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8 hours ago
It wasn’t long ago that Washington had all but given up on our country’s blue-collar workers, including those in the energy sector.

By next year, America is now predicted to export more energy than it imports for the first time since 1953. 🇺🇸

1600 Daily:
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13 hours ago
For years, "anti-business policies squeezed corporations and left American workers out of the economic recovery," @SecretaryRoss writes.

Today, President @realDonaldTrump’s policies are helping American companies AND American workers succeed together. 🇺🇸
14 hours ago
Wall construction is underway near Otay Mesa, California! 👷
15 hours ago
"Foreign individuals should not be allowed to come to America in order to take advantage of its welfare programs⁠," the Washington Examiner editorial board writes.

"This shouldn't be a controversial statement."

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1 day ago
Each year, the White House is decorated for Christmas by a team of talented volunteers. Learn more about volunteering to decorate, serving as a greeter, or performing music during Holiday Open Houses!
2 days ago
"We need to cut the red tape and the arduous regulations that make it harder to do business. The USMCA does this for small manufacturers. . . .

That’s good for Pennsylvania and it’s good for our country."

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6 hours ago
Nobody ever heard of this dope until he met me. He only lasted 11 days!
9 hours ago
Great discussion with Prime Minister @BorisJohnson today. We talked about Brexit and how we can move rapidly on a US-UK free trade deal. I look forward to meeting with Boris this weekend, at the @G7, in France!
9 hours ago
Spoke to my two good friends, Prime Minister Modi of India, and Prime Minister Khan of Pakistan, regarding Trade, Strategic Partnerships and, most importantly, for India and Pakistan to work towards reducing tensions in Kashmir. A tough situation, but good conversations!
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