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2 days ago
So did Mike Lindell want us to see this, or did he just screw the pooch?
2 days ago
When Mexico stands up for our President and free speech while we are destroying it...Priceless
2 days ago
More Italian connections? Oh boy...
PatriotRCenter photo
Chris Blackburn @CJBdingo25

So, the FBI did know that Joseph Mifsud was working with Italian intelligence figures/trainers at Link Campus in Rome. Because the FBI also worked there too.

Mueller obviously didn't want to include that in his report.

2 days ago
My guess is @Jack knew what was going to happen and shorted his own stock and is probably more rich now than before.
2 hours ago
Well as a person of color, it is important to examine how skin tone, according to the left, should indicate your place in society - right @SpeakerPelosi?
Why does @TheDemocrats want to return to a segregated society?
T_S_P_O_O_K_Y photo
Titania McGrath @TitaniaMcGrath
As a white person of colour, I am extremely worried about the rise of black whiteness.
2 hours ago
Well, Stalinist @TheDemocrats of course...why help the American people - they look at citizens as a resource to use and abuse, not as a people who they should respect and help...
2 hours ago
It's odd that @FrankLuntz, who has always been about 10 points below the actually number of any given poll, points out the number is probably closer to 100% since he is always wrong...
2 hours ago
This does not appear doctored or enhanced...just "protestors" hanging out in a "sacred place"...
LΞIGH @LeighStewy
“Any chance I could get you guys to leave the Senate wing?”
5 hours ago
Well, it's hard to go through life when Vodka is your best friend in the world...right @SpeakerPelosi?
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