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3 hours ago
Detroit Dem says Trump's touting of hydroxychloroquine helped save her life https://t.co/27odPQkA7b #FoxNews
7 hours ago
Tremendous leadership: @EdRollins & @mgoodwin_nypost say @realDonaldTrump’s cooperation with governors during the Wuhan virus crisis should be applauded. #AmericaFirst #KAG2020 #Dobbs https://t.co/OZwf8T7zaD
7 hours ago
Exposing China’s Lies: @Lancegooden says China is trying to bring their propaganda campaign to the U.N. and needs to be held accountable for hiding the severity of the Wuhan Virus. #AmericaFirst #KAG2020 #Dobbs https://t.co/UvVYHtFHP7
8 hours ago
Supporting America: @POTUS says 8,450 hospital beds and more than 8,000 ventilators from the national stockpile have been sent to cities and states across the country. #KAG2020 #AmericaFirst #Dobbs https://t.co/XThSeB2lUg
8 hours ago
Lupus Link? @DrOz reveals he has yet to find a Lupus patient using Hydroxychloroquine who has tested positive for the Wuhan virus. #AmericaFirst #KAG2020 #Dobbs https://t.co/TDZVno2C0E
8 hours ago
Protect American Workers: Lou urges @realDonaldTrump to stop importing foreign workers as millions of Americans are losing their jobs and going without a paycheck. #AmericaFirst #KAG2020 #Dobbs https://t.co/xWUdQYySJ8
2 hours ago
This mouthpiece for the CCP entered the White House today

But the damage China is doing to our country has been going on for years

Senator Rick Scott— @ScottforFlorida joined me to discuss what we can do to push back

Listen here: https://t.co/2pQ2ivAf3z
2 hours ago

Facebook allowed Chinese State Media to flood their site with ads blaming President Trump for the China Virus outbreak

They were seen by millions without any political disclaimer

This is TRUE foreign interference in our elections!

Will anyone be held accountable?
3 hours ago
Nancy Pelosi:

“[The Virus] was self-evident. Most people knew about it—and certainly those of responsibility”

Yet Democrats STILL prioritized an Impeachment they knew would ultimately fail

America needs to know who knew what and when


RT https://t.co/5pOLESKGeV
6 hours ago
Youyou Wang is a reporter for Phoenix TV Hong Kong—a well known mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party's propaganda arm

She was in the same room as the President of the United States today

This is dangerous. @SecretService needs to look into this.

RT so they can't ignore!
6 hours ago
This woman is a reporter for Phoenix TV

US Intelligence identified Phoenix TV as a “major overseas outlet used to spread propaganda & promote the policies of the Communist government in Beijing”

RT if she should be removed from the White House grounds https://t.co/Y6hpmyg3F3
7 hours ago
This is a "journalist" for Phoenix Hong Kong News—founded & ran by Liu Changle, a former journalist for the Communist Party of China

Why is she even ALLOWED near the President of the United States?

ANYONE with ties to CCP propaganda should not be in the White House

RT! https://t.co/Y6hpmyg3F3
18 hours ago
Statement from the European Commission for Human Rights regarding safety of prisoners

1 day ago
Trump's attack on journalism: Collateral Murder 10 years on https://t.co/x0L1n3fYfK via @YouTube
2 days ago
Watch Now: Collateral Murder: 10 Years On

Webinar with WikiLeaks' @khrafnsson, @nozomimagine and @AnnWright46 begins at top of the hour (5pm BST/ 6pm CET/ 12 EST)

2 days ago
Today -- April 5 -- Collateral Murder: 10 Years On

5pm BST/ 6pm CET/ 12 EST

Webinar with @nozomimagine and WikiLeaks' @khrafnsson chaired by @AnnWright46

Register: https://t.co/yDqvelHyfi
Simulcasts via twitter, facebook and Youtube https://t.co/2r1pNv5ZRG
wikileaks photo
2 days ago
10 YEARS AGO TODAY: WikiLeaks published COLLATERAL MURDER -- a classified US military video documenting the killing of civilians and two @Reuters journalists

WikiLeaks' #JulianAssange remains imprisoned for exposing war crimes to the world https://t.co/SbhNaou5uL
wikileaks photo
4 days ago
UK's leading prison charities warn of unprecedented deaths in jails if low-risk inmates are not released early

2 hours ago
She’s really dressed like him. She FaceTimed me and I laughed so hard I cried. https://t.co/QbYp4oSy6x
3 hours ago
I don’t have that. I just call things as I see them. Sorry. https://t.co/AP1jvqrPSt
7 hours ago
Illinois Man Kills His Girlfriend and Himself Because He Suspected That They Had Coronavirus, Neither of Them Did https://t.co/Ng2BuKwmt1
32 minutes ago
Newt Gingrich: 'We're going to have to prepare for a second wave' of Coronavirus https://t.co/BpPjqsV9fk via @SaraCarterDC
2 hours ago
Jenna Ellis: NYT Critique of President Trump Is 'BatSh*t Crazy' https://t.co/o4lthJU4q1
3 hours ago
Louisiana AG Jeff Landry: State Will Receive 8,000 Z-Paks From Teva Pharmaceuticals

#TheSaraCarterShow listen here:

5 hours ago
Exclusive: Congressional Leaks Threaten National Security, DNI Warns - Sara A. Carter

@ODNIgov⁩ Grenell warmed ⁦ @MarkWarner⁩ in a letter “as you are aware leaks of intelligence information following congressional briefings have... https://t.co/NJzeP3iZDE
9 hours ago
Huge and #BREAKING

Louisiana AG: State Will Receive 8,000 Z-Paks From Teva Pharmaceuticals

6 hours ago
And tonight, the part normally played by Mitt Romney, will be done by Shelly Capito! "GOP senator: Trump should let health care professionals 'guide' coronavirus response" https://t.co/pUMHwJXXzv
6 hours ago
Denmark Joins Austria in Easing Virus Curbs as Europe Cases Slow https://t.co/DZcIVggWTD
9 hours ago
Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is a total embarrassment -- and arbitrarily chose June 10th as a re-open date (btw, one day after the GOP primary was scheduled to take place). Voters are unfortunately stuck with him until January 2022. https://t.co/HWHWkK3p5D
IngrahamAngle photo
Greg Price @greg_price11
@nbcwashington Why would you delete this masterpiece https://t.co/orz9dTr2W8
9 hours ago
Americans far more worried about loss of income than health during pandemic, poll finds | Just The News https://t.co/ATOK2bNTye
13 hours ago
China’s puppet dances: World Health Coronavirus Disinformation - WSJ https://t.co/z7rW8Cz1Sn
7 hours ago
The man is in intensive care. Can you give it a rest for 5 fucking minutes? https://t.co/YjX5zflabH
12 hours ago
NGO Global Citizen has teamed up with CBS, ABC and NBC to broadcast a “One World: Together at Home” concert that will air on more than a dozen cable channels as well as radio and YouTube later this month.

13 hours ago
In what some are lamenting as a perfect illustration of the state of law enforcement in the United Kingdom, a video shows a police officer performing a ‘coronavirus rap’ through a loudspeaker in an effort to make people stay inside their homes.


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