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1 day ago
Pictures from the #Richmond Square in #Virginia. “Looks like a cattle herding death trap for the now unarmed attendees “ on #LobbyDay
2 days ago
#2ASanctuary cities/counties in VA up to 134 in #Virginia! Thank you for all the hard work @VCDL_ORG
2 weeks ago
#2ASanctuary #Virginia Lee’s birthday is just before the big Rally in Richmond. ⁦ @GovernorVA⁩ pushing buttons & trying to get support for his failing cause.He wants “confederates” to come out so MSM can claim we are all racist white nationals.
2 weeks ago
Holy Crap.
Kambree Kawahine Koa - Text EMPOWER to 88022 @KamVTV
Socialism before our eyes folks.

California passed a TAX stating
you will be fined $1000 for exceeding what the state considers to be a water limit.

California is out of control.
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