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3 hours ago
More Lou Dobbs Tonight starting in just a few moments! 7PM/ET. #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Dobbs
3 hours ago
Esper’s Incompetance: @MikePillsbury says he doesn’t understand why Defense Secretary Esper is covering up our current military exercises in the South China Sea. #AmericaFirst #MAGA #Dobbs https://t.co/QBnK1hn0xm
3 hours ago
Putting the People First: @MarkMeadows says President @realDonaldTrump is working on 3 executive orders to ensure Americans pay less for their prescription drugs. #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Dobbs https://t.co/UuyZ1JwfQL
3 hours ago
End the Nonsense: @BurgessOwens says All Lives Matter and the radical leftists who make it an issue will lose their power. #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Dobbs https://t.co/Zc8lDzfNhJ
3 hours ago
Danger to our Democracy: @Jsolomonreports criticizes American institutions for becoming increasingly political and hurting our democracy. #AmericaFirst #MAGA #Dobbs https://t.co/EAjCbZHpaD
3 hours ago
Pathway To A Second Term: @EdRollins says @POTUS has to focus on getting Americans back to work & killing the China Virus to beat Joe Biden. #AmericaFirst #MAGA #Dobbs https://t.co/9ZI9G7DVBR
4 hours ago
Donald Trump sacrificed his family's wealth for our nation, Joe Biden sacrificed our nation for his family's wealth.
4 hours ago
Nancy Pelosi:
Years in office—33
Net worth—$238M

Dianne Feinstein:
Years in office—28
Net Worth—$94M

Joe Biden:
Years in office—44
Net Worth—$15M

What do they all have in common?

Decades in "public service" & millions of dollars to show for it.

7 hours ago
This is your daily reminder that Ilhan Omar's campaign has paid her newest husband nearly $900,000 in "consulting" fees

Do you think anyone with the last name "Trump" would get away with this?

This can't be legal. Where is the media?

RT so they can't ignore!
9 hours ago
Ilhan Omar is a Somali refugee who rose to the rank of United States Congresswoman

That story is only possible in the United States of America.

Why does she want to dismantle the very system that propelled to her to success?

11 hours ago
Congress shouldn’t have access to Trump’s tax returns until we know the names & faces of the dozens of lawmakers that used taxpayer money as hush money to secretly settle sexual harassment claims
11 hours ago
I would rather see the tax returns of politicians who became millionaires in office than the tax returns of a billionaire who became president.
2 days ago
US killing of Iran's top general 'unlawful': UN expert | @AFP

5 days ago
Harry Dunn Case: Family campaign to stop US government putting 1,500 more intelligence agents at air base

6 days ago
Watch: Global Assange | New Documentary [36mins] | ARTE

7 days ago
40+ Rights Groups Call on #UK Government to Free Julian Assange. "We call on the UK government to release Mr #Assange from prison immediately and to block his extradition to the US." #HBDJA

1 week ago
Wikileaks-Hosted "Most Wanted Leaks" Reflects the Transparency Priorities of Public Contributors | EFF

1 week ago
Reporters Without Borders calls again for all charges against Assange to be dropped and for him to be immediately released.

10 minutes ago
I’ve been running errands all day and Im just now seeing this... how is this real? https://t.co/48af4IEzHr
32 minutes ago
Me: a civil war would be bad. Too much bloodshed. No one would win.

The left: were coming for hallmark movies and Goya.

Me: https://t.co/1tlnHu7jnh
CassandraRules photo
55 minutes ago
How tf are you Puerto Rican and don’t already know how to make your own adobo in a pinch? My god. https://t.co/Ek8GbT8i58
3 minutes ago
Only people with a complex about themselves will #BoycottGoya. My Cuban side 😉 loves Goya even more now that I know the CEO isn't a fake. Why does the left feel they're the only ones with an opinion? Silent Majority no more. Liberals you don't own the discussion. https://t.co/AvwkRWGWiY
2 hours ago
#NEW Sullivan Asks Appeals Court To Reconsider Decision To Dismiss Flynn's Case. Is he trying to push beyond November ...

“Instead of balancing the scales of justice, the system was hijacked by government officials bent on weaponizing it against... https://t.co/ZNW9U3Ippg
4 hours ago
. @eScarry (Eddie Scarry):

Ilhan Omar is the example of privilege earned through victimhood

**Subscribe** #NewPodcast**

5 hours ago
. @JoeBiden in exchange for @BernieSanders grassroots support promises him:

- Halt on all #deportations for illegal immigrants
- $15 #minimumwage
- Support House study for #Reparations

More: https://t.co/cWChhALGS6
6 hours ago
NYC Mayor de Blasio Trolls Trump Tower But Asks For $7.4 Billion To Bailout His Failing Policies

de Blasio, who's calling for defunding the NY police and whose city has a surge in crime, is mad that Trump has not given him the money he's asked for...

7 hours ago
#NEW Michael Cohen Back In Jail After Allegedly Breaking House Arrest To Eat At A Restaurant

I wonder what he ordered.... must've been a good steak haha

5 hours ago
Democrats will lock you down. Republicans will keep you free. https://t.co/chxUxd0Y79
5 hours ago
Does she also think it's OK for Republicans to gather in mobs and smash and deface things? “Pelosi responds to Columbus statue thrown in Baltimore harbor: 'People will do what they do'” https://t.co/8OzwyEs0UI
8 hours ago
Biden & Co. want to keep the lockdowns going, and your pain growing. Coronavirus Bankruptcies: How Covid-19 Is Impacting Business https://t.co/O5DRnoc0eB
10 hours ago
As predicted, the medical establishment pushes for more lockdowns. Yesterday it was Dr. Birx, today Fauci.
Didn’t we already lock down? Apparently that did not work. Why would a new lockdown be any different?
12 hours ago
Trump team making huge mistake giving Biden an opening on the issue of “Buy American.” Where is the executive order on returning drug manufacturing to the United States? Should have been issued even before the pandemic hit.
13 hours ago
This is your kids’ school experience, if Biden’s put in charge:
No cafeteria, choir practice or team sports, and lots of kids doing “distance learning.” Sounds like fun! https://t.co/Dkdcud7DFp
2 hours ago
No better sign of progress than the Newspeak dictionary shrinking every year, comrades. https://t.co/3oMXggpNUJ
6 hours ago
A social experiment by Ami Horowitz shows New Yorkers gleefully signing a petition to take down statues of “slave owners” like George Washington, but suddenly becoming reticent when Horowitz mentions the Prophet Muhammad.

6 hours ago
Sorry @Jim_Jordan, Google, Facebook, and other monopolies have not "competed in the free market" they've destroyed it. Pathetic GOP is trying to weaken investigation into companies that hate them. https://t.co/3n0PG5sHdy https://t.co/ismvFvJWki
PrisonPlanet photo
House Judiciary GOP @JudiciaryGOP
#NEWS: @Jim_Jordan writes to @RepJerryNadler requesting this month’s hearing with Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Alphabet occur on the full committee level.

Jordan questions whether @HouseJudiciary misrepresented the positions of Committee Republicans to lawyers for the companies. https://t.co/iGp0UdeOIK
6 hours ago
A video clip shows Joe Biden struggling to say “America First,” leading to speculation as to whether he is hostile to the phrase or just forgot the words.


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