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Many people in our fast paced world just don’t have the time to figure out the news and what’s really going on anymore. With mainstream media perpetuating lies, and conspiracy theories flying around, because we have a government and a news media that will not be honest with us, it takes a lot of time to filter through the garbage on both sides, to figure out what is true or not.

That’s where we come in! Our team of Patriot sleuths dig deep into issues, find the truth, and we present that here for you in an easy to understand way that will catch you up, and keep you up, on today's important issues and how it all ties together.

We write some of our own investigative articles ourselves, but we also aggregate some of your favorite content into one report. Why should you have to go read several different articles, then get on social media to see reactions, and then over to YouTube to watch videos?

We try to do that for you, scouring the news, we include several articles with our conservative Constitutional context, and try to provide you with social media reactions as well on major events.

We also embed videos and additional external source links, and aggregate all of this together to form a "report" on a particular topic or event, rather than just an article with only part of the story. We then keep those updated with the latest information.

Whatever event, topic, or political issue you want to know more about, PRC has the RESOURCES here for you! And, our database of articles and reports is getting deep! Just check out the Issues Research tab in the main menu, scroll down and find extensive ways to search for topics.

We are not JUST a NEWS site, We are a RESOURCE for Conservative Patriots! We provide you with the tools to educate others!

In our RESOURCES section, you will find many sources for things like Constitutional education, other great blogs and websites, founding father quotes and memes!

We even provide extensive weather data to help you plan your day while you are looking at the mornings RSS News Feeds and social media! These are news feeds from the popular mainstream news outlets, left and right.

Not on social media? No problem. You can watch the feeds here and keep up with yours truly, and people like President Trump on Twitter without needing an account.

As you can see we don't want to be JUST a news website, we want to be a resource for you that will give you everything you need each day! Have a topic you want to know more about, a breaking news tip, or need a resource that we don't list? Whatever it is CONTACT US and we will do all we can to add that for you!

This website and it's resources are FREE! You can SUBSCRIBE for free to get even more each day with an update on the days events! We also don't bog your screen down with ads. This site is not monetized. If we do post an ad in an article, it's free, and we do it because it's a link to a resource you need!

Obviously, operating a website and an operation like this is not free. It costs quite a bit and people are working for free for the cause! Donations from readers like you who enjoy our content and resources, is how we help offset some of the costs to bring you this content each day! Please consider donating to help support this cause and keep this content free (and ad free), but only if you can! Every little bit helps! Thank you!

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Our Story

Like many, I found myself struggling to keep up. Trying to make sense of it all. There’s a certain storyline that seems to float on top, but an undercurrent that I just could, or didn’t have time, to put together. Now, we have a team of great Patriots that all have a desire to find the truth! Unfortunately, both sides of the political isle engage in politics. That’s why it's hard to figure out! But, both sides also engage in propaganda. Mainstream Media (MSM) has lost all credibility, but a surge in resources on the internet, YouTube, etc., have given people many more options. That too, though, is being taken advantage of by people just wanting clicks with racy headlines designed to distract you. We don’t need that in the conservative movement. The left has given us plenty of things to talk about and discuss without the need for false information that makes us all look silly. Our political leaders on both sides need to be held accountable. There is a Swamp, and it is very, very deep! There is a battle raging for the 2020 election and it couldn’t be any bigger. It is quite simply Tyranny and Socialism verses our Freedoms and Constitutional Republic! That’s what has driven this team to do what we do!

Meet the Team

I am the reluctant face of a whole team of anonymous, dedicated, and tenacious Patriots who work tirelessly everyday to bring you breaking news, but with context to why its important, or not. We have an archive of ongoing political issues that we add to and update frequently so you can click on any issue, find the context of what’s happening, and all the sources that we used, to arm yourself against the left! We have also added, and will continue to add, great additional resources that will also help you plan for a world of tomorrow!

Many Faceless Warriors Working Behind the Scenes!
Crash Gilliam, Founder & Editor
Crash Gilliam
Founder & Chief Editor

Personal Bio:

I grew up poor, but didn’t realize it. I grew up in those times before internet and social media with Carter’s destruction and the saving grace of Ronald Reagan! When I saw a limousine pass by, I didn’t think of oppressive people trying to take advantage of the poor; I saw it as a marker of achievement. I drove myself over the years to try to achieve such greatness; it was an inspiration.

From a family of builders, I spent much of my life digging ditches, laying brick, building houses, etc. Hard work, every American should have to enjoy. It taught me self reliance, working with my hands, and the ability to figure out and fix problems for myself.

But, I did want to achieve more. I went to college and dropped out. Though I was a Dean’s list student, I couldn’t tolerate the constant Political Correctness, male bashing, and the mocking of the Christian faith…. yes, it was starting even then. While in school studying Administration of Justice for a police career, I worked as a Corporate Security officer, I was a Private Investigator, until I got a job with the local Sheriff’s Office. But, my interest in classes waned, and I discovered that I could learn anything that I wanted to learn all by myself. Instead of being forced to take classes with political ideologies being rammed down my throat with very little useful information, I decided to head out on my own..

I built a business from the ground up into a 15 million dollar a year aviation company that spanned the entire country. I had to do everything myself. There were no seminars on how to, or YouTube videos to walk you through the process. You had to know “how to learn”. The benefit was that I knew every aspect of my company from the inside out, and as we grew I was able to develop all the rest of the many skills needed to move from worker to manager, to CEO and finally to a real “owner” of your own company.

Many circumstances took place to make me sell the company I built and adored, but it was time to move on. One of the many hard lessons I learned was that balance in life is terribly important. Chasing that pot at the end of the rainbow will burn your candle at both ends. As my friends in special forces say, “slow is fast”, but move with purpose.

These years since, I have been heavily involved in the Patriot/Conservative movements. The direction our country has taken has been troubling as I’m sure you have noted. My primary goal now, and one I take very seriously, is trying to save this great Constitutional Republic and return her to the intent of our founding fathers! Thank you for joining us on this ride.

Next Steps…

Coming here is your first best step. We have all the resources you need to get up to speed quickly without all the other BS. And, when you have more time, we have other resources to help you prepare for the tomorrow of today!

Just click on the All Articles link for our current stories with context, our Resources link for all the other good stuff.

You’ll also find RSS news feeds from some of our favorite sources (also check side bar on each page). Click Subscribe to get real time alerts to headline breaking news with editorial context, so you will not only know first, but know what you’re talking about! (we limit this distribution to just editorials, not all articles)

We have all the news and resource links together in one place so check back often as we continue to add more content! We will be creating a members only area and adding an RSS outgoing feed that you can add to your RSS phone aggregator app on your phone!

Thank you for coming and we always welcome your comments and suggestions for our site. Have an idea? A great resource? a news story you want us to see? Any comments or ideas you have that can better serve this community, we want to know! To Contact us hit the link here or in the main menu to send us a message!

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