Sign the Petition Today Against Ilhan Omar!

Sign the Petition Today!

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Sign the Petition Today!

Your Immediate Action Is NEEDED!

Sharia Law compliant Muslims have been concentrating in certain cities across the country. They refuse to integrate into our society. In fact, they have their own agenda. These Sharia compliant Muslims desire to take us over from the inside out!

They congregate in areas, refusing to integrate, in order to gain control, physically and politically, to increase their power and control. They have demonstrated this recently with the election of Ilhan Omar from NYC.

We have also seen the institution of Sharia Law Enforcement patrols now ongoing inside of NYC. We have documented all this in other posts before.

We now have an elected official who is Sharia compliant, has committed immigration fraud, is tied to Muslim Brotherhood, and has a long history of wanting to destroy Israel.

This elected official is set to be placed on committees that will give her access to sensitive intelligence from our government!

This kind of resume cannot be allowed in Congress, much less placed on sensitive intelligence committees. Sign the petition today to have her removed!

Other information about Omar on YouTube


Sharing is easy!

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