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20 hours ago
Divisive Dems. @RepMattGaetz says the Radical left is making our country weaker in their attempt to overthrow @POTUS. #AmericaFirst #MAGA #Dobbs https://t.co/zNnkgj2yhv
20 hours ago
Securing America. Brandon Judd touts @POTUS’ immigration policies for curbing illegal immigration. #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Dobbs https://t.co/JiTYHZgARb
21 hours ago
Leakin’ Comey. @ByronYork reacts to news James Comey may be under investigation for allegedly leaking classified information. #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Dobbs https://t.co/CV4YOlpza8
21 hours ago
Rising Above Hate. @SecretaryRoss says harassment from the left hasn’t stopped @POTUS from achieving historic accomplishments. #AmericaFirst #MAGA #Dobbs https://t.co/TlD0V1t5WI
21 hours ago
Week of Winning. @PressSec Stephanie Grisham praises @POTUS’ historic trade victories despite the radical Dems’ ongoing impeachment sham. #AmericaFirst #Dobbs https://t.co/hOd57hXlji
22 hours ago
Unmatched Success. Senate passes USMCA delivering @POTUS another historic trade victory, while markets soar to record-highs. Guests include: @PressSec Stephanie Grisham @SecretaryRoss @RepMattGaetz @ByronYork, Brandon Judd join Lou 7PM/ET. #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Dobbs
12 minutes ago
James Comey—Under investigation

Rashida Tlaib—Under investigation

AOC—Under investigation

Ilhan Omar—Under THREE investigations

Will they be held accountable?

Roger Stone & General Flynn are being prosecuted for much less
3 hours ago
Kamala Harris on camera:

“This is a solemn, serious moment”

Kamala Harris when she thinks she’s off camera:

Laughing, waving, smiling—hardly solemn and serious

This entire impeachment is a sham

America dodged a bullet when she dropped out

4 hours ago
Did you know:

Joe Biden's brother, Frank called his last name "a tremendous asset" in securing government contracts

In fact—he was sued for mismanaging his businesses in order to get MORE government money

How many Bidens got rich off of Joe's time in the White House?

6 hours ago
This is your daily reminder:

Not only is the whistleblower a registered Democrat

According to the IG he "had some type of professional relationship with a Democratic candidate"

Is this why Democrats want us to forget about him?

RT if the Senate should call him as a witness!
7 hours ago

Nancy Pelosi called on the Senate to NOT conduct impeachment in the Capitol basement. She said:

"There's a process ... and that’s not done in the basement of the congressional visitors center"

But where was she when Adam Schiff was holding hearings in the basement?

10 hours ago
The Minnesota Teacher of the Year chose to kneel during the National Anthem at the College Football National Championship

This is who is teaching our kids

When Minnesota’s leading Congresswoman spews USA hatred — is it any wonder this is what their kids are exposed to?

4 days ago
United Nations Torture Representative Nils Melzer @NilsMelzer to UK foreign Office Re: Assange
"The UK Govt arbitrarily detains, abuses & plans to extradite #Assange to the US under ‘espionage’ charges for publishing evidence of war crimes & corruption"
#SRTorture #wikileaks https://t.co/9zlZMXGrD6
4 days ago
Julian Assange appears in court as lawyers complain prison has blocked Wikileaks founder from seeing key evidence

'We have pushed Belmarsh in every way - it is a breach of a defendant's rights,' lawyer says

1 week ago
Julian Assange awarded 2019 Dignity Prize by The Catalan Dignity Commission

1 week ago
Join over a thousand professionals and sign the International Jounalists Statement in support of Julian #Assange here: https://t.co/1sptSBZlrc #WikiLeaks

https://t.co/8F1Z0h1aJc https://t.co/C5anhRNElg
wikileaks photo
WikiLeaks @wikileaks
There is strength in numbers: journalists and writers speak up for Julian #Assange. Add your name here: https://t.co/1sptSCgWiK #WikiLeaks

https://t.co/EFPgZmKKOy https://t.co/lq83puoWRh
2 weeks ago
President of Mexico @lopezobrador_ calls for the release of Julian Assange

El presidente @lopezobrador_ sostuvo que la liberación de Julian Assange, estaría en favor de los Derechos Humanos.

2 weeks ago
Reporteros Sin Fronteras pide la puesta en libertad de Assange por razones humanitarias y que retiren los cargos por la Ley de Espionaje de EEUU

9 minutes ago
Yeah, see, this is what is confusing me. A big chunk of antifa is pro gun. Idk why there would be big counter protests other than maybe some normie lib grandmas with signs. https://t.co/E0uReNdHMv
27 minutes ago
Apparently asking if anyone I know is going to Richmond is fed posting hahha so let me redo this.

I’m going to go cover Richmond Monday if anyone wants to hang. I have a feeling it won’t be remotely close to as crazy as people seem to think.
1 hour ago
Yeah I think so, I’ll have something going on gateway also most likely https://t.co/s3sgOos30C
25 minutes ago
“If anyone in your audience out there runs across a black American with a MAGA hat on, shake their hands please. They’re fighting the fight. They’re the ones that are now on the frontlines,” @BurgessOwens told Sara A. Carter

2 hours ago
Amazing... she reminds me of so many wonderful and powerful women I’ve met on my travels in the Middle East - standing up against oppression and fighting for freedom! https://t.co/jF4oTohMNa
Benny @bennyjohnson
Holy shit.
@IlhanMN is done.
Watch this:

2 hours ago
He definitely couldn't have been on the run @DonaldJTrumpJr but apparently well hidden. lol https://t.co/U3v4NN4ysE
8 hours ago

Famous forensic expert: New #Epstein evidence points to murder (Video)

***Watch & RT**

7 hours ago
Man pleads guilty, avoids prison time in pot-induced DUI crash that killed 16-year-old McHenry girl https://t.co/1kpcZrwW2I
10 hours ago
Can we now agree that almost no one agrees with ⁦ @SenToomey⁩ on trade? “Senate overwhelmingly approves USMCA trade deal in bipartisan vote” - CBS News https://t.co/Tz0np5jqFs
23 hours ago
“A beginner’s guide” to getting high, in a Chicago hotel lobby. This will be ⁦ @JBPritzker⁩’s legacy in Illinois—a sell-out to Big Weed. Disgraceful. https://t.co/Jv8ZCpbrGc IngrahamAngle photo
1 day ago
Markets shrug off impeachment, love Trump’s trade deal: “Stock-market benchmarks surge to new records as investors ride optimism of U.S.-China trade accord” - MarketWatch https://t.co/J5y2XzOoDO
1 day ago
Good!! Republicans need to stop the navel gazing, unite, and stop this madness. https://t.co/vGGfzJEbgF
1 day ago
McSally is saying what at least half of America thinks about the reporters of resistance. https://t.co/KWCxBL34hr
6 hours ago
An Antifa group has revealed they will be present at the pro-gun rally in Virginia on Monday.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has issued an executive order banning all guns at the event.

Some pro-gun protesters say they will bring them anyway.

Stay safe everyone.
6 hours ago
Eminem still appears to believe that parroting the clichés of those who control the dominant cultural institutions (the left) makes him edgy or counter-culture.

It doesn't. It makes him literally the opposite.

There's only so many different ways you can say 'Orange Man Bad'.
6 hours ago
Human Rights Watch warns that if China continues to go unchecked, it threatens to enslave the entire global population and eviscerate freedom for good. https://t.co/SotDTwRpF3
6 hours ago
If only Republicans were as eager to protect the free speech rights of their own voters as they are to protect Israel from boycotts. 😌

7 hours ago
Almost half the money raised already. Incredible effort. https://t.co/RtONZa8YkA
8 hours ago
A UK company is marketing a new range of knives without sharp tips in response to soaring knife crime levels, which just hit another decade high.


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