Julian Assange is ARRESTED by British authorities after Ecuador pulls asylum

Wikileaks Julian Assange Arrested!

UPDATE: In our most recent article in the "Assange Watch Series, we go "Beyond the Headlines" to bring you a Constitutional analysis of this situation.

Judge Napolitano Calls Assange A “Hero”; Constitutional Analysis

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested by British police Thursday moments after Ecuador announced it withdrew his asylum for “repeatedly violating international conventions and protocol.”

We have been on "Assange Watch" for a couple of weeks as rumors started flying and a pre-commitment tweet was sent out by WikiLeaks, presumably releasing files that would activate if Assange and/or other members of WikiLeaks were arrested. This is know in the Hacker worlds as a "Deadman Switch".

julian assange pre-committment to release sin files


Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno described the decision to withdraw Assange’s asylum as a “sovereign decision” because of his alleged repeated violations.

“Today I announce that that the discourteous and aggressive behavior of Mr. Julian Assange, the hostile and threatening declarations of its allied organization, against Ecuador, and especially the transgression of international treaties, have led the situation to a point where the asylum of Mr. Assange is unsustainable and no longer viable,” Moreno said in a video statement posted on Twitter.

UK Authorities arrested Julian Assange after Ecuadorian officials withdrew his Asylum
UK Authorities arrested Julian Assange after Ecuadorian officials withdrew his Asylum

Video of Assange’s arrest (top of page) showed him with a full white beard and yelling something out to reporters as he was being dragged from the embassy, but it was unclear what he said.

Clearly from this image he looks unkept and unconcerned with his personal appearance, raising concerns of his mental health and state-of-mind. It's certainly a different look than the pictures we've seen of him in the past from the Ecuadorian Embassy balcony.

Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Jose Valencia told Teleamazonas this week that living in the embassy indefinitely is bad for Assange’s "state of mind, his health,” but that Assange has a right to a fair trial and right to a defense.

A feud began between WikiLeaks Assange and the Ecuadorian President after WikiLeaks decided to release supposed evidence of the President's corruption in what many would consider a self-defeating move. "Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!"

"This raises concerns in my mind about either Julian's state of mind and the likelihood that maybe he just wants this over as much as anyone."

London's Metropolitan Police vowed earlier this month to arrest the 47-year-old Australian native if he were freed. Assange, who has lived in the embassy for more than six years, faces possible extradition to the U.S. for publishing thousands of classified military and diplomatic cables through WikiLeaks.

But others have asserted that the publications of U.S diplomatic cables that put many people's live in danger, including humanitarian aid workers, was an accident and part of a series of misfortunate and unintended errors by a Guardian reporter as WikiLeaks splintered, and that Assange actually attempted to warn Hillary Clinton in the State Department ahead of time.

Many People Aren't Happy: A World Divided

“This man is a son, a father, a brother. He has won dozens of journalism awards. He's been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize every year since 2010. Powerful actors, including CIA, are engaged in a sophisticated effort to dehumanize, delegitimize and imprison him,” WikiLeaks wrote.
Snowden who infamously leaked highly classified NSA information, tweeted Assange's arrest would "going to end up in the history books.”

Crash Gilliam of PRC-News was also closely following the events. Even if you don't have Twitter, you can follow Crash's Twitter feed here.


As you can see Above Pamela Anderson is on quite a roll, even blaming President Trump for the arrest. Anderson has yet to reply to this writers clarification that Assange was investigated and indicted under the Obama Administration. 

Anderson, who previously described her “romantic” relationship with Assange to Fox News last year, blasted Britain and the U.S. in a series of tweets.

“I am in shock,” Anderson wrote. “I couldn’t hear clearly what he said? He looks very bad. How could you [Ecuador]? (Because he exposed you).How could you UK. ? Of course - you are America’s b---h and you need a diversion from your idiotic Brexit b------t.”

She added: “And the USA? This toxic coward of a President. He needs to rally his base? - You are selfish and cruel. You have taken the entire world backwards. You are devils and liars and thieves. And you will ROTT And WE WILL RISE.”

On The Other Side

Jeremy Hunt thanked the Ecuadorean government for cooperating with the arrest.

Assange had previously held an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity ahead of Trump’s inauguration in 2017.

He argued that the Obama administration was pushing the narrative of Russia meddling in the U.S. election to delegitimize then-President-elect Donald Trump. He also claimed he wasn’t the source for the hacked emails he released from the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

This left many on the right finding new love for Assange. So many thought and opinions that cross political isles. What Pam Anderson, and those like her, does not understand is that Julian Assange is not just supported by only liberals.

She is doing an injustice to Assange by attacking the President, and by extension, his supporters. Remember, the "honey verses flies" example? Though, it has become clear over the last couple of years there is little "honey" to be found on the left.

With all the opinions and confusion, you need to read WikiLeaks: The Assange Conundrum; What do we do with him. It provides a lot of personal History for Assange, who he is, and what he has done. It gives you the full picture without all the noise.

What Happens Next?

That is now likely to be part of a trial in the U.S., but Assange does get to plead his case before a U.K. extradition court. It's not unheard of to have the court rule against extradition to the U.S.

Assange has been in the embassy since 2012 when British courts ordered him extradited to Sweden to face questioning in a sexual assault case. That matter has since been dropped, but Wikileaks is facing a federal grand jury investigation over its publication of American diplomatic and military secrets during the Iraq War.

British police made the announcement of Assange’s arrest moments after Ecuador decided to withdraw asylum.

Jennifer Robinson, Assange’s attorney, said in a tweet Assange was arrested on an extradition request from the U.S. as well as on charges of breaching his bail conditions.

Assange “has been arrested not just for breach of bail conditions but also in relation to a US extradition request,” Robinson tweeted.
The U.S. Justice Department revealed the existence of a sealed criminal case against Assange in a court filing last year. It wasn’t clear what he was accused of.

“We are aware of the reports that Julian Assange was taken into custody by United Kingdom authorities,” Justice Department spokesman Marc Raimondi said.

In earlier reports by PRC-News, DOJ officials were tracked flying to the London area though it was never quite clear as to what the purpose of the trip, but speculation was centered around DOJ officials applying pressure to have Assange turned over to face trial in the U.S. before the statute of limitations is reach in some of the larger charges facing Assange.

WikiLeaks in a tweet accused Ecuador of “illegally” terminating Assange’s political asylum and accused the country of violating international law.

The UN is pressuring the UK not to hand over Assange to the U.S. citing humanitarian concerns with U.S. prisons.

But, after Assange get to plead his case to an extradition judge in the UK, it is likely that he will be turned over to U.S. authorities.

President Trump is not likely to interfere since it will look like he is helping Assange for releasing Hillary Clinton's emails. A narrative I'm assuming the left would now like to take back.

It is possible, however, that Assange and the DOJ could reach some sort of plea agreement. Julian has information that investigators would like to have. Investigators from the Inspector General's Office have been pursuing the Hillary Clinton Email Scandal, and the Deep State Coup attempt on President Trump, would really like.

Attorney General Barr has said the he will be opening his own investigation into the Deep State Coup attempt, using the resources of the FBI and Director Christopher Wray.

So, love him or hate him, this may be the best way out of this for everyone! What will actually end up happening, at this point, only God knows! But, we will remain on "Assange Watch" and bring you updates with relevant information!

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