Samuel Adams said, "No people will tamely surrender their liberties, nor be easily subdued, when knowledge is diffused (spread) and virtue is preserved. But when people become universally ignorant and debauched in their manners, they will sink under their own weight without the aid of foreign invaders."

Now, some people say that the Constitution has failed. The Constitution has not failed. We have failed. We have failed to enforce the Constitution on those we have elected. We have allowed people to become "universally ignorant and debauched their manners". We have allowed people to even argue what the meaning of "the people" is, "shall not be infringed", and the definition of what "is" is. Think of this... "debauchery".

For far too long we have allowed politicians, judges, and others to engage in such debauchery without recourse. When we allow the debauchery of the oligarchs of judges to govern the entire country, hold secret meetings, closed door sessions, and gag orders placed on judicial proceedings; This is because debauchery is intended. Why don't you think they want anyone to know what they're doing?

The criminal actions in DC, those in Richmond, and other states, go UN-prosecuted. Debauchery.

Continued violations of virtually every natural right on every level of government. Debauchery.

The courts are filled with the oligarchs so drunk on their own power, they deny even the ability to mention the "Constitution" in their courtroom. Debauchery.

The simple fact is you have failed. I have failed. We all have failed to fight the clear debauchery that has taken place. We have allowed courts to "rule" not provide "opinions". We have allowed them to base those "rulings" not on the Constitution but rather a "precedent".

Precedents, based on violations, that we have allowed to go on for far too long. Precedents based on a "living document" interpretation of the Constitution. This theory of the review is what results in the power of "precedents" and "case law" review rather than the simple and define "originalist intent" of the Constitution.

Yet we "wait to see what the courts have to say", when any average person can define the gross over step of the tyrants in Richmond, and elsewhere, for what it is.

We have all failed, and the levels of the current debauchery are sinking the ship.
Those socialist who wish to take over this country are drilling holes in the bottom the ship so fast that we no longer have enough fingers to stop it. They have "flooded the battlefield", using Hillary's stated plan, and overwhelmed every system we have to a paralyzing degree.

This "New America" envision by Obama is well underway, and even closer at hand than we might think. Debauchery reigns, remains unchecked, and we're sinking. The very fact that we must appeal to our City Council members for protection from our own state government is an indication of the highest level of debauchery and tyranny. And for a city attorney to kneel before the "Dillon's Rule", is simply pure ignorance of the rule and how it pertains to Constitutional issues.

To say that the city cannot fight against the state in the preservation of our Natural, God-given, and Constitutionally protected rights, is simple ignorance of basic Constitutional law, or lacks virtue, and is in itself "debauchery".

There is a clear and present danger to the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia, it's cities, and this Nation. Violations of our natural rights so grotesque, and so overtly obvious, that even those doing it understand their overreach, and seek to finds ways to "get around" these violations that they think even a progressive judiciary will not uphold.

Still our city attorneys kneel before "Dillion's Rule", Not "Dillon's Law", not "Dillion's Constitutional Amendment", Dillion's rule. They use their power and "expertise" to advise their council members and mayors incorrectly, like false prophets, and perpetuate this debauchery. And whether this is done due to ignorance, or lack of virtue, it is debauchery just the same.

Our nation is sinking under its own weight. Every agency, every branch of government, and in every level of government, is filled with ignorance, a lack of virtue, and "debauchery".

It is simply a matter of time now, that we must all choose to either kneel before this "new government", this "new America", or fight to preserve the intent of the one that was founded where virtue prevailed, knowledge was defused, and debauchery was dealt with swiftly.

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