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2 hours ago
2020 Radical Dimm hopefuls & National Left-Wing Media stoke fears of a recession—but a new CNN poll shows 65% of Americans say @realDonaldTrump’s economy is doing well. I take it up with @seanhannity tonight, 9PM/ET FNC. #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Dobbs https://t.co/WK6XhAtnW1 LouDobbs photo
3 hours ago
#AmericaFirst - @ScherieMurray: AOC wants to abolish ICE, DHS & now our electoral college. Her rhetoric is dangerous. AOC plus 3 needs to take note that the world is watching. It is wrong to demonize America. #MAGA #Dobbs https://t.co/1mNcm6M6JY
3 hours ago
#AmericaFirst- Joe diGenova: The FBI under Obama became so politically corrupt & bankrupt, it couldn’t run an investigation. Christopher Wray needs to clean house & restore the world’s premiere law enforcement agency. #MAGA #Dobbs https://t.co/DdOW5JAiLP
3 hours ago
#AmericaFirst- @GordonGChang: Every free society is being attacked by China. What we’re seeing in Hong Kong is that China cannot deal with any free society, even one as small as Hong Kong. #MAGA #Dobbs https://t.co/zBxJ1cTXZz
3 hours ago
#AmericaFirst - @EdRollins: In the 50 years I have read the NYT, they’ve never supported a Republican president. They have a record with a lot of losses & I don’t expect this editor to last much longer. @realDonaldTrump is correct. It is the failing "New York Times”. #MAGA #Dobbs https://t.co/OqEXi8DyjB
3 hours ago
#AmericaFirst- Homan: The Obama Admin failed to collect DNA from illegal immigrants that could’ve identified murderers & violent criminals. Thank God this story is coming out because President @realDonaldTrump will take action & enforce the law. #MAGA #Dobbs https://t.co/8iTzbmpJJC
17 minutes ago
Felipe Juan Miguel was arrested in Alabama for inappropriately touching a child under the age of 12

He is an illegal alien from Guatemala living in America for 3 months

If it were up to Democrats, he would stay here and receive free healthcare for life

2 hours ago
The left calls Republicans:




Bitter clingers

They say they can even “smell us” in Walmart

At the same time, they call the GOP the party of the wealthy & elite

Rich or poor, the only conclusion:

They detest their fellow Americans.

2 hours ago
2020 Democrats are campaigning on slavery reparations

If they truly believed Black Americans were oppressed, wouldn’t they be willing to give them out on the spot?

@robsmithonline asked:

Democrats said no.

They’re not just hypocrites, they’re frauds https://t.co/8cXA1fsFMg
3 hours ago
. @RandPaul to @BernieSanders on socialism (true story):

"Do you believe in slavery?

You have a right to a person’s labor?

Everyone is just supposed to give you their labor?

That's slavery."

Catch the full interview today on The Charlie Kirk Show— https://t.co/F3O8ZG0tQ3
6 hours ago
. @realDonaldTrump is the Promises Made, Promises Kept president:

Conservatives on the Supreme Court ✅✅

Tax Cuts✅


Immigration crackdown✅

Getting tough on China✅

Withdrawing from TPP & Paris Climate✅

Ending the Iran Deal✅

Embassy to Jerusalem✅

8 hours ago
Did you know:

James Comey and his wife have donated $20,000 to Democrats in 2019

Which seems strange for someone who claims to be a Republican

Could he be trying to get Democrats elected so he avoids prosecution for his failed coup against @realDonaldTrump?

12 hours ago
Event tomorrow: "Global Threats to Press Freedom", a discussion at MediaCity Bergen on the arrest of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange and attacks on the freedom of the press around the world.
#FreePress #FreeAssange

1 week ago
What Uncle Sam Wants, a new book by Clinton Fernandes, analyses our Public Library of US Diplomacy (PlusD) https://t.co/2lUh6o2Vjv to help readers understand U.S. objectives in Australia

1 week ago
Australia #Assange Campaign and WikiLeaks made a submission to the Australian Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security (PJCIS), holding hearings today in Sydney, tomorrow in Canberra

2 weeks ago
Excellent rebuttal of CNN's biased story on Assange's time in the embassy from an Ecuadorian diplomat who worked at the embassy for 6 years of Assange's stay (and knows what actually happened):

2 weeks ago
WikiLeaks publications revealed Rahul Gandhi told the US ambassador extremist Hindu groups could be a bigger threat to India than Pakistan-based Islamic extremists.

Thousands of documents on #Kashmir from our archives https://t.co/tJIMKgBMbg
2 weeks ago
A judge has refused to reconsider the $1000/day fines imposed on Chelsea Manning to coerce her into testifying against WikiLeaks and Assange. She will be fined $441,000 and imprisoned for 18 months if she does not testify before the grand jury.
1 minute ago
Firmly disagree. If I tell someone to go kick my neighbor they can say no. By blaming solely Manson you are exonerating the people who held the knives and sliced people open. They aren’t robots. They are human beings who had free will and decided to go do murders. https://t.co/MgPY0xwLuo
10 minutes ago
I’m not arguing that Manson and Jones are not sociopathic nightmares — I just think words matter and Manson was not a serial killer by definition. He was a cult leader, and a crazed psycho, but not a serial killer. It’s the wrong phrase and it’s weird people use it so much. https://t.co/RtZ8Tqdiav
12 minutes ago
He was definitely trying to build a socialist utopia in Guyana. That’s def a thing. I just blame the dumbass parents for killing their children more than Jones. https://t.co/cFBvxAdYeD
17 minutes ago
Yep. The women mostly, which is a whole other level of fucking crazy. https://t.co/6cpQtBJ3uY
19 minutes ago
I get the sentiment, but as a cult obsessed weirdo I have to correct you. Jones was already far gone by the time of the mass suicide/murder. The deadly flavoraid is believed to have been mixed by his assistants and was taken willingly by the adults, who fed it to their children. https://t.co/xeTCLi7JlU
23 minutes ago
Tough shit for him https://t.co/oOB26dDpf7
CassandraRules photo
Yashar Ali 🐘 @yashar
4. An example of the frustration.

@nickmangwana, a top Zimbabwe government official, tweeted this in May.

“Our ivory stockpile is worth over $300 million which we can’t sell because countries without elephants are telling those with them what to do with their animals.” https://t.co/aPOvTisBIt
3 hours ago
‘Recreational #Cocaine

Could this become a new #tourism attraction for #Mexico ?

I couldn't believe this news from our #southernborder neighbor.

5 hours ago
When you thought you heard it all from @CNN:

@ChrisCuomo says @realDonaldTrump ‘is Not Aging’ Because He Doesn’t Care Enough For The Country

Retweet with Comment - What you think?

6 hours ago
Executive Order: President Trump Cancels #StudentLoan Debt for Disabled Veterans | #breaking

7 hours ago
The #FISA application and the Gang of Eight briefing materials will reveal that #FISC the secret court, had not been given exculpatory evidence that #CarterPage was not working or conspiring with #Russia.

3 minutes ago
WATCH: Ingraham: The Dems’ Open Borders Obsession Exposed. #TheAngle @FoxNews https://t.co/GssAzjNQd6
44 minutes ago
Australian universities face catastrophic 'China problem' https://t.co/kOS7EWReXx
47 minutes ago
Once again, Trump has smoked them out. Coming up we have ⁦ @michellemalkin⁩ ⁦ @dbongino⁩ ⁦ @DineshDSouza⁩ ⁦ @BernardKerik⁩ ⁦ @AlanDersh#IngrahamAngle@FoxNewshttps://t.co/O5APv8GIAN IngrahamAngle photo
3 hours ago
“The idea that slavery was building the economy in 1619 or 1620 is preposterous.” -- Listen to @DineshDSouza’s point by point takedown of the NYT’s #1619Project on today's NEW #IngrahamPodcast.

Listen here to the full interview: https://t.co/YQU7c457hb
5 hours ago
“This President is about black America, and it’s so shameful that people continue to throw around these allegations of racism,” says @GiannoCaldwell on the NEW #IngrahamPodcast.

Listen here to the full interview, and subscribe! https://t.co/YQU7c457hb
5 hours ago
China Pays Twitter To Promote Propaganda Attacks On Hong Kong Protesters https://t.co/etH2MNENvs
4 hours ago
A Pakistani actress who visited the UK town of Bradford said it was “like being at home.”

“I feel like I am actually in my own country,” she said.

9 hours ago

Greta is just a human shield for the real agenda of the people who pull her strings.

Neo-feudalism disguised as environmentalism.

The raw lust for power and control disguised as right-on hipster activism.

13 hours ago
Jon Snow being triggered by the sight of "so many white people" was definitely different. https://t.co/D9JbQY5O9P
Channel 4 @Channel4
Channel 4 was set up to be different
Complaints welcome https://t.co/pizkSaYrCF

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