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2 hours ago
ARMED & DANGEROUS: A man has been charged with murder in the fatal shooting of the pregnant mother of his child and the wounding of a bystander who asked him what he was doing.

The crime happened near the site of the #GeorgeFloyd memorial in Minneapolis.
Breaking911 photo
3 hours ago
BREAKING: Veto-proof majority of Seattle city council pledges to defund the police department by at least 50%; one part of the plan they're considering would remove Seattle’s 911 dispatchers from police control - @seattletimes
3 hours ago
A California security guard is charged with murder after fighting with a customer over face mask rules - Breaking911 photo
4 hours ago
NYC Mayor de Blasio on cancelling large events through September: “It means like street fairs. It means big outdoor concerts and it means things like parades… It’s just not time for that now.”

What about protests?

"This is a historic moment. We have to respect that."
4 hours ago
CAUGHT ON CAMERA: 50 Cent Throws Table & Chairs During Fight In New Jersey
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