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1 day ago
The #Virginia AG @MarkHerringVA is in for a world of shit that he can’t comprehend. They picked the wrong state! How many millions of law abiding citizens are you planning to arrest?
3 days ago
The question is not whether @HillaryClinton has committed impeachable crimes. She has.

The question is whether Democrats in Congress will affirm that an American politician is not above the law.
4 days ago
#Virginia is going off! This is a real life #battleground and people are pissed! #2A shall not be infringed here. This article is not nearly up to date even though it is recent. Counties by the day. #MolonLabe @T_S_P_O_O_K_Y
4 days ago
Make no mistake; @realDonaldTrump has delivered on judges.SCOTUS, and federal courts from top to bottom. It’s critical to saving the #Republic! #election2020-2024 will bring even more opportunities!Any Conservative Constitutionalist should vote for Trump for that reason alone!
5 days ago
When will they ever be held accountable for violations of the #LoganAct and #Sedition ?
3 hours ago
No, @Comey - the language used soft pedals the illegal and improper use of FBI resources and operations - the report shows clearly you lied, you manipulated and directed others to act improperly - you worked to protect @TheDemocrats and their paid opposition research you used
4 hours ago
. @RepMattGaetz points out the partisan hackery of @TheDemocrats use of the impeachment inquiry for political purposes using political operatives
ALX 🇺🇸 @alx
Matt Gaetz is an absolute savage
5 hours ago
Yes @Comey - they probably read the IG report - and know there's nothing you can "answer" - it's all out there...
5 hours ago
Consequential errors in judgement sound alot like criminal conspiracy...
T_S_P_O_O_K_Y photo
Rep. Jim Jordan @Jim_Jordan
IG found re: Dep. Asst. AG Ohr’s involvement:

-Ohr committed “consequential errors in judgement” by not telling supervisors about contacts with Steele/Simpson
-Ohr committed a “lapse of judgement” with ethics rules
-Ohr serving as a “conduit” b/t FBI and Steele was problematic
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