Are We Watching Our Northern Border?

With all the attention and focus on our Southern border, illegal immigrants and terrorists could find an easier path to the U.S. through our Northern Border

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Many of us have expressed great concern over the perceived lack of awareness at our Northern Border with Canada while all eyes, and seemingly all resources, have been focused on the Southern Border with Mexico.

To date, we really haven't found any Patriot groups patrolling the North like they do down South. (please leave contact us if you know of any). Not even the media has given it any attention and we had to go to Canada for this one!

The growing concern is not with Canadians coming over, of course, but rather with the new immigration policies that Canada has been putting in place over recent years.

They have seemingly swung their doors wide open to asylum seekers from the Middle East and Africa. Even those combatants released from Gitmo have found homes there. Canada's travel visa is much easier to get and provides a pathway for illegals into the US.

Canada's visa program allows those from the EU to travel here very easily, and we've all seen how the EU's immigration plans are working out lately. Fortunately, for now, the flights from EU to the Canada are still out of reach by most immigrant asylum seekers, but not well-funded terrorists.

And while we are focused on the Southern border, it's actually much easier, and cheaper, for illegals to come via airplane on a travel visa to Canada, then cross over our thousands of miles of wide open border. A typical airline ticket from Mexico to Canada run about $400. There is more they have to go through and the article below explains more details, but it's not much more. At least the Border Patrol has increased assets on the Northern border and they are well aware of the situation. But like on our Southern border, will patrols and technology be enough?

One interesting aside from this article is how so many illegals fled the US TO Canada after Trump was elected. Now, those tens of thousands are trying to get back! Check out the link for more info...

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