, it started with "precedent". We allowed the government to impose taxes on cigarettes unfairly during a time when it's popularity was declining and not so many people liked it anyway. So even though you knew it was wrong to allow these new taxes, you kept quiet and didn't stand up for the issue because you didn't like it, and didn't want to see it anymore anyway.

Now, we are all paying the price for the precedent we have set by allowing the government to do this...not yesterday or last year, but for years. In legal terms, this is a solid precedent. Meaning, no matter what your laws say, no matter what the Constitution says, the people want this; the people have allowed this, so we will use it as a tool. It in itself becomes law. I'm not saying it's the way it should be, just letting you know how it works now.

We all have our discrimination's. We all see things through a certain prism. How we were raised, our fundamental beliefs, experiences, and peer pressures. We all look at things a different way, but we forget to look at things through the Constitutional prism. To give things a Constitutional "test". No one likes cigarettes, so no one stands up against the unfair taxation. Unfair taxation turns into forcing business owners to ban cigarette smoking inside their private establishments, Cities to ban it in open air public places, and on and on, etc.

This kind of allowance has caused a precedent to be set that has allowed the government to reach deeper into our lives, control what happens inside private businesses, inside our homes, and even now what we eat. Lawmakers in different liberal cities think you shouldn't eat so much sugar. Sugar has become the new Tobacco. They target products that have too much sugar and force you to pay extreme taxes to get the natural stuff using the precedent set with cigarettes. This inevitably forces manufactures to just supplement the sugar with man made sugar substitutes that does God only knows what to our bodies, only to find out years later it's yet another man made cancer causing agent (maybe).

If you haven't caught on by now, the point is that if they really want to curb gun control, suppress the gun "culture", and overall limit guns in our society, or at least for the "masses", then it's going to happen through the unfair taxation precedent that we have allowed to happen. They will TAX your guns and ammunition out of existence. Not totally banning, but only as much as to make it unaffordable for the middle class, but still available to the rich. They have "banned" nothing; they have only made it so expensive that YOU cant' afford it; the masses. Look currently at all the extra "permits", which are taxes and permissions to exercise your rights, for short barreled rifles (SBR), suppressors, etc. These are not "illegal", just designed to "discourage" the masses from having it, because of the high cost and requirement to register items. This idea will continue. If fact it is spreading and turning into reality. You may read the article an think, "Aw, whats $25 per gun, or a few cents per round? No big deal...", but this is how its done. Incrementally, so as not to gain too much defiance or blow-back. You may even feel as though you won a battle..."shew...only a small increase in permit costs this round", as slowly your availability to your Constitutional right disappears.

There's no doubt that they will continue to attack our second amendment from every angle, but we are also allowing them to attack every other choice and freedom that we have. I have traveled extensively, and anyone else that has, knows that there are many other places that are much more "free", in many ways, than we are now, even here in the "land of the free".

The fact is that WE have allowed this to happen. Every single one of us is guilty in some form or fashion of turning a blind eye to Constitutional discrimination. It may be beyond repair at this point, but if you want to at least feel like you have done all you can do before all of your rights are lost, then try to look at ALL issues through a Constitutional prism. Measure everything, not just with your beliefs or your desires, but by those guiding principals that the Constitution provides for us. Be AWARE and remain vigilant in your fight against Constitutional discrimination and unfair targeted taxation!


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