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5 hours ago
What's Next, a Boondoggle to Beijing? Radical Dems Have Lost Their Minds: Pelosi, other US lawmakers arrive in Jordan for meetings on Syria https://t.co/VTpIPmBIwl #FoxNews #MAGA @realDonaldTrump #AmericaFirst #Dobbs
15 hours ago
Stunning: Only Andrew Yang and Marianne Williamson Defend Tulsi Gabbard from Hillary& #8217;s Wacky & #8216;Russian Asset& #8217; Charges & #8211; Rest of 2020 Democrats Are Silent! https://t.co/3VVERIaP9T
17 hours ago
Social Unrest: Angry Chileans clash with police for second day https://t.co/mDuh59G1WI via @Yahoo
1 day ago
Schiff Flipped On Whistleblower Testimony After Reports Of Coordination https://t.co/URYZsYMbHr
1 day ago
Surge of Mexican migrants is new challenge for Trump border crackdown https://t.co/4m8gP0FRoG via @greenwichtime
2 days ago
I want to recommend a great book by Senator @RandPaul, it's called “The Case Against Socialism.” Grab your copy today. #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Dobbs https://t.co/xsNo6mVswF LouDobbs photo
1 hour ago
Does anyone else find it strange:

The same woman who paid for a Russian dossier to win an election

Whose husband made $500k for a Russian speech

Who sold 20% of US Uranium to Russia

Whose foundation received $150M from Russia

Keeps calling others Russian assets?

1 hour ago
Socialism Sucks:

Cuba is now breeding ostriches to feed its starving masses

They eat "steaks" made of dried grapefruit rind

The Cuban Ag commissioner is encouraging people to eat rodents he says taste "better than beef"

This is what Bernie’s America will look like
15 hours ago
Just look at who has endorsed Bernie Sanders:


Ilhan Omar

Linda Sarsour

Rashida Tlaib

It’s very clear:

Bernie’s campaign isn’t about improving America

Judging by his endorsements, he’s running to fundamentally change & destroy America
16 hours ago
This sick billboard in Times Square is intended to raise money for Planned Parenthood

But even Planned Parenthood said they won’t accept any funds from the ad campaign

Now where are the rest of the Democrats condemning this?

I’m sure they would if it depicted Barack Obama

🤔 https://t.co/o9Ft6BXKgq
charliekirk11 photo
17 hours ago
This is your daily reminder that Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid for Russian intelligence to take down Donald Trump

This is the true foreign interference

In fact, Hillary and the Democrats were the ONLY ones to coordinate with Russia

Does that make her the Russian puppet?

20 hours ago

Bill Clinton gave a 30 minute speech for $500,000 to a Russian government bank

Was Russia “grooming” the Clinton’s to be President?

5 days ago
#Assange Press Freedom panel at 5:30 pm tonight in NYC:
- @NilsMelzer UN torture expert
- @NancyHollander_ Manning's lawyer
- @cmd_dc, @knightcolumbia
- @SandyColiver, @OpenSociety
-Moderated by @AgnesCallamard
-Opened by Amy Goodman of @democracynow

6 days ago
Event in NYC tomorrow: @AgnesCallamard will moderate a discussion on Julian Assange & Press Freedom

- @NilsMelzer, UN Torture Expert
- @NancyHollander_, Chelsea Manning's appeal lawyer
- @cmd_dc of @knightcolumbia
- @SandyColiver of @OpenSociety

6 days ago
Fmr Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr opposes Assange extradition

"We have an absolute right to know about American war crimes in a conflict that the Australian government of the day strongly supported – we wouldn't know about them except for Assange"

6 days ago
Former Australian Prime Minister Bob Carr: "we have an absolute right to know about American war crimes in a conflict that the Australian government of the day strongly supported – we wouldn't know about them except for Assange"

6 days ago
Former deputy prime minister of Australia Barnaby Joyce joins former Foreign Minister Bob Carr's calls for the current Australian government to intervene to halt Assange's potential extradition from UK to the US on espionage charges and 175 year sentence

2 hours ago
No she’s not. She’s literally suing google and has spoke out against conservative bias on social media. https://t.co/A1kLKRLuUX
2 hours ago
The only real way that Tulsi differs from other progressives is that she doesn’t demonize Republicans, is against censorship and isn’t a fan of senseless wars.

The Democrat Party is so pro war, censorship and against other Americans that they have gone off the deep end. https://t.co/6SCCVJK5fV
13 hours ago
She went on CNN and MSNBC the day he was arrested and said it was wrong and that he should be pardoned and freed immediately. https://t.co/zvU5xNcllP
14 hours ago
Heck no, but she QUIT THE DNC TO DEFEND HIM. He could return the favor just to you know... be a nice guy. https://t.co/6YkkQ4ZyZ2
14 hours ago
Trump is defending Tulsi and Bernie hasn’t. We live in the upside down. https://t.co/Qgpn9guzAQ
6 hours ago
Trump says his Doral resort will no longer host G-7 after backlash

6 hours ago
JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon says controlling capitalist companies is socialism not social democracy, sets record straight https://t.co/d3vUAMU2ai @FoxBusiness
17 hours ago
. @EricTrump:

Why did #HunterBiden get a billion and a half dollars from China, when the biggest hedge fund managers, the smartest guys in the world, can’t pull two cents out of China? Where is mainstream media on this?


19 hours ago
Susan Rice: Our democracy is under assault from Trump's White House

20 hours ago
Rashida Tlaib: This is how we are going to arrest Trump's Cabinet Members

4 hours ago
Republicans in the Congress should be asked: why have you allowed the State Department to become an arm of the Democratic Party? And what are you going to do about it? https://t.co/mPoy2ebfwU
20 hours ago
Good for him! Quentin Tarantino Won't Recut 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' for China (Exclusive) cc. @KingJames @NBA https://t.co/EQhuM0E1a4 via @thr
1 day ago
I’d take a mulligan on this one. I volunteer @kanyewest’s house for the G-7! https://t.co/HHbFb9QhU9
IngrahamAngle photo
Byron York @ByronYork
@WSJopinion slams Trump for selecting his own property for G-7: 'The G-7 needs Needs a Different Hotel.' https://t.co/o3QVdSW2zg https://t.co/JO3hNi6Tzg
1 day ago
Quebec pot arrests behind the wheel up 54% since legalization https://t.co/Mwq4YZ9PZS
2 days ago
Romney is railing against Trump foreign policy and pro-carbon tax. https://t.co/hZaNyZ9v6v
2 hours ago
In Manila, Facebook is hard wired into most new phones. Facebook is the Internet. And that’s the future they want everywhere.

Facebook declares you to be a “dangerous individual”.

No Internet for you.
4 hours ago
The UK’s first Chick-fil-A is set to close just a week after opening following sustained pressure from “LGBT activists”.
19 hours ago
China is only implementing what Big Tech in the west implements on a daily basis and what most of the blue check mark brigade on here cheerlead for on a daily basis; Deplatforming and censorship.

“It’s OK when we do it.”

24 hours ago
Houellebecq’s characters are always so full of joy. https://t.co/hQu4fEw8ms PrisonPlanet photo

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