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6 hours ago
BREAKING: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says the city will begin labeling ‘coronavirus victims’ who weren’t even tested for the disease if their ‘symptoms fit certain parameters’ - WNBC
13 hours ago
BREAKING: Hundreds of prisoners threatening to set fires & take officers hostage tonight at the Monroe, Washington Correctional Complex; Washington State Patrol did not confirm a riot but a “major disturbance” — multiple inmates there have coronavirus - KCPQ

15 hours ago
HS Teacher Arrested For Child Porn Tells Investigators He Had Sexual Relationships With Multiple Former Students
16 hours ago
NEW: Google wins U.S. DOJ backing to use segment of U.S.-Asia undersea cable - Breaking911 photo
17 hours ago
Dr. Fauci calls coronavirus death toll 'conspiracy theories' a 'distraction'

"Let somebody write a book about it later on. But not now."
18 hours ago
JUST IN: Man Hit With WMD Charges For Claiming He Paid Someone To Spread #COVID19 At Grocery Stores - Breaking911 photo
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